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1). Banana Republic
Banana RepublicLike a cat I slumber, blissfully unencumbered,Through eighty per cent of my allotted span,Occasionally awoken, when dis

2). Been got at by a Rat or a Dog? Try a Ferrit. Optimization of
You may have already paid good money only to have beenpromised the earth and left with a web page no one can see unless they know your co

3). Blair Bear - The Ultimate Teddy Bear.
blair bear and his missions. Here we see a Brown Bear. Looks cuddly doesnt he. But that is notalways what Luigi needs in his bears

4). Cannabis, misunderstandings and possibilities.
I think a lot of the things being said now stem from the plain fact that the Government at present have abjectly given in to something endemic they fe

5). Education enlarges us.
Our education enlarges us.In days of old, when life was bold,And schools owned fields and land,We played serene, acted out our dreams,

6). England Expects Every Man Will Do His Duty
england expectsMany newspapers accurately pinpoint the powerful public mood on immigration and asylum, yet all are seemingly puzzled as to

7). Help online for free. The Stiffsteiff Bears help site.
The purpose of this website is to help. Purely and simply to help anyone out there with anything they do not understand. Whether from a how to do it a

8). Magbility - expert help for the newly disabled
Magbility is a highly regarded business based near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England with a reputation stretching back to before the Internet. Now,

9). Omnipotence.


I started with true confidence,
That I could achieve my goals,
That I could quietly persuade,
And all would gradually

10). Poetry to help in bereavement.

When I wander in countryside, Or when water runs quite near I feel you are there somewhere I feel there is more than me here I suspect and sense I

11). Poetry to make you smile at stupidy rampant at present.
Utopia. My motorway is crumbling, With an enforced fifty limit, and what is even more humbling, Is there are speed traps in it,

12). Sensational new evidence proving origins of Teddy Boys
Sensational cover up exposed, original Teddy Boyswere really bears all the time.Thanks to this exclusive Stiffsteiffs exposť, Teddy Bo

13). Sequel to Primeval Earth Energy on Magnetism, Electricity an
Primeval Earth Energy The SequelTransmissions.Say we now throw in a data memory facility to the PEE. Take dowsing, where the PEE i

14). the man who could not say sorry for his sins
Sorry would be a start. Though you cant take back your mistakes, and you cant unravel time,youd think there would be remorse, for such a s

15). Trust - A poetic investigation, not hampered by commitee sta
Trust.We are here to listen,To every word you say,We will surely then glisten,What the mood is in this way,So many start to ch


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