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1). 3 Steps To Starting a Successful Fall Exercise Program
Ah, the crisp cool breeze, the invigorating feel of the outdoors as the leaves start to turn colors, the sound of kids laughing on their way to school

2). 5 Essential Walking Tips
Walking exercise is one of the easiest ways to get in shape and burn fat. In fact, mile for mile, you can burn as many calories walking as you would j

3). 5 Ways To Get The Best Use Out Of Your Home Treadmill
The #1 fear that people have when investing in a home treadmill (or any piece of exercise equipment) is that they won't use it.

You know the story. It gets delivered, you set it up and enjoy it for a few days...and then it sits...and waits.

A few months down the road, you notice how dusty it has become and how much space...

4). Affiliate Marketing: How To Succeed Where 95% Of Affiliate M
Affiliate marketing is an agreement between two websites in which one site (the affiliate) sends traffic to another site by means of advertising or

5). Basic Facts About Rottweilers
Looking for some quick Rottweiler dog facts? Here's a quick rundown of basics facts about Rottweilers.Vital Stats:Colour: Black with d

6). Basic Facts About The Rottweiler
Looking for some quick Rottweiler dog facts? Here's a quick rundown of basics facts about Rottweilers. Vital Stats:Colour: Black with

7). Best Elliptical Machine: 5 Must-Have Features When Shopping
So you're buying an elliptical machine? Elliptical machines give you a low impact, safe workout that burns a maximum amount of calories in the least amount of time.

But with all of the different elliptical brands out there, how do you choose the best one? Here are 5 key features to look for when shopping to help you find the very b...

8). Best Home Treadmill: 4 Things You Need To Look For
Choosing the best home treadmill can be confusing as you sift through all of the options, new models, and brand name ‘deals’. Too often, people get caught up in all the 'Goodies' a treadmill offers them that they miss the fact that the treadmill doesn't have the basic essentials of a quality unit.

By knowing the 4 basic essentials of ...

9). Best Price Treadmill - 3 Key Tips To Saving Hundreds On Your Next Treadmill
If you're in the market to buy a treadmill, your timing couldn't be better. Treadmills are giving you more value for your money every year. In fact according to a recent Runner's World article:

"Today's treadmills are better than ever. In particular, most brands have improved their stability and controls. Meanwhile, they continue to of...

10). Buying A Rottweiler Puppy? What You Need To Know
So you're buying a Rottweiler puppy? Here are some general tips to help you choose a healthy, happy Rottweiler puppy.Note: These are only gene

11). Buying A Treadmill - 3 Tips Most Buyers Don't Know

Chances are, if you're looking to buy a treadmill, you've already done a lot of research. You probably know which features you want in a treadmill a

12). Buying A Treadmill: 3 Common Mistakes Most Buyers Make
Buying a treadmill? Congratulations on making an investment in your health! But if you want to save yourself lots of pain and loads of money,

13). Buying A Treadmill? 3 Common Buying Myths
Buying a treadmill? A treadmill is a large investment to make in your health (but definitely a worthwhile one.) However with everyone and his dog gett

14). Choosing Your Rottweiler Puppy
So you're getting a Rottweiler puppy? Here are some general tips to help you choose a healthy, happy Rottweiler puppy.Note: These are only gen

15). Discount Treadmill: 3 Ways To Save When Buying
Most people looking to buy a treadmill are interested in getting a discount. We all want to save money and get a higher quality product right?

16). Elliptical Exercise Equipment - What To Look For When Buying
Buying elliptical exercise equipment? There are so many different brands and types of ellipticals out there - it can get confusing! How do you know which one is best for you and how do you avoid buying a lemon?

In order to keep things simple and have the very best buying experience, here are 3 key tips to help you choose the

17). Elliptical Trainer Calories Burned
If you're trying to choose between an elliptical trainer and another piece of exercise equipment like a treadmill or an exercise bike, one of the most

18). Elliptical Trainers Vs Treadmills: Which One Is The Better B
So which exercise machine is better: the treadmill or the elliptical trainer?While treadmills are still the #1 piece of home exercise equipme

19). Landice Treadmill Review
If you're looking to buy a high end home treadmill (or a commercial grade treadmill) chances are you've heard the name 'Landice' thrown about quite a

20). Treadmill Ratings - What Most People Don't Know About Treadmill Ratings
If you're buying a treadmill, chances are you'll want to research before you buy. Everyone wants to get the best deal for a discount price. They also want to find the best treadmill to suit their workout needs.

So you'll probably be interested in looking at various treadmill ratings or reviews. But why are there so many different ratin...


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