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1). 14 Steps to Teacher Assertiveness

Practical strategies to cope with difficult people
14 STEPS TO TEACHER ASSERTIVENESS How to cope with difficult parents, principals and sta

2). Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

If we are the products of our attitudes then it is important for us to examine our attitudes, both positive and negative, to discover the impact t

3). Climbing the Ladder to Better Listening

Climbing the Ladder to Better Listening by Mike Moore

I wrote in my book " Embracing the Mystery " that there was nothing as fla

4). How to Avoid Audience Saturation
The elements of an effecive speech and how to deliver it.

5). How to Become a More Entertaining Speaker
How to inform and entertain your audience

6). How to Boost Staff Confidence and Performace with Public Speaking
What improving employee public speaking skills can do to improve confidence performance and.

When you find yourself working for a difficult/toxic boss, manager/supervisor/principal you must be cautious. Your well being and future could depend on it..

Here are a few effective strategies to consider.

8). How to Share Your Hard Earned Expertise for Huge Fees
We all have a huge amount of knowledge and expertise to share. Discover how you can share youyrs for huge fees

9). Investing in Your Professional Development
Learning about your niche subject is an necessary, on-going process well worth the investment of time and money.

10). Isnít That What Customer Service is All About?
Two missing ingredients of customer service

11). Little Things Do Mean A Lot
Little Things Do Mean A Lot by Mike MooreWhile I am always on the lookout for ways to market myselfas a speaker it is often a time consum

12). The Magic of the Night Sky
I love the night sky. There is something comforting, mysterious and hopeful about standing under a canopy of swirling stars...

13). The Need for Silence in a Noisy World
How to put the healing power of silence to work for you in a noisy world.

14). What to Do When an Audience Member Disagrees with You
Every so often you meet someone in your audience who tries to make themselves look good by making you look bad. Find out what to do.

15). Why It Pays to Out More Humor in the Workplace
1. Humor reduces stress levels and stress is the number one problem confronting employees today.2. Laughter boosts morale while stress erodes


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