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151). How To Remove Kidney Stones?
Kidney stones are very hard mineral deposits that happen to form in the kidney. They start off like a small microscopic particle and after a period of time develop into stones.

152). How To Remove Toxins From Our Body
Detox diet is a regulated diet that helps reduce the toxins in a body. One of the many issues relating to weight can be cleared with such a diet.

153). Importance and Benefits of Ardha Chandrasana
In English this asana would mean Half Moon Pose. The Moon from which the name is derived is an important part of our life. It touches each individual it in its own manner.

154). Importance of Controlling Your Mind
Since ancient times, the human philosophers have realized the importance of mind in governing the human affairs. They knew that a person’s external circumstances were the result of his internal thoughts

155). Importance of Fruits in Diet
Fruits, fresh or dried have been natural staple diet of human being since ancient times. Replete with minerals, vitamins, enzymes, they are easily digestible. Fruits are not only good source as food, they are serve as medicine and treat ailments.

156). Importance Of Soya
Soya bean has been part of Chinese diet for many centuries. As we all know soy has many health benefits which due to the presence of soy-proteins and isoflavones genistein and daidzein.

157). Important And Useful Benefits Of Gomukhasana
Gomukhasana is also known as Cow Face Pose. If you happen to look at this asana from behind it would resemble the face of the cow, due to this reason, this name has been given to this asana.

158). Important And Useful Benefits Of Navasana
Navasana is known as the boat pose because when you look at the asana it would resemble a boat. This asana seems to be very easy with the way it looks. But as you all know, looks can be deceiving which is the case over here.

159). Improve Your Eyesight with Trataka
Eyes are the windows of the soul and you can see what a person is up to by looking into his eyes. Hence it is important to have clean eyesight.

160). Infertility - A Very Common Problem
Infertility is the inability to get pregnant. There are two types on infertility- primary and secondary infertility. Couples who have been trying and could never be pregnant are known primary inability.

161). Information On Boils And How To Treat Them
As boils and acne is a common phenomenon among young people the increasing teen pressure it is hard for some to cope with it.

162). Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – A Functional Disorder
Irritable bowel syndrome - As the name suggests affects your bowel which is also your large intestine. It is an important part of your digestive system which makes and stores stool.

163). Jasmine Essential Oil For Aromatherapy
A sturdy evergreen shrub of bright green leaves with white star shaped flowers, Jasmine with sweet and floral aroma, native of Asia and Africa is one of the oldest and widely used scented flower.

164). Jnana Yoga – Yoga For The Intelligent
Jnana means the knowledge. This yoga is the yoga for the intelligent and selected people. This yoga is the ultimate goal of all the other varieties of yoga. This yoga teaches you to look at the world as it is without any ignorance and bias. You can achieve this state by practicing rigorous mental discipline and virtue. This yoga is also called Raja Yoga or the king of all the yogas, since it is of the highest variety and rules over all the other varieties. This is the Yoga that Patanjali has described in his Yoga Sutras.

165). Karma Yoga – The Art of Living
The ancient book of Gita, which is the treatise on the living has led a great stress on the karma. Karma is defined as the action and its fruits. Ancient Hindu saints have believed that a man’s life is the direct result of his karma. Good thoughts, words and deeds lead to good and happy life while bad thoughts, words and deeds lead a person to disaster

166). Kegel Exercises – Staying Fit, Active And Independent
The Kegel Exercises derive their origin from the name of Dr. Arnold Kegel who discovered this wonderful exercise regimen. These are very beneficial for the pubococcygeal muscles also known as Kegel muscles.

167). Knowing About GERD
GERD if elaborated would mean Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. GERD is also known as "reflux," "reflux esophagitis," or sometimes even "hiatus hernia". This condition can be described as backflow of acid from the stomach into the swallowing tube or esophagus.

168). Knowing And Taking Care Of Bunion Condition
Bunion is one of the most common problems faced by many people. It is more common than you can imagine. The medical term for this condition is known as Hallux Valgus. The problem arises when a bump starts developing on the inside of your big toe.

