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1). At Last! Cat Litter Boxes Don't Have To Be Evil
There is nothing worse for cat or cat owner than a smelly litter box.

For many people, the litter box is the worst of part of owning a cat. Not only is it something people dread to clean but it is also dusty and dirty. And, those who have to clean it can find themselves more susceptible to cat diseases that are present there. Sure, ití...

2). Can You Really Train A Cat? Is It Worth The Trouble?
Cats are notoriously independent and have a mind of their own. Can you really teach a cat new tricks?

Cat owners often think that their cat is just too moody to listen. Some owners feel their cats are un-trainable simply because they are arrogant. The fact is many times pets donít obey because they donít understand what you want from ...

3). Canine Arthritis Medicine
Before you decide to give your dog canine arthritis medicine you should understand what arthritis is and why medication will ease your dogís sympto

4). Cat Arthritis
Cat arthritis is not a very common ailment among healthy cats. Most arthritis found in cats is from an accident that has made the bones or joints weak

5). Cultivating Good Behaviour In Your New Puppy
The most crucial aspect of house training a puppy is to teach it how to remain clean in the house. Dogs are not shabby by nature - they would normally urinate and defecate away from their sleeping and feeding area. Puppies that have been raised in a shabby environment, living in cramped quarters, may be quite cumbersome to housetrain. When you purc...

6). Do You Want To Find a Purebred Cat?
For some of us, a common-or-garden Tom cat is not enough. We want quality feline company with a pedigree and the only way to guarantee that a cat is a purebreed is to contact one of the national cat associations or similar organisations in other countries.

To find a purebred cat, you may start with the Cat Fancierís Association. The CF...

7). Flea Control For Pets
Flea control can be a very hard thing to do especially if you live in areas where fleas are largely populated. Weather has a lot to do with fleas a

8). Flea Control in dogs and cats
Flea control can be a very hard thing to do especially if you live in areas where fleas are largely populated. Weather has a lot to do with fleas and

9). Gifts For Dog Lovers, and Dogs
There is a plethora of dog gifts available in the marketplace, with each gift type celebrating a different breed of dogs - manís faithful companion. You would be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of gifts and the fact that you could easily find a gift pertinent to any dog breed on earth.

The simplest of such gifts can be a canine care ...

10). Groom Your Cat To Avoid Hairballs - Kitty Will Love You For It
As loving cat owners we hate to think that our beloved pets are feeling unwell. That can be the first impression when your cat starts making hacking noises. Usually this is the first signs of the cat trying to get rid of a hairball.

If you see a blob of disgusting stuff on your floor, it is likely to be a hairball. Cats need to do this...

11). Heartworm Treatment for cats and dogs
The treatment for heartworms is different for cats and dogs. Do not ever give medicine intended for a cat to your dog or vice versa.Once your

12). Help Keep The Pet Population Under Control, And Your Cat Healthy - Neuter Your Kitten
If you, or a family member, received a kitten as a Christmas present there are many things you need to think about.

It is essential that you take the time to really consider whether or not you should neuter your cat. Because there are so many strays and so few homes for them, it is wise to really take the time to make sure that if you ...

13). How Can You Find Freelance Work As A Writer?
For those looking at the jobs listings for writers, they may find themselves feeling left out. There are simply not enough employment options availabl

14). How Fast Will Your Cat Will Grow - The Important Stages In A Cat's Life
Just like having a child, it can be incredibly fulfilling bringing a kitten into your family and watching it grow up. It takes only a year for your cute little kitten to mature into a cat. It can seem hard to believe but it will happen fast. Being prepared is the goal here. So what are the key milestones for a young cat?

The First Mome...

15). How To Avoid Bad Doggy Behavior, And Teach Your Puppy Some M
A poorly trained dog can embarrass its owner and offend other people - or even make them feel threatened.Teaching your dog some manner

16). How To Improve Project Delivery through Good Business Requirements
Creating good business requirements not only assures that the proposed project will address all of the organization's needs, but it helps to guarantee that the project is delivered on time and on budget.

Here are some of the key reasons that improved project delivery can be achieved through good business requirements.

∑ ...

17). How To Keep Your Dog Safe in the 21st Century
For thousands of years, dogs have been "man's best friend." Dog-loving humans have tried to keep their pets safe in return. As the world becom

18). How To Make Sure Your New Cat Will Be At Home In Your Home
Buying a cat is a big decision. Do you have time to look after her? Is your home or appartment suitable for a pussy cat? Are there any health issues you need to think about, and are your family members ready for a new addition to the family? Find out from someone who has plenty experience.

Are you thinking that you would like to purcha...

19). How To Stop Your Cat Scratching - Get Rid Of Those Fleas
You know how annoying it can be when you have an itch, but you can't reach it to give it a scratch? Well, when your cat has fleas it's like your problem, just multiplied a hundred times.

