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1). 5 Notions That Americans Should Put Out To Pasture
Josh Billings said…It is better to know a few things for certain than to be certain of a whole lot of things that just aren’t so. This is not a sentim

2). 7 Sure Fire Ways To Overcome Stage Fright When Speaking Or P
In thirty years of speaking and performing I have heard just about every solution for overcoming stage fright. Some have suggested trying to envision

3). 7 Words Americans Should Stop Using Until Further Investigat
Americans repeat certain words with mindless ease without once regarding their definitions, their real meanings or their connotative meanings. Their

4). 8 Ways to Find Good Reviewers for Your New Book
Getting reviews online is far easier than you may think. But beware; there are a few serious pitfalls that you should be aware of.Review Your

5). ACLU or ACLJ The Difference is Like Night and Day
The ACLU has championed many causes since it was founded in 1920 by Mr. Roger Baldwin. Some of the most notable causes or rulings the ACLU supported have to do with abortion rights, homosexual and lesbian rights and removal of prayer from the public schools. Some of its most notable positions were of lesser significance but created much more press ...

6). America and The Anti-Christ America will it submit to the worlds last dictator
One fact that is so often overlooked by the eschatologist and second coming enthusiasts, is the means by which antichrist succeeds in completely taking over the world. His means are unique in every way. Unlike all dictators and despots before him who tried and failed, he manages to pull it off. He succeeds where others have failed because his appro...

7). America Asks More Questions about the Second Coming of Christ
Isnt the book of Revelation just so many symbols and thus should not he placed on the level of other clearer messages of the Bible?

The book of Revelation is replete with symbolism; but so is much of the rest of the Bible. We should give no less credence to it than to any other part of the Bible. Symboli...

8). America Is it in Bible prophecies and what can the USA expect at the second coming of Jesus Christ?
This is perhaps the most often asked question heard in connection with the second coming, at least for Americans. It a reasonable question for any North American to ask, but it is far from easy to answer. I would be remiss if I were to say that the Bible expressly names America in any passage from Genesis to Revelation. That some passages may refer...

9). America Youve had it Made Too Long
There is little doubt that America is riding the wave. She is at the peak of her power and at the top of her game. Trying to get her attention would be a lot like trying to stop a train with a handkerchief. Every similarity to previous world powers notwithstanding our collective national behavior is so close to ancient Rome that all that is missing...

10). American Churches Inspiring or Entertaining
I almost stopped first at a larger church only a block from away from the little church I visited. The large brick church had a parking lot fairly full of cars and several people were going in as I drove by. I cant say what made me keep driving but only a block away was a little white church with two people sitting on the front steps. As I slowed ...

11). American Style Excuses How to Stay Blissfully Ignorant About the Second Coming of Christ
Because Jesus said ...but of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. Mt 24:36, doesnt that mean that we shouldnt spend too much time learning about the second coming of Christ?

To use this verse as an incentive to ignore second coming doctrine would he the s...

12). Americans Need a Savior Not another Guru
The late Jeanne Dixon appeared at the now removed Rivergate Auditorium in New Orleans. A friend of mine went to hear her speak and returned with one

13). Americans Offers Condolences to Britain, to Londoners, to Go
Over two centuries have passed since Americans and British raised their guns toward each other in war. We drove the Red Coats out of our land but we k

14). An Article Writing Philosophy Do You Have One
Thousands of articles about writing articles are bouncing all over the internet and the printed media at any given time. Most of these articles are tips and advice, a few are about grammar and clarity and yet others are about subject matter and how to find it. A philosophy for writing articles is none of the above.

Simply put an articl...

15). Are American Twins - Majority Rule and Public Opinion, somet
According to the Bible one day the world will return to a monarchy. After the return of the Lord Jesus Christ the world will be ruled by Him for one

16). Are Calamities, Catastrophes and Disasters Really Judgments from God
Thirty five years of Bible reading has convinced me that God is not nit-picky. He doesnt judge every little infraction we make as we go minute by minute through the day. In fact to believe that he does borders on the insane and comes well within the borders of frivolous nonsense. What is not frivolous is that God will judge an individual, a collec...

17). Atheists Agnostics and Evolutionists The Worst Gamblers in the World
I have seen the odds of having the right amino acids and other components coming together from the primordial ooze and creating life mathematically computed. It produces a number followed by so many zeros that if I used the smallest font on my computer it would take the rest of this article to write them in, plus another several hundred pages to re...

