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1). Bathroom Organization
If you're lucky enough to have a "guest bathroom", one that isn't used by the family and one where you can always keep clean hand towels hanging for t

2). Choosing & Buying A Replica Handbag
Today there is no reason to spend $450.00 on an authentic Vuitton Monogram Papillion 30 Bag. With the number of replica handbag dealers on line there are many different replica designer bags to choose from. Better yet, there is probably no one you're going to run into who will know the difference, you may not either. You'll want to do your homework...

3). Experience The ‘Real’ Jamaica
There are many who believe the glitz and glitter of the tourist industries and the accompanying commercialization of both the areas around the tourist

4). Fall Ragweed Allergy
It's that time of year again. You see it and you feel it. The itchy and watery eyes, the runny nose, the sneezing, a bit of a tight feeling in your chest. It's allergy season - again!

In the springtime we deal with the trees coming into bloom. This time of year the allergy culprit is ragweed. Ragweed is a weed that pollinates in late s...

5). Good Distance Learning Study Habits
Learning at home has a great many benefits like the ability to learn whenever and wherever you like. But distance learning is still getting an education and that means paying attention to the course material and presentations you receive online, and also the hard part of studying and doing your homework and assignments.

In order to be ...

6). Installing A Steam Bath – Part One
Do you love steam baths? Feel that you can't survive without them? If you are one of those who live for steam, consider getting a steam bath installed

7). Lighthouses In The Bahamas
The Bahamas are made up of several small islands spread out through a wide expanse of ocean. In the early days of the European settlements, the lighth

8). Losing Those Last Five Pounds
My mother told me a little story the other night. When she first started working in sales, she said, her goal was to 'write a string of pearls' - in h

9). Organizing Your Home: The Family Room/Living Room
Some homes have a “great room” and no living room, others have a “family room” and a living room. No matter what you call it or how many of these room

10). Winter Car Care Tips
The cold weather affects your car too. Along with making driving more hazardous due to ice and snow, extreme winter weather can be stressful, especially on older cars.

As winter approaches take you car to your trusty mechanic and have him check the following items: battery, wipers, antifreeze levels, heating system, brakes, defroster.


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