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201). The American Foxhound - Beauty and Stamina - Foxes Beware!
The American Foxhound, a close cousin to the English Foxhound, has been bred to enhance certain traits, like sense of smell and speed. Although they make great family pets, the majority of these canines are still used for hunting and field competitions.

202). The Art of Eating Healthy
There are many reasons people have poor eating habits. Evaluate yourself and your habits before you start trying to change.

203). The Atomic Clock – Always Accurate
There are many ways to keep time, but the atomic measurement of time is arguably the most accurate.

204). The Australian Cattle Dog – Otherwise Known as the Heeler
Many people know the Australian Cattle Dog as the Heeler.The word “heeler” describes this dog’s tendency to run behind the animals being herded, in an effort to send them in a desired direction. It is trully an intelligent breed that loves to work.

205). The Bernese Mountain Dog – From Near Extinction to Your Home
The Bernese Mountain Dog originated in the Swiss Mountains and is named for the Berne canton of Switzerland where the breed was once very common. It is a working dog used for a variety of chores,a strong, intelligent, obedient and loyal member of the canine family.

206). The Bichon Frise – The Cotton Ball of Canines
The Bichon Frise is a small, solid white dog with the curly hair typical of a poodle. These little guys are appealing for many reasons, including the fact that they just look so cuddly.

207). The Brittany Spaniel – Equally at Home on Hearth or Field
The Brittany Spaniel is one of the most popular birding dogs, but has also become a very popular family pet.

208). The Bulldog – Bred for Tenacity in the Ring
The Bulldog retains characteristics that made the Bulldog of centuries ago a formidable opponent, but has a grace and charm that’s made him a popular choice for owners, showmen, breeders and families everywhere.

209). The Chihuahua – More than a Little Yapper
The Chihuahua has a bad reputation for being a nervous little dog, but there’s no doubt that the Chihuahua can make a great family pet. The key is early training and socialization.

210). The Cocker Spaniel – The Dog with a Perm
The Cocker Spaniel is most often used today as a show dog or companion dog, but this hasn’t always been the case. These dogs were bred as hunting dogs. Though Cocker Spaniels aren’t recognized as the smartest of the canines, their intensity and determination to please make them better-than-average family pets.

211). The Convenience of Contact Lenses
Discover how wearing contact lenses can be more convenient and time saving than glasses.

212). The Curtain Cart – When Color, Texture and Design Matter
There are many things to consider when searching for the “perfect” window coverings, including fabric, utility and color.

213). The Doberman Pinscher – A Relatively New Breed
A well socialized Doberman Pinscher can be the perfect family pet or an excellent therapy dog for nursing home patients.

214). The English Setter – A Large, Friendly Setter
The early English Setters were bred for their hunting ability. English Setters today are still used for hunting purposes, but the breed is also firmly ensconced in both the household as a family pet and the show ring.

215). The German Shepherd – A Four-Legged Challenger
The German Shepherd is a very intelligent dog, always up for something new. These dogs tend to learn quickly and really need to be challenged on a regular basis.

216). The Golden Retriever – All-Around Companion, Helper and Friend
The Golden Retriever is a versatile dog, eager to be in the water to hunt or play but equally a home curled up for an afternoon nap with family.

217). The Great Dane – A Gentle Giant Among Canines
Great Dane’s are giant dogs! But luck has it, their docile and easygoing nature overrides the difficulty you may encounter when training a Great Dane.

218). The History Behind Seafaring Swords
Learn the history of weapons used at sea, and what they were used for.

219). The History of Tapestries
A brief outline of the history of tapestries.

220). The Irish Wolfhound – A Big Dog with a Bigger Heart
The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest breed of dog in existence. Though it is a very big and strong animal, it needs to be handled carefully as it is somewhat, sensitive and clumsy!

221). The Lessons We Learn From Pets
Pets can be great companions, but they’re also a source of inspiration and knowledge. Even adults can learn some valuable lessons from the experience of having a pet.

222). The Long, Low Basset Hound
The Basset Hound’s most noticeable features include the long ears, drooping forehead and short legs. These dogs are excellent at smelling, partly due to their noses but also because of their ears. It was originally bred as a hunter, but has risen in popularity as a family pet and canine pal, as the epitome of the loyal friend.

223). The Many Benefits of Sewing Your Own Clothes
Discover the many ways that you can benefit from making your own clothing.

224). The Mastiff – Large but Lovable
Mastiff’s are definitely a breed all their own. As one of the largest canine breeds available it will pay well to truly read about and discover their quirks and temperament before going head long into purchasing one.

225). The Miniature Schnauzer – He’s Looking at You
There’s no escaping the look of sheer questioning in the eyes of almost all Miniature Schnauzers. The eyes of those dogs will always make you wonder what’s going on in that intelligent brain.