18). Bible Road Map - Or the Road Less Traveled
In the last few years we have witnessed a woman who drowned her children just to keep her rich boyfriend. An ice skating competitor who had the legs of her top rival broken so she could win. We have seen a mother hire a hit man to eliminate her daughters competition in baton twirling championships. Another man destroyed his pregnant wife to be abl...

19). Billy Graham, America Salutes You
America has had its great share of renowned preachers, missionaries and evangelists but none can hold a candle to the Reverend Billy Graham. His influ

20). Can Americans Distinguish Between Fantasy and Reality?
Reality shows are everywhere but are they real? Are these contrived and staged situations really connected to reality? It would seem that they are flo

21). Christmas Television Specials Do They Really Know the True Meaning of Christmas?
Some sects of the church do not observe Christmas at all. Probably the most well know modern church that refuses to celebrate this holiday is the Jehovah Witnesses. It may surprise many people to learn that most of the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony also banned this holiday. If approached without bias, an honest study of the origins of th...

22). Cindy Sheehan President Bush and the Accountability Moment
No one could possibly assuage a grieving mother who has lost a son. All the effects of time, prayer, supportive family and friends will have its way a

23). Comparative Religion 101 – What They Won’t Tell You in That
Almost every four year liberal arts college has at least one comparative religions course. These courses are meant to touch the surface of each major

24). Computer Hacks Quacks Looking for Cracks
Who are these people? If they were profiled by the FBI or some law enforcement agency what would the profile look like? What age group would they fal

25). Dating Christians The Best Advice You Will Ever Hear
There are four things any Christian should do if they are dating. I borrowed a name for the four from the old mustard colored tract made so famous by Bill Brights organization, Campus Crusade for Christ. I call them The Four Spiritual Laws of Dating. Although they are pointed at Christians in general I am sure they would work for anyone. I suppos...

26). Denmark Cartoons or Islamic Caricatures Six of One or Half Dozen of the Other
Denmarks Jyllands-Posten newspaper issued an apology and whisked it off to the Jordanian news agency Petra for publishing cartoons that supposedly were insulting to the prophet Muhammad. The arguments about the poor taste of the cartoonist notwithstanding, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Denmarks prime minister says he and his government cannot apologize ...

27). Do People See Visions Anymore?
In the information age with hi-tech devices from computers to GPS tracking is it reasonable to believe that human beings can still experience a vision

28). Four Prophetic Pillars That Mark Where We Are Right Now The Timing of the Second Coming of Christ
We could choose dozens of references to the second coming to show that these are the times predicted just prior to the second coming. For example Jesus spoke of wars and rumors of wars. It is no secret that most of the wars fought throughout history have been fought in the last seventy five years. Or that most of the earthquakes ever recorded have ...

29). Gay Cowboys And Other Hollywood Philosophies
The whole country is talking about the film Brokeback Mountain and it has created no small stir. On a Sunday morning TV editorial Charles Osgood pointed out that Hollywood is not tying to put forth a gay liberal agenda but rather are interested only in the bottom line money. Although not inferred, it sounded like capturing the minds of adults or ...

30). How Much Money Do Americans Need
That the hot pursuit of money can pull someone away from all other matters in life is now becoming more obvious in America. Some people who have made their first million and more are turning to something else for fulfillment. Some are becoming volunteers, others are joining religious movements and still others are giving their money away to help th...

31). How to send Press Releases to Newspapers about Your New Book
Newspapers are a largely un-tapped field of publicity for new authors. As with anything else there are many pitfalls and ways to waste your effort. He

32). I Just Don't Have Enough Time - The Science of Homeostasis S
Busy people have all remarked at one time or another that they need more than 24 hours in a day. Some say they need eight days in a week to accomplish

33). I Just Dont Have Enough Time - The Science of Homeostasis Says You Do
Homeostasis is a relatively new and obscure science. It is the study of the effect of time on man and on other living creatures. It is also the study of our perception and response to time. Some of the latest discoveries in this realm of science may not win a Nobel prize but they guarantee to fascinate even the dullest curiosity.

In on...

