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1). Predators
The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said “It is prohibited upon my nation to eat whatever has claws & what has canine tooth, from predatory animals” [Refer to

2). The Sky & The Earth
In Quran Allah says, “It is He who hath created for you all things that are on the earth; Moreover, his design comprehended the heavens, for he gave o

3). Globular Nature of Earth
The holy quran is the word of Allah . it is our way of worship up to the judgement day . this means that there is no contradiction between what it say

4). Home fly
Home fly may trams fir a disease but with that disease it may provide medicine also. The prophet Mohammed PBUH said It the home fly falls in your drin

5). Expanding of Cosmos
Before 7929 it was thought that fallacies or bit in haphazard manner seinilar to movement of the molecules of gazes however in 1929 ascintific break t

6). The moon and the sun
Astronomers found that the moon movement is 18 kilometers per a second, the Earth movement is 15 kilometers per a second, whereas the sun movement is

7). The Piercing Star
Allah the Creator, makes oath (swears) by cosmic events “By the sky And the Night Visitant (The rein);- And what will explain to thee What the Night v

8). The Heart
Question: Is the heart the centre of prudence and insights in human being? If it was so, what happens when hearts are transplanted or in cases of Arti


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