226). The Mixed Breeds – More than Mutts
Many of the world’s best pets, most loved companions and smartest dogs are mixed breeds, or "Muts". But think about it, all of today’s most popular breeds were at one time unrecognized. Today’s mixed breeds may very well appear in tomorrow’s dog shows.

227). The Nausea of Hangovers – How To Survive
There are some foods that naturally settle the stomach, and others that tend to increase the upset.

228). The Perfect Canoe Trip Without the Hassle
Scaling down your canoe or camping trip will make the trip much easier and enjoyable for everyone.

229). The Poodle – The Brainiac of the Canines
The Poodle is said to be one of the smartest members of the canine world. There’s no doubt that these dogs will go out of their way to get their way, attract your attention or accomplish any other feat they have on their minds.

230). The Pug – Ready to Face the World
The face of the Pug is arguably this dog’s most noticeable feature. There’s no doubt that the wrinkles add a dimension of character, but these little dogs have tons of personality.

231). The Real Connection Between Salt and Blood Pressure
Giving up salt in your diet need not be extreme when you try these helpful hints.

232). The Redheads of the Dog World –The Irish Setter
The wonderful, deep red coloring of the Irish Setter is one of the most notable features of this breed. They are intelligent, energetic, agile dogs, ready to pick up new games, play, and please.

233). The Rhodesian Ridgeback – A Hound Among Hounds
Rhodesian Ridgebacks were bred primarily for hunting and they continue to be extremely able in that arena. They also have great stamina so they make good companion dogs for people with plenty of acreage to roam.

234). The Samoyed – The People, The Dogs
The Samoyed is both a breed of dogs and a tribe of people. These Siberian people required a dog that could survive the harsh conditions and the dog breed that was developed fit those needs.

235). The Schipperke – The “Little Skipper” of Canines
The Schipperke was originally bred by a canal boat captain in an effort to create a dog that would do well aboard a boat. In Flemish, Schipperke literally means “Little Skipper” because of this dog’s use aboard the canal boats.

236). The Shetland Sheepdog – When Only a Sheltie Will Do
The Shetland Sheepdog has often been described as a “miniature Lassie.” The selective breeding of these dogs included the quest for plenty of stamina. These dogs were probably used for herding small animals for many centuries. This history and breeding makes them ideal for obedience, agility and field competitions today, though they have not been completely eliminated as working dogs.

237). The Silver Miniature Poodle – The “Gold” of the Poodle World
If you’re looking for a beautiful dog with incredible intelligence, you need look no further than the Silver Miniature Poodle.

238). The Sleek Greyhound – Loves to Run
The sleek, agile body of the Greyhound looks like it’s just made for running. They’re considered to be the fastest breed in existence and they are excellent hunters too. They are also extremely loyal and loving animals, and great family pets.

239). The Sweetheart of the Hounds – The Beagle
There’s no doubt that a Beagle is coveted because of his hunting ability, but the sweet disposition of these dogs also makes them a favorite when hunting isn’t a top priority.

240). The Toy Fox Terrier – Waiting for Recognition
The Toy Fox Terrier is directly descended from the Smooth Fox Terrier and has long awaited official recognition from some canine organizations. The Smooth Fox Terrier was likely created as a cross between several breeds, including the Dachshund. Later, selective breeding and crossing with some other very small breeds led to the establishment of the Toy Fox Terrier as a separate breed.

241). The True Temperament of the Rottweiler
Rottweilers are agile, smart dogs, with several capacities. They can be used as guard and watch dogs, they can be trained to herd, hunt or perform in obedience trails. They can be used in the police, military and rescue work, or make great companion and family pets.

242). The Wonder of Hot Air Balloons
While small, ordinary balloons can be entertaining, true wonder is had when one actually rides in a hot air balloon

243). The Yorkshire Terrier – The Big Dog in a Tiny Body
It seems likely that selective breeding resulted in the small size of the Yorkshire Terrier, but those dogs never act "small". Indeed, the Yorkshire Terrier is a brave soul, always up for the next adventure.

244). Things to Consider When Choosing a Gift Clock
Keep these tips in mind when shopping for clocks as gifts.

245). Things To Consider When Selecting a Dutch Oven
What to look for when you are in the market for a dutch oven.

246). Tips for a Tidy Home
Learn how to keep a neat and tidy house by investing just a little bit of time and money to get organized.

247). Tips for Choosing Framed Art as Gifts
Why not give a framed photo, drawing, or art piece as a special present?

248). Tips for Refinishing Your Basement
Learn how to refinish your basement to make better use of those silent, dark rooms that are currently sitting idle.

249). Tips for Successfully Getting Rid of Fat
With about one third of Americans weighing in as obese, the problems presented by losing weight are great...

250). Tips on Buying a New Car
Finding the right car is not merely a function of cruising the car lots, looking for something that you like. There is a delicate balance...

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