34). Intelligent Design…Why are the intelligent so afraid of it?
Only hours after President Bush announced that he was for teaching “intelligent design” in our schools the flap has begun. Among the many nervous voic

35). Is the American Way of LifeGetting in the way of Life?
After the attack on 9-11 we oft heard the urging of our leaders to just return to our way of life as a means of foiling the effect of terrorism. Ess

36). Is The Da Vinci Code Cracked - Or Just the People Who Believe It
Research for this article was easy because of all the hype about Dan Browns new movie about the Da Vinci code. The question is simple. How can an educated public anywhere in the world take this novel or the movie it spawned seriously? I have found a few answers and some of them come from the bible itself which the Da Vinci code obviously does not ...

37). Is The Second Coming Of Christ The End Of The World?
Wars, natural disasters, droughts, famines and all sorts of general calamities are predicted just before the second coming of Christ. All of these portents are merely a prelude to the second coming of Christ but they are not signals of the end of the world, they are only signals of the second coming. When Christ returns the world does not end, what...

38). It Took a Banker to Show me what Jesus Was Talking About
I always had a picture in the recesses of my mind of the soldier dying for his country. I could see the fireman expiring in a blaze after saving othe

39). Ill Fly Away Not the Song - The Truth is Still Stranger than Fiction
Three views about when the removal of believers takes place are held by most Christians throughout the world. Those who think we are taken at the beginning of the great tribulation are pre-tribulationists. Those who think the snatching away takes place in the middle of the great tribulation are the mid-trib folks. Finally there are the post tribula...

40). John Roberts and Madalyn Murray The Turtle and the OHare
Perhaps time and chance never caused our paths to cross so Ive never had an introduction to Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. It may also be that r

41). Katrina - What Its Like To Be An Evacuee
With less than twenty four hours to go before hurricane Katrina hit land my wife and I started to pack up the car to leave St Bernard Parish Louisiana. We had to have the brakes repaired only an hour before we left. We had to depend on the kindness of a neighbor who was frantically working on the car as we loaded it with those things the officials ...

42). Katrina Questions - Anyone Got Answers?
I wrote a very positive article about the responses to Katrina for
Entitled New Orleans My Home - Katrina My Nightmare and another article Katrina What It Is Like To Be An Evacuee In both articles I endeavored to stay on the upside and we arent complaining to anyone but today was the straw that brokeetc

43). Katrina, Rita, Earthquakes and Tsunamis Mother Nature or Father God
In a world that is so politically charged and uncertain can we trust that an entire kingdom, yet to rise, could be revealed to us by the use of a symbol, especially that of a beast?

When John depicts both the antichrist and his kingdom with the symbol of a beast, Revelation l7:1f, he is showing us some ...

44). Liberalism A Mark Too Low A Price Too High
The right wing elements of both religion and government have never been as vociferous as in this last decade. Those on the frontline of the right are

45). Making Merchandise of Christians – Prosperity Gospel Blight
And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: 2 Peter 2:3a. The Apostle Peter makes this statement in his second epi

46). Mayor Wonka and the New Orleans Chocolate Factory
Whether God sent a judgment to New Orleans for its sinfulness is open to debate and perhaps there is no way of knowing that answer until the fat lady sings. What Ray Nagin said about New Orleans being a chocolate city is a bit easier to weigh and it weighs in under the lightweight category for sure.

Since hurricane Katrina Ray Nagin ...

47). New Orleans My Home - Katrina My Nightmare
I have lived in Jefferson Parish, Orleans Parish and St. Bernard Parish Louisiana but anytime I'm more than fifty miles away from home I simply say I'

48). New to Article Writing - Start Here
First, go back to basics. The whole idea of article writing is to communicate. You have found good information, news, drama, or opinion on a timely subject and feel you have something to say about it. Perhaps you have no more to say about it than any one else but your way of elucidation may help people to see something a little better or something ...

49). On Thanksgiving Thank God for our Soldiers
Not many people reading this article will remember the old television serial called I Remember Mamma and certainly almost none of the young men and women of our present day armed forces will remember it. I shudder when I think of how old I am getting, because I do remember it very well. I Remember Mamma was a TV series on every week about a Swe...

50). Pass It On - The Three Golden Gates
The three golden gates is something I first heard about from one of my first pastors, Richard Land. It did not originate with him but I have always been glad that he chose to repeat these words to me. Richard is now heard across the nation daily on hundreds of family life radio stations.

He said that before you say anything to anybody ...

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