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1). Are You At Risk By Not Using Credit Card Authorization Forms?
The use of a credit card authorization form can significantly reduce the risk of credit card fraud or non-authorized charges to both buyers and sellers. Not collecting a credit card authorization form can cost the seller money in both higher credit card processing fees and chargeback fees. What is needed for a good credit card authorization form?

2). Are You Formalizing Your Asset Purchase Intentions?
The Letter of Intent to Purchase the Assets of a Company will enable all persons concerned to specify the terms and conditions prior to the writing of a formal agreement. It should be concise and lay down the various key points that will prove its value and help facilitate good asset purchases.

3). Are You Properly Executing Due Diligence In Your Business Activities?
Before jumping into a business purchase, stock investment, debt offering or other type of significant business transaction it is wise to investigate the operations of the businesses involved in the transaction. A due diligence checklist systematically evaluates all of the significant areas of the business operations.

4). Are You Properly Tracking Your Company’s Stock?
The Capitalization Table provides investors with a bird’s eye view of the sum total of all the different securities issued by a company. It includes the amount of investment that the company has procured from investors and the distribution of securities which might include common/preferred shares, options, warranties etc. and the individual capitalization ratios.

5). Are Your Products Getting The Proper Distribution?
Using a distributor agreement can formalize a distribution relationship with product resellers and distributors. It’s simple, the more people selling your product the more money you will make and one of the best ways to sell your product is through the use of a written distributor agreement.

6). Do You Have A Proper Medical Expense Reimbursement And Disability Benefits Plan?
A Medical Expense Reimbursement and Disability Benefit Plan (the Plan) is a way of obtaining reimbursement for medical and disability expenses as agreed to between an Employee and the Corporation. With today’s healthcare crisis, more and more employees are coming to expect such benefits from their employer.

7). Do Your Employees Know The Ground Rules?
One of the main aims of the Employee Handbook is to engender the best of environments for employer and employee, thereby resulting in optimal performance of the company.

8). Formally Identify Your Shareholders With A Shareholder Agreement
Protect your company and your shareholders from disputes regarding ownership percentage or number of shares held by investors. A shareholder Agreement formally documents an individual shareholder’s holdings in a company.

9). Get Tax Benefits, Protect Your Assets With An Irrevocable Trust
Want tax benefits for your estate? Want to protect your assets? An irrevocable trust agreement can do both and more.

10). How To Extend Licenses To Use Software With A Software License Agreement
Protecting the use and copy of software can be a difficult and daunting task. The use of a software license agreement formally establishes your company’s position on the use and distribution of your software products.

11). How To Make An Offer To Purchase Real Estate
An Offer to Purchase Real Estate is a legally binding contract between two or more parties for the purchase/sale, exchange or otherwise conveying title of property from one party to the other. Most often, the Offer to Purchase Real Estate is bilateral in nature and it should conform to contract law in general and in addition, should be set down in writing to be considered as enforceable by law.

12). How To Raise Capital With A Stock Purchase Agreement
Selling stock in your company can be a great way to help the company achieve its goals and grow at a rate that can far exceed that of under capitalized companies. A stock purchase agreement details the sale of stock to each investor, evidencing their investment, ownership percentage, and information regarding both parties involved.

13). Is Your Business Ready To Expand And Raise Capital?
Raising capital can help your business grow at a much faster pace. Most businesses grow organically over a lengthy period of time using profits to fund their growth. A more modern approach would be to fund that growth through issuing securities by using a private placement memorandum.

14). Is Your Company At Risk? Make Good Use Of A Certificate Of Insurance
A certificate of insurance provides evidence to vendors and customer of the types of insurance coverage required in most working environments. Failure to have the proper coverage can limit the amount of work your business qualifies to perform.

15). Need To Sell More? Try A Reseller Arrangement
A Reseller is a company or an individual who purchases goods or services in order to sell them further, instead of consuming them for personal use. The Reseller Agreement is a mutually agreed statement that spells out the terms of service between the Seller and the Reseller.

16). Partner Up In Business With A Joint Venture Agreement
It happens all the time; situations arise in business when it makes sense to partner with another person, service provider, or company for a specific purpose or project. The best way to formalize these types of partnerships is through a joint venture agreement.

17). Protect Your Rights, Wishes, And Family With A Durable Power of Attorney
Using a durable power of attorney to grant another person the right to act on your behalf should you become incapacitated is a great way to protect yourself, your family, and estate.

18). The Importance Of Formalizing Your Intentions In A Written Letter Of Intent
Not having a properly drafted Letter of Intent may lead to loss of business as well as ambiguity in setting out the proposed terms of an intended sale. After all, when thinking of buying a business, the intentions to buy should be clearly set out at the very beginning.

19). The Qualities Of An Effective Executive Summary
Before writing or handing out a bull blow business plan to employees and prospective investors it’s a good idea to develop an executive summary.

20). What Is The Importance Of A Partnership Agreement?
A Partnership Agreement is defined as being an arrangement that is agreed to by all parties to the transaction. Why is a professional agreement important to your business?

21). When Is It Appropriate To Have A Power Of Attorney?
Whenever you need to grant another entity or individual certain rights and privileges to act on your behalf it is imperative to execute a written power of attorney…not doing so could be disastrous.


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