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1). Arachnophobia And Other Fears
We had a little excitement this morning at home. My wife came out of the bathroom and said, quite calmly, ďEd, thereís a big black spider in the bathtub.Ē Since I was watching my daughter, Ella, at the time, I carried her in there to investigate. I was a bit surprised that my wife did not call it a Brown Recluse. Thatís our running joke. She grew u...

2). Are The Stars Out Tonight? Reconnecting With The Power Of Mystery
On a crisp June night Iím lying in my sleeping bag at 10,000 feet in the Sierraís Desolation Wilderness. Here, far from the light and haze of the Bay Area, the sky is deep black, but thick with twinkling dots and dim wisps of cottony light. When I look from the corner of my eye, the dim lights become more defined, easier to perceive as stars. To co...

3). Dreaming Big, Living Large
"I'm going to be an astronaut." "I'm going to be a movie star." "I'm going to be the President." "I'm going to own a chocolate factory!"

What were your childhood dreams?

We still have the ability to dream big, no matter how old or young, no matter where we live, and no matter what our family believed and taught us to bel...

4). From Canít To Can
My wife and I recently had an opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons. Our two regular, daytime childcare providers chose the same week for their summer vacations. Instead of scrambling to find replacements, we decided to take a little break ourselves and go to a nearby hot springs retreat for a few days.

While relaxing in one of t...

5). How Much News Is Good News?
I'm not sure if the timing of last month's "news free zone" assignment could have been worse or better. Coming just two days after the devastating tsunami hit Asia, how could I realistically expect you to take a two-day break from the news? I wonder if it seemed a bit callous of me to suggest such a thing. But here's the interesting part: when I se...

6). Initiation: Taking Your Life To The Next Level
This past Sunday I had the privilege of welcoming back a group of women at the completion of their initiation process. After 10-months of weekly meetings Ė discovering their wounds and their gifts, exploring their scary edges and their hidden joys Ėthese women left Wednesday evening for the culminating weekend of ritual and celebration.

7). Mental Muscle Memory
When I was actively training at the Karate Dojo, every workout included time spent repeating individual techniques over and over and over and . . . well you get the idea. We would stand in a circle and count off by tens and twenties, punches, chops and kicks, as the Sensei and senior students came around correcting our form. During one of these ses...

8). No-Thingnesss
From Silence . . . Sound
From Stillness . . . Flow
From Emptiness . . . Form

OK. Time for a pop quiz: If it were possible to remove all the "empty space" from your body, the actual physical matter that remained would fit:

A. Inside a bread box.
B. In a wine glass.
C. On the head of a pin.
D. I...

9). Of Gratitude, Sickness And Spiders
It's the season of gratitude, yet last week I found myself in a sea of darkness. I was sick. I don't know about you, but I find it very difficult to be grateful when I'm sneezing, coughing, aching and generally feeling horrible. I did my best to remain positive, reminding myself that I was being given a non- negotiable opportunity to relax and rech...

10). Raw Potatoes And Other Dining Adventures
I admit it: Iím a big fan of the Law of Attraction. Itís become one of the focal points of my life and of my coaching and teaching practice. However, Iíve discovered that there is one drawback to the Law of Attraction: It takes all the fun out of complaining! Once you understand the basic principles of the Law of Attraction you know that whenever y...

11). Surrendering To Freedom: Stepping Into Grace
Earlier this month as I sat at the desk by the upstairs hall window, looking down on the blossoming apple trees and the vineyard beyond, I suddenly heard a fluttering sound behind me. A house finch had flown into the open window at the other end of the hall. I watched her fly around the hall and into my office where she began banging against the wi...

12). The Fire Of Desire
On a recent early morning, I sat on the floor beside my daughter Ella, writing in my journal as she stretched and bounced in a desperate and unsuccessful attempt to reach her favorite butterfly finger puppet. Aware of Ella's growing frustration, I wrote about my own frustration with the speed at which I am moving toward one of my primary goals. Jus...


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