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1). Alive and Kicking - Hussein Smiles as the Caliph of Muslims

Described by the American adminstration as a coup de theatre, the film showing Saddam strolling among his adoring citizens vowing their lives for

2). America, as we Love it

The Anti-American sentiment prevalent in the world now, has fueled the arrogance of ignorance that some Americans feel free to label anyone who be

3). America, Jihad is Coming!

It is easy to support a war when the assumption is victory and safe return with smiling faces and champagne waiting; but a closer look will tell y

4). Americqa, Jihad is Coming!
America, Jihad is Coming!By nevine Al Seidi | Friday prayers on the 28th March lasted for hours in all mosques of Cairo ( and all Islamic

5). Break Up and Break Even!
Sometimes, we find ourselves trapped in an obligatory break up, all of a sudden. With little time on our hand, we are needed to act swiftly to break u

6). Dear Avi, Did Arabs Have to Pay for Your Suffering?

Let us set the recods straight before we can discuss peace. Road-mapping and hand-clapping might make sense to the Americans, but not to us, the

7). Iraq _ The American Graveyard

If you have a brother, husband, son, nephew or a friend in the military, insist to contact them every 48 hours. If they fail to be contacted, act

8). Professional Killer - A Poem

No real civilisation is possible as long as men have jobs like: Professional Killers
Someone sent me a note today saying: " You won't change

9). Saddam and Ben-Laden - Friends or Foes?

The theory that Saddam is linked in any way to Bin Laden and his religious movement: Al Qae'da is downright ridiculous and hilariously ignorant -

10). The Protocol of Peace - A Poem

My views of Jihad seem to shock many. But most do not understand that Jihad is
Peace is not surrender

You pretender!

Itís not k

11). True or False? A Crash- appraisal of the American logic in t
Before I start delivering my views to you on the subject of the war in Iraq, I would like to confirm that the word "American" is used here in the sens


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