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1). A Brief Time Out
A brief timeoutEver have the need to simply get off life’s merry go round and simply just watch for awhile? No participation, no accountabili

2). A look at men, women and marriage; can it work ?
A look at men, woman and marriageCan it work ??Over the past several weeks I’ve observed a disturbing trend concerning the friends that I’

3). A tale of the hunt
My good friend Brian and I love hunting. We’ve been chasing the elusive Whitetail deer all across the fields and woodlands of our home state of Massa

4). A War within a WAR
A War within a WAR As everyone knows by now, we are engaged in a war on terror. Whether you, as a reader agree or disagree with how this

5). God in America RIP
God in America, R.I.POne of the great mysteries that’s plagued me is the existence of “God”. I admit to referencing God in my columns and

6). Memories of a departed friend
Memories of a departed friendI’d like to take a break from humor for a day and recall a lost friendship. It’s funny how the strangest things c

7). Spirituality vs. Technology; A war of ideals
Spirituality vs. Technology: A war of idealsGood Morning/Afternoon, depending on your time zone.I’d like to take a moment and address

8). Tale of a bagle and the "Other" side of the fence
Greg's pithy quote for the day: The greener the grass, the more shit in the fertilizer.This is my corollary to “The grass is always greener…..

9). The heat, the couch and the male Ego
The heat, the couch and the male egoIt’s been hot here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. The only thing worse than New England heat

10). Turkeys: both men and bird and a Peanutbutter power bar
It was a glorious spring morning (5:35AM) as Brian and I set forth into the Berkshires to hunt the ever elusive and weary Wild Turkey. We had our sla


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