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1). Bush Flirts with Fascism
DETROIT -- The regime has already produced so many ignominious legacies that historians in the near future will be able to feast on the task of measuring the damage from the wretched deeds the Busheviks have wrought.

Certainly, the unnecessary pre-emptive war in Iraq, sold with lies, will echo for generations as a symbol of America's ...

2). Bush's Holy Cronies have feet of clay
DETROIT -- Deception, arrogance, greed, hubris, corruption, incompetence and isolation -- the seven deadly sins of political life -- snared President George W. Bush and his cronies long ago. That's how they gained and maintain power.

While praying and thumbing their Bibles, loudly proclaiming their virtue and righteousness, the faith-...

3). Is Bush ready to cut and run in Iraq?
DETROIT -- We are living under a regime that has made war and torture highly profitable for a handful of scummy corporations and individuals. That's the way the Busheviks like doing business, keeping their dirtiest deeds in the hands of for-profit surrogates.

Openness and accountability -- hallmarks of a free society -- have no place ...

4). Murtha Right, Bush Lies
DETROIT -- Privately, President George W. Bush is having a political panic attack as he retreats to his cocoon, seeking comfort from his nannies. Babs, his mommy, wife Laura, Condi Rice and Karen Hughes serve as his ladies in waiting, assuring our courageous leader that the boo-boos he gets on his head will get better and those bad boys criticizing...

5). No Nobel Prize For War President
DETROIT -- George W. Bush doesn't like to play hurt but he has no choice. Every week now, he's getting clobbered. His Nixonian administration can only struggle to stop the bleeding, bandage the wounds and pray that the twin enemies of truth and time will stop. The Busheviks are in full retreat. Events, largely of their own creation, are overwhelmin...

6). Only the Delusioned Now Support Bush
DETROIT -- The last semblance of broad public support for President George W. Bush is the diminishing number of Americans who continue to believe his administration does a good job with national security. "Bush makes me feel safer," they foolishly proclaim.

Those who advance just slightly beyond their visceral emotions and think at al...

7). True American Patriot
By Bill Gallagher
It ain't fair, John Sinclair
In the stir for breathing air.
Won't you care for John Sinclair
In the stir for breathing air?
-- John Lennon, 1971.

DETROIT -- Those were the days of Nixonian madness -- the hopeless war in Vietnam, the illegal in...


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