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1). Business Strategy: Clarify Your Purpose And Vision
Whether it's the beginning of a new year or we're half way through, you want it to be your best year ever. You are no doubt doing some planning for how to make that happen. You are doing some planning aren't you?

I'd like to recommend you take some time to really clarify your Purpose and Vision.

Clear purp...

2). Can You Market Effectively Without Purpose and Vision?
I went to lunch with a friend the other day to ask him about his company's marketing journey.

You see, I knew that he and his partner had hired a marketing coach a couple of years back. I wanted to find out what their experience was like and where they had challenges and successes along the way.

This particular company is ...

3). Continuously Moving Your Marketing Forward
Marketing is an ongoing journey for your business.

That might seem like an obvious statement, but the actions of many small business owners might indicate otherwise. For many you build a web site, or create a brochure, or go to a few networking events and then you wait for results to happen. Effective marketing rarely works like that.

4). Do You Get Attention With Your 30-Second Introduction?
I went to a networking event the other day where the meeting leader said, "Were going to skip doing the 30-second introductions today because mines so bad and it doesnt work that it nauseates me." I thought to myself, WOW! Id skip the next networking meeting until Id worked out a new introduction.

Do you get attention wi...

5). Marketing Ideas Without Action Will Get You Nowhere!
You want to grow your small business, but how do you do that? Many of the small businesses I work with are not really sure what works best, or how, or where to get started.

We're all familiar with the term Marketing, but what in the heck is it really supposed to do for us?

* Build brand awareness

* Build name ...

6). Marketing with the Internet
Are you fully leveraging the power of the Internet with your marketing efforts?

It's kind of amazing, but I still meet lots of small business owners who don't think the Internet is crucial for their success. "I'm just a small local business. I don't think the Internet is necessarily the right place for me to focus my marketing e...

7). New Year's Marketing Resolutions
I hope you're as excited for the upcoming year as I am. Time again for those New Year's Resolutions.

Are you making them again this year? Or, are you like some I've talked to who say you're going to skip making them so you don't have to break them again.

So what's it going to be this year - loose weig...

8). Put A Little You In Your Marketing
One of the great advantages that small businesses have is that by their very nature they are more personal.

What clients experience in working with a small business tends to be more genuine and authentic? Today's tip is pretty simple - Leverage that fact and put a little more you in your marketing.

Lots of small bus...

9). Small Business Marketing: Are We There Yet?
Small business marketing is not like taking a family vacation.

Did anybody take a family vacation this summer? Do you have children of your own, or do you remember what it was like when you were a kid taking a trip somewhere?

I can still remember the family vacations as a youngster growing up. Our famous treks acros...

10). The Power of a Marketing and Sales System
Where Do Most of Your Clients Come From?

When I meet people for the first time and they understand that I'm a marketing consultant, I'm frequently asked, "Where do most of your clients come from?" Many times I believe the question is asked innocently enough. But, quite often I feel like the person asking wants to know if I have ...

11). Three Steps to Your Ultimate Marketing Message
Have you created a core marketing message to use throughout all of your marketing efforts?

I'm not talking about some catchy slogan or play on words using the name of your business or the service you provide. It's not some meaningless phrase like "we do it right" or "quality service you can trust." Anybody in business can say those thi...

12). Your Greatest Marketing Assets
You might not think that you are a marketing and sales person, but if you own or work in a small business think again. When you're in business for yourself - whether you like it or not, feel like you're good at it or not - you are a marketing and sales person.

I tell my marketing clients and those that attend my various marketin...


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