169). Knowing More About Anemia
Anemia means lack of red blood cells due to which there is lack in oxygen carrying ability to the body. This state of body leads to tiredness and other health problems which cannot be good for your body to fight against the diseases.

170). Knowing More About Bhakti Yoga
Bhakti means devotion or faith. It can be devotion towards your fellow men as well as for the need we are living in this world. The devotion towards your god no matter which faith you are. It is the faith towards the Supreme Being which some may believe and some may not.

171). Knowing More About Chicken Pox
It is known as one of the most contagious diseases and is mainly seen during your childhood. The virus which causes this disease is called varicella-zoster and it causes skin rashes, red and fluid oozing blisters which can be found on any part of the body.

172). Knowing More About Cystitis
Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder and women are worst affected even though it can affect both the sexes. There are different types of cystitis such as bacterial cystitis which is supposedly most common, the other one is the interstitial cystitis and is known to be difficult to diagnose which involve foreign organisms and hemorrhagic cystitis.

173). Laryngitis – More Than A Throat Problem
Laryngitis is the aggravation of your vocal chords in the larynx. It also causes swelling around the voice box area, which brings out the changes in your voice. In any given day your vocal chords open and close without much hassle.

174). Learn About Peptic Ulcer
The term peptic ulcer is referred to both, gastric and duodenal ulcers. It is believed to have occurred due to an infection by a bacterium known as Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).

175). Learn About Swimmers Ear
It is an infection which affects the outer ear canal. The technical term for swimmers ear is known as otitis externa. It is a very common problem among children. As it mainly affects swimmers it is known as the swimmers ear. But it is not only restricted to swimmers. People having bath or are in shower may also be get affected by this infection.

176). Lemon - A Miracle For Beautiful Hair And Skin
Even though we go out in the market to get the most appropriate beauty products for ourselves, sometimes we just have to look in our own homes for a better solution. To our very own surprise we may find it too in our own backyard. We are talking about the tiny lemon.

177). Lemon Juice Health Benefits
Lemonade is known to have been used as a refreshing drink since the time of the Moguls. Modem investigations have tended to support this use, the essential oil being very good for cooling the body. This use can be extended to the employment of lemon juice with water and sugar as the best drink to take when you have a fever

178). Lower Your Cholesterol Levels, Naturally
Cholesterol is a fatty substance present in the human body, 80% of which is manufactured by the liver. The other 20% comes from your diet such as meat, eggs and dairy products.

179). Marjaraasana - For Sound Physical And Mental Health
Yoga today is all the rage. It is a subject that excites people’s curiosity and enjoys much popularity. This is especially so since the asanas (exercises) and pranayamas (breathing techniques) that owe their origins to ancient Indian wisdom have proved beneficial in promoting holistic health and mental peace as also in developing personality

180). Massage Oil For Dry Scalp
Dry scalp causes flaking, due to extreme dryness of the scalp it leads to dandruff. So, moisturizing a dry scalp can in turn solve many related problems.

181). Massaging The Upper Body
In practice since ancient times, massage is a relaxing experience of hand strokes on the body to rejuvenate the mind and body and eliminate stress. Using hands and fingers, the therapist alleviates any kind of muscular pains and discomforts and relaxes the muscles.

182). Measures To Be Taken For Angina
Angina is also called as angina pectoris and this gives you chest pains which are very painful and can cause lot of stress. This pain is mainly due to myocardial ischemia which means lack of daily quota of blood and oxygen supply to the heart muscle.

183). Methods Of Treating Scabies
Scabies or Human Itch is a contagious skin infection caused by a mite Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis (Hering), found in many households. It causes itchy bumps and blisters due to the egg laying process by the female mite.

184). Natural Beauty From Natural Ingredients
In the past, women relied on natural beauty treatments from the ingredients found in their kitchen or gardens. Products created from natural ingredients available at home have essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and healing properties that work with your body to heal and protect the skin naturally without any cosmetic cover ups.

