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1). How To Get Your Calls Returned By Becoming an Industry Expert
The key to getting your calls returned is to be viewed as an industry expert. This article discusses the specific strategies you can use to become well known and respected in your field.

2). How to Maximize the Business Potential of Your Next Speech
Here are methods to get new clients to self-identify themselves after your next speech or presentation

3). How to Write A Compelling Marketing Letter That Actually Gets Read.
Getting your marketing letter read hinges on the ability of the very first sentence to intrigue your reader and make them want to learn more.

4). How To Write A Compelling Marketing Letter That Actually Gets Read. Part 2
This article focuses will show you how to make sure that your entire marketing letter gets read. Even by the most uninterested prospects.

5). Secrets of Top New Business Developers
What exactly do the top rainmakers do that makes them so successful? Learn what separates the top business developers from the rest.

6). Selling with Stories
The most successful sales people sell without it ever being apparent that they are in fact, selling. How did they do this? They all told stories.

7). What Influences Your Prosepects Decision to Buy?
How to develop a deep understanding for what motivates the decision-maker.


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