If your cat has fleas or ticks, you need to take action. If they are scratching or have irritated skin, your cats need you to bring this problem under...

20). How To Stop Your Cat Scratching And Ruining Your Furniture
It's natural for cats to scratch but often it destroys your good furniture. Thankfully there are some things that you can do to relieve the problem.

Many people watch in sadness as their cat destroys virtually everything that he can get his claws into. You can improve this behavior. To do so, you need to know why he is doing what he is...

21). How to Write Good Use Cases for Useful Business Analysis
A use case details a flow of events that are executed in order to accomplish some business task. A use case can be as simple as documenting how a help ticket gets escalated or as complex as defining how a customer gets charged for shipping parts of an order to multiple addresses.

The term "actor" is used to define a role that a person ...

22). If You Seriously Want Your Cat To Be Happy and Healthy, You Must Help With Grooming
Although your cat may take the time to clean himself through licking his paws and face, he does still need you. Cats donít want to be dirty and they need you to help them stay clean.

Grooming your cat has to happen. You need to do it to remove the loose hair on the cat.


Brushing your catís hair will ...

23). It Is Possible To Give Your Cat A Bath, And Come Away Scratch Free
Although your cat doesn't realise it right now, after some tender loving care and a little shampoo, he will appreciate it.

Cats hate water, that much is easy to see as he lashes out at you with his claws when he gets anywhere near it. Why would someone want to bathe their cat, then?

Well, they are dirty and can become fle...

24). Keep Your Dog Fit And Healthy - Give Her The Best Dog Food Possible
What is the best dog food? Veterinarians are often hit by that question from scads of anxious dog owners. Every dog owner wants to feed their dog with the best that is available. However, the sheer variety of dog foods and the conflicting views on the best dog diet can leave you quite perplexed. While some experts assert that home made food is best...

25). Learn These Problems Now, And You Can Avoid Your Cat Becoming Ill In The Future
Cats, like any other animal out there, can become sick. There are several health problems that can affect your cat. If you have never owned one though you may not realize just what those can be. Knowing what to look for can protect your petís health.

The hairball is probably the most common of them. Cats will groom themselves and this ...

26). Living In Harmony Or At War? Having More Than One Cat In Your House
I have two cats and I can't imagine that either of them would want to live without the other. They live like brother and sister. And I can't imagine me living with just one cat either.

For those that love cats, having just one is never enough. Instead of having just one cat to call your own, you can have several. Those who have more th...

27). Looking After Your Dog, Part Eight - Dog Gifts
If you absolutely adore your dog then purchasing a dog gift can be an exhilarating experience for you. No matter what your budget constraints there are an awful lot of dog gifts to choose from. In fact, the sheer variety of gift ideas can often be inundating. Since there is no dearth of dog gifts, you must narrow down to that perfect dog gift, whic...

28). Looking After Your Dog, Part Eleven - Older Dogs
The advances in medicine and veterinarian competence have significantly improved the life expectancy of pets. And this entails a rather new aspect in canine care - how to care for older dogs. Since the life expectancy of dogs is typically 15-20 years, the transition from one life stage to another appears rather rapid to humans. You must recognize t...

29). Looking After Your Dog, Part Five - Dog Food
A balanced and nutritious diet is essential for your dogís health. Though dogs have an inherent liking for meat-based foods, they can very well survive on a vegetarian diet, provided itís complete with all the required nutrients. With an enormous variety of dog foods available, deciding whatís best for your dog can often be confusing.

30). Looking After Your Dog, Part Four - Dog Doors
A dog door is a small swinging door that, once installed in a door or wall, will allow your dog access to the outside of the house. This allows you to enjoy dinner, or your favorite movie, without being interrupted because your dog is adamant on having a stroll in the backyard. With a dog door, your dog has the freedom to move in an out of the hous...

31). Looking After Your Dog, Part Nine - Dog Grooming
The phrase "dog grooming" conjures up an image of expensive salons for pets. Itís true that your pet does not need fancy haircuts, expensive baths or oil treatments. But shunning away the idea of dog grooming is akin to handling your pet with shortsightedness. Your petís appearance is a mirror to its overall health and wellbeing. Lack of grooming m...

32). Looking After Your Dog, Part Seven - Dog Agility Training
Dog agility is a sport in which a dog runs on a course, laid with intermittent obstacles, under the supervision of its owner or trainer. The sport made its debut as an entertainment event for spectators at the Crufts Dog Show in 1979, and has not looked back since then. Dog agility sport now enjoys immense popularity in England, Western Europe and ...

33). Looking After Your Dog, Part Six - Dog Health Insurance
Pet health insurance is not a novel idea by any means. The concept has been around for 15-20 years. Many people believe that having medical insurance for a pet is not justified, and is rather something that depicts indulgence. However, the truth is that pet health insurance has nothing to do with being lavish. It purely depends on how much you care...

34). Looking After Your Dog, Part Ten - Health Problems
Dogs can be inflicted with ailments, which can prove fatal if not apprehended early and treated in an appropriate manner. As far as canine health care is concerned, you need to have a proactive approach. You must look for ominous signs, which indicate that the dogís health is probably deteriorating. Timely care and treatment can save your dog from ...

35). Looking After Your Dog, Part Three - Dog Crates
Just as you relish having your own room where you can enjoy a moment of solace, your dog likes having its own room, too. Dogs still retain a few of their ancient characteristics, and would love to have some kind of a den Ė a little, cozy place of their own. Some people may have an aversion to dog crates, since they believe that itís much of a cage....

36). Looking After Your Dog, Part Twelve - Training Basics
Dogs have inherent wild characteristics, often being aggressive and barking unnecessarily. Some dog owners are frustrated with the situation and frequently smack their dog or banish it to the backyard. However, treating pets in such a way conjures an image of terror in their minds, and they start fearing their owner. All this can be avoided in the ...

37). Looking After Your Dog, Part Two - A Comfy Bed for Your Dog
Your dog needs the comfort of a warm bed in much the same way as you do. Purchasing a dog bed is considered by many as being extravagant. However, itís far from being a luxury item, and is in fact a necessity. You would not want your dog to sneak onto your couch or curl up on your bed. You can avoid such a situation by providing your dog with a com...

38). Lyme Disease in dogs
It is hard to get an early diagnosis of lyme disease in your own dog. The first sign of lyme disease in humans is a rash, well; animals do not develop

39). Lyme Disease Treatment for Pets
Lyme disease can be treated with antibiotics, because the disease is caused by a bacterium that is introduced to your pet through a bite from a tick c

40). Managing Stakeholders in the Requirements Process
Navigating the process of gathering business requirements and creating the business requirements can be hard enough without adding the issue of stakeholder management to the equation. Nevertheless, fulfilling the needs of the stakeholders is what the project is all about, so it is critical that the analyst keep them on his or her side throughout th...

41). Puppy Training: What Type Of Collar Should Your Puppy Have?
Whether the concern is to train your dog or impart an identity to it, dog collars and leashes play a crucial role. Dog collars come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, and are much of a fashion statement nowadays. A dog collar could be a lifesaver for your puppy if, God forbid, it disappears from your residence.

With such a wide...

42). Ten Top Tips for Creating Good Business Requirements
Creating good business requirements will go a long way towards ensuring the success of the project and eliminate design and development risks that result from poor business requirements documentation. Here are the Top 10 Tips for Writing Good Business Requirements:

1. Develop a clear understanding of the problems that the proposed soft...

43). The Escort Passport 8500 - Making Your Driving Easier
Escort has been known for its incomparable radar detectors for many years now. Their Passport detectors are often classified as the best radar detectors in the business. An excellent example of this is the Escort Passport 8500 radar detector.

The Escort Passport 8500 offers advanced digital signal processing which can be reprogrammed. ...

44). The Facts You Need To Know About Adopting A Dog

Mum, dad, can we get a puppy? Its a plea that may parents will know only too well. How do you go about adopting a dog to make suure that the dog i

45). Tips for Writing Excellent Business Requirements
Understand that the purpose of the business requirements document is to ensure that the design and development team has a clear and well-defined understanding of the tasks that are going to be automated, how those tasks fit into the organizational context, and who the role players are.

Ensure that the requirements analyst meets with th...

46). To Stay Happy And Healthy Your Kitten Will Need Vaccinations
As a cat owner, you have a responsibility to protect the cat. One of the things youíll need to do is to have the cat vaccinated.

6-8 weeks old

The first vaccination will need to happen when he is about six to eight weeks old. Before now, his motherís antibodies are helping to protect him. But, once he is weaned from the m...

47). What Is The Best Way To Feed Your Cat?
Think that your cat needs a fancy set of dishes to eat from? He doesnít. But, what he does need is something that is sturdy and durable and it needs to be easy for you to clean as well. Cat feeders and bowls should be cat-proof.

One type of cat feeder is a type that refills from a reservoir as your cat drinks from the bowl. These can b...

48). What You Need To Know To Keep Your Dog Safe In Your Car
Man's Best Friend is a great companion around the home, but Rover will love joining you on road trips - short or long - as well. If you've tri

49). Where Does Your Cat Nap? Make Him As Comfortable As Possible
Giving your pet his own snoozing area gives you the ability to take back all of the space in your house that he has taken over. You may even want to give him several places to call his own to keep him happy!

Youíll find a cat bed that fits your tastes, and your pets, because there are so many out there to choose from. Youíll find a col...

50). Which Of These Cat Breeds Is The Right One For You?
There are many cat breeds out there. If you are like most people, you donít know much about them. In order to help you to make a choice about breeds, here is some useful information.

Do you want a cat that can entertain himself and not get into mischief? Then donít consider the Sphynx, the Rex, the British Angora and the Siamese. These...

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