185). Natural Care And Treatment For Endometriosis
Endometriosis is one of the main reasons for female infertility. It affects nearly 5 to 10 per cent women and can occur anytime from the beginning of the menstrual period till the menopause period.

186). Natural Cure For Bed Sores
Bed sore is a very common problem faced many elderly or senior citizens of the world. But this condition it is not restricted to an old person. It can affect people who are bedridden, in coma or immobile due to any reason.

187). Natural Home Remedies For Oily Skin
There are many reasons for your skin to become oily for e.g. hereditary, pregnancy, environment, food we eat and many others. Our body secretes oil to keep our body smooth and supple. It also avoids wrinkles which becomes a cause of worry for many.

188). Natural Skin Care Beauty Tips Made From Natural Ingredients
For natural home cures, kitchen is the great place to start. Natural cures created at home for the smallest of problems from natural ingredients such fruits, vegetables, herbs are catching loads of attention due to its very nature of cure - no or negligible cost, purity, without side effects, dollops of TLC (tender, loving care), simple and no side effects. Sounds too good to be true?

189). Natural Skin Care For Cracked Skin
When you suffer eczema or psoriasis, your skin cracks, thus presenting you with painful slits or fissures. They cause agony even while doing simple movements. Hands and feet are the most vulnerable spots for this problem.

190). Natural Ways For Hair Removal
It is one of the commonest problems faced by many women. Men can get away by shaving their beard, moustache and cutting their hair. For women it is not that simple. There are some common measures which every woman must have tried in her lifetime.

191). Nauli – Clean The Body Of Impurities
Nauli is a purificatory process of eliminating the impurities that have gathered in the body. You can practice this process only if you have impurities collected in the body otherwise there is no need to practice it everyday. This process should be performed in the standing position. Stoop forward slightly and turn the belly swiftly from left to right. Rotate the belly swiftly from left to right and vice versa

192). Neti – For A Smooth Respiration
To enjoy smooth respiration, you need to take care that both the nostrils should be clear and the passage within them should be completely open for the air to move. But with many people, it is usually one of the nostrils that are open. Hence it is important for you to clean the nasal passage. Yoga gives a kriya called Neti which is useful for clearing the nostrils.

193). Oily Hair - A Greasy Battle
Every hair has its pros and cons. Oily hair happens to be one of the common problems. With the common problem there are common solutions which, used wisely can be very helpful for all the people with oily hair.

194). Orange A Great Skin Product
Orange in all forms has been used to make great skin care products…nay make that a wonderful concoction for your skin. From the peel, juice to the oil you can use every by-product of orange to make a great skin-care recipe.

195). Oranges - A Healthy Dose of Vitamin C
Come the blistering hot summer and the first thing many of us think of is soft-drinks. Even though they may seem a fantastic way of cooling down, they cause many harmful effects leading to health problems.

196). Pavanamuktasana - Wind Removing Pose
Pavan means wind, mukt means relieve or free and asana means pose. Similar to many of other poses this pose has been is being used to fortell the strength and power of the wind.

197). Pigmentation Is More Than A Skin Patch
It is a skin condition where in some parts of your skin turn darker in color. Such kind of condition happens due to the brown pigment called melanin in the skin.

198). Piles : A Source For Bleeding Stools
Piles are also known as hemorrhoids. These hemorrhoids are mostly swollen blood vessels which are found in or outside your posterior.

199). Points To Be Followed Before Learning Yoga
Once you have decided to practice yoga for better living and spiritual health, you need to take care of the following points so as to prevent injuries to your physical self:

200). Pores An Opening For Trouble
Pores are a form of opening which are usually small but if it gets enlarged then there is trouble for you. It is an opening for glands onto the surface of the skin. These pore secretes oil which lubricates also protecting the surface of your skin. If proper care is not taken then these small pores can be devastating for your face.

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