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1). All That Flapping About Has To Stop
What a pleasant man that Rick Stein is. Only the other night, as I tucked into Mrs Holmes’ latest offering and flicked through the channels before se

2). Asylum Seekers: Now With Wings
It seems inconceivable that a bird table could lead to thoughts about asylum seeking, but this seems to be the case.It all started innocently

3). Burn, Baby Burn
A recent report in The Independent revealed that smoking in Hollywood films is making a comeback. Recent research at the University of California has

4). FHM: Who's cheating who?
With it recently coming to the attention of the staff at FHM that some of its readers were trying to fiddle a poll to find the world’s 100 sexiest wo

5). Glastonbury Festival History: Losing the Main Stage
Now then, the wonders of quagmires are a treat I have never encountered. I had the uncanny ability, as a youth, to attend Europe's premier music fest

6). Nagging Doubts
There's always that nagging doubt isn't there? The nagging doubt that they just won't get it. I went to the Post Office yesterday, the small

7). The Ley Lines of a Semi-Retired Drainage System
There seems to be at times, a fine line between enthusiasm and frenzied delight, and with Miranda Krestovnikoff, who presents BBC 2’s Hidden Treasure


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