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1). Dubai Aerospace Enterprise
Dubai, prospering from near-record oil prices, plans to invest $20 billion to create a company that will lease planes, develop airports and make aircraft parts to tap into growing demand for air travel in the Middle East and Asia. The family ruled emirate, which owns the largest Arab airline, may buy as many as 50 wide-body aircraft from Boeing and...

2). Ingolstadt in Germany
Situated at the beautiful Danube River in the heart of Bavaria, Ingolstadt is one of the eldest and most charming cities in Germany.

Early settlements prove the existence of a density of population since 1800 BC. The first time Ingolstadt was mentioned in an official document was in the year 806 by Carl the Great and it got its town ri...

3). Is China's Economy Growing Too Fast?
The President of China - Hu Jintao, announced Sunday that the economy grew faster than expected - 10.2 percent in the first quarter of 2006 compared with one year earlier, but said the government was concerned about overly rapid growth. Chinese leaders have warned repeatedly that rapid growth could spark inflation or leave the country littered with...


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