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1). A Good Pair Of Gardening Gloves.
The next best thing to gardening is owning the best pair of gardening gloves. Gardening gloves is the basic gear that the gardener in us needs. And a good pair of gardening gloves should always be found in a gardener’s tool box.

2). A Great Way To Get In The Niche Of Things
Never again will you have to waste your precious time wading through giant directories trying to find a place for your article, only to get lost in a tangled web of subcategory after subcategory. Gone are the days of submitting articles only to have them buried deep within a broad directory.

3). A Guide to Evergreen Trees for Your Garden
Evergreen trees and shrubs are more expensive in general than deciduous trees (trees that drop their leaves in winter). But they are worth their cost because of their year-round beauty, hardiness and longevity.

4). A Quick Guide to Choosing and Planting Bulbs
Bulbs are the fleshy underground protuberances of leaves, stems or roots. Actually, "bulb" is a generic term, and some of these underground protuberances, all of which will grow into full plants, are more correctly called "corms" or "tubers."

5). A special Halloween memory.
As the years have gone by and I have gotten older I no longer am
as involved in Halloween as I used to be but I still have my memories.

6). Afraid of the dentist?

7). An Adventure Of A Lifetime
Are you an adventurer and all you can think about is that next great adventure or perhaps this will be the very first time you are about to venture out into the big world and leaving the comfort of your own country for a short while?

8). Animals In Need Of Your Help.
In today’s society we very often hear about people fighting for animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. Is this something that worries you and something that lies heavy on your heart?

9). Are You A Survivor?
Our whole world are filled with extraordinary people, people who are considered heroes, fighters, over comers and people just like you, a survivor. Are you one of those who has survived something you were not supposed to?

10). Are You Interested In Antiques?
Are you a collector of antiques or are you just starting out and don’t quite know how to go about finding antiques and finding the value of the items.

11). Are You Ready To Say “I Do”?
Have you decided that you are ready to finally go a head and get married, settle down and perhaps have a family in the future? If so you are probably very happy right now and feel like nothing can come in the way of your happiness, right?

12). Article Marketing, What Good Can It Do?
When mentioning article marketing there are still many people who laugh and shake there head. Typical comments from these people are often “whet good can one article do”? You know, that person is actually very right when asking this question in a laughing matter because one article in itself will not do much good at all.

13). Articles, A Great Marketing Tool.
Have you ever just sat down and added up how much money you have spent on-line trying to promote and market your site or product? What you would come up with is probably hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, right?

14). Babies not only bring joy but also lots of worries
Are you expecting a baby in the near future or have just had one? If so you already know that you can expect a lot of worries and concern,especially if this is your first one. There is so much uncertainty and things that you do not know. Right?

15). Bad Circulation Can Be Prevented.
Have you ever experienced your arms or legs “falling asleep”? How about these parts of your body always being cold? If so you should be aware that these are clear symptoms of bad circulation, a condition many of us do not even realize the seriousness of.

16). Bad Circulation Is A Growing Health Problem
Although the internet is the number 1 place for information today most people still get their information from viewing television. Unlike the internet, by watching TV you do not really have choice on what type of info you get. What the TV stations feed you is what you get.

17). Bad circulation, a silent killer
I did realize I was one of them, I just did not know how many of us it was. Now you are probably wondering what in the world I am talking about.

18). Beat Bad Circulation Now!
If you are keeping up on the news now a days you have probably noticed a frightening increase in both heart attack and strokes, especially in the western world. It seems to be a trend which is spinning out of control. Why is this and what can be done to prevent this from happening to you?

19). Becoming a senior can be a big change
For years many people look forward to the day they can retire but the same can not be said about becoming a senior. Although many actually become seniors before they retire, there is something about this word that just don’t sit right with most people approaching that age.

20). Biennial Plants, What Are They?
We often hear of annuals and perennials in the garden but many gardeners are unfamiliar with biennials. Biennial flowers have a two year growth cycle. In the first year the will grow establish leaf and root growth but not product any flowers.

21). Books Are Among The Most Popular Activities
Did you know that reading and even writing books are among the most popular spare time activity for many people? Can you imagine a world without books?

22). Brighten up your own Halloween while making it special for someone else
Is your nest empty and there are no children at home anymore? This is no reason why you should not have a Happy Halloween and be able to enjoy it. You can still bring so much joy into someone else’s Halloween.

23). Bring a Happy Halloween to a child in need.

24). Building Wall Gardens
Both the strength and beauty of a dry wall may be enhanced by using it as a wall garden. It may acquire a mossy and aged appearance simply by green-planting in the soil in the crevices.

25). Calling All Mobile Phone Buyers
Getting cellular phone service can be a maze of confusing offers and plans. As you are well aware, there are many companies offering mobile phones and calling plans and each offer has different perks. When choosing a new mobile phone or phone plan, however, one needs to read the fine print and make sure you know what you are getting.

26). Can’t Wait For The Golfing Season?
Can you feel those hands itching already? Have you perhaps even pulled out your golf bag to make sure all your golf clubs are in tip top shape for this up coming season?

27). Children And Daycare/Babysitters
Are you a parent who has stayed home for the first year or two after your child was born but who are now ready to go back to work? Are you questioning if this is the right decision for both you and your baby?

28). Choosing and Planting Roses in Your Garden
If you enjoy roses, you can use them functionally as well as decoratively around your grounds — as creepers, shrubs, vines, climbers, and hedges or just as beds of pure colour.

29). Christmas Shopping Made Easy.
Shopping for Christmas the old fashion way by going from store to store is a part of our Christmas traditions. This also tends to get us into the spirit of this season.

30). Christmas, a time for giving and sharing.
Finally, the season so many of us are looking forward to is just around the corner.Joy, peace, happiness, children, lights, decorations and Santa Claus, these are just
a few of the things associated with Christmas.

31). Common Writing Errors and Misused Words
Agreement of Subjects and Verbs
It is important to make sure subjects and verbs agree within a sentence. This may sound simple, but it is a common mistake that is often seen in longer articles.
Incorrect-In the United States of America, personal liberty and justice has always been staples of American philosophy.

32). Constructing Garden Steps
Steps present as ideal an opportunity for beautifying the outdoors as any other item on your landscaping agenda. Materials which can be used vary from round-cut logs to concrete, brick or ston

33). Controlling adsense content.
Obviously, there are some kinds of adsense you would not want on your site, such as pornographic ones or ads for sleazy multi-level marketing schemes that scream “Make $30,000 a month just for watching TV!” in big red letters.

34). Costumes for Halloween and other occasions.
Halloween is just around the corner and preparations are in full swing all over the country.

Yards are being decorated with all the colors of fall, the scarecrows are coming out of the sheds and here and there we might already see huge spiders hanging

35). Creating Graded Areas in Your Garden
Not every house is blessed by ideal surroundings, with promise of easy creation of outdoor recreation and entertainment areas, a good lawn and a good garden.

36). Crime Is Taking Over Small Town America.
Are you glad you are not living anywhere near a major city where crime seems to be out of control? Have you moved your family to the suburbs or to a smaller town so that you and your children can be safe and so that you don’t have to deal with the rising crime of the cities?

37). Did you hear about the Article Marketing Revolution?
If you are starting to promote your off line business on line, or creating an on line business then you need to know that even if you create the most beautiful and highly functional site, without any visitors it is nothing.

38). Discover How To Promote Your Business The Easy Way
If you have just published your first web site, or even if you have been on the web for a while you may well be wondering exactly how to get more hits on your pages. It can be very confusing and you may be unsure of where to look to get you answers.

39). Do It Yourself Marketing.
Are you having a hard time finding serious people to do the marketing part of your business for you? Are they charging you an arm and a leg without providing any noticeable results from their effort? Well, there seem to be a lot of that going around on the internet these days and you are not alone feeling like you have been taken for a ride.

40). Do You Know An Addict
Are you or someone you know an addict? If you are truthful in answering this question the most likely reply would be, yes. Believe it or not but most people in this world has one addiction or another the problem is that some are believed to be more unhealthy than others.

41). Do Your Own Internet Marketing.
If you have tried to hire online marketers in order to generate traffic to your website, you know how unbelievable expensive this can get. In many cases you may not even have been very satisfied with the results which came from this attempt done by so called expert online marketers.

42). Does Your Article Get Lost?
You all know that the internet is getting bigger by the day which means that competition between on-line companies is becoming harder. Every day hundreds of new websites are popping up on the net but unfortunately not all of them are able to make a success of their venture. Why is this?

43). Dreams Of Flying.
From the beginning of time man has been fascinated with the skill of flying. Birds and other flying creatures have been studied and people have always dreamt of being able to soar the skies right along side these creatures.

44). Drive Traffic To Your Website For Free
How would you like to know if it os at all possible to do your own internet marketing for a cost of next to nothing
as well as provide you with some great results in the increase of traffic to your website?

45). EBay, A Gold Mine.
Are you constantly hearing about how much money people are making on eBay? Of course you have but are these people just bragging or are they actually telling the truth?

46). Effectively Using Keywords within Articles
Although there are many different factors that can influence how well a web page will perform within search engine rankings, keywords are commonly viewed as the single most important factor. As the internet grows, so does the competition for search engine rankings for popular keywords.

47). Essential Equipment for a Gardener
Wheter your grounds are large or small, the right tools and equipment can speed routine tasks and help you to successful gardening. Taking good care of your tools and keeping them in one place will pay dividends in time and effort.

48). Eye strain caused by your computer
Did you know that spending long hours at your computer can put your health at serious risk?
Most people does not even consider that possibility, but t does, Working at a desk is extremely hard on your body, and I would like to share this with you so maybe you can avoid some of the most common health risks.
One of the most common one is: eye strain.

49). Find Out If It Is Love Or Lust.
How do you know if what you are feeling is love or just simply lust for that other person? Well the dictionary clearly defines lust as an “intense longing” while love is being described as” strong affection for another person coming from close kinship or personal ties”. As you can see there is a big difference between the two.

50). Finding A Good Auto Accident Lawyer
Are you one of those people who have never in your life been involved in a car accident? If so you are among the few lucky ones because according to statistics most people will be involved in a car accident at least one time in their life therefore it is very important to know what to do and what your rights are if you should ever be in an automobile accident.

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