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1). 2006 Hair Style Trend – Hairdos to Complement Your Crowning Glory
Hairstyles can make you or break you. Its easy to watch the stars for the newest fads, but you also have to pick a style that suits you and your unique look. This article has the hot styles for 2006 and what types of hair they work best for.

2). 5 Guaranteed Acne Care and Treatment Tips
Acne is a terrible skin condition that affects millions and results in permanent physical and emotional scars. Here are some great tips that are clinically proven to treat and cure acne and are used by virtually every dermatologist and plastic surgeon in America.

3). 8 Steps For Coping With And Healing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Attention deficit disorder is a serious disorder and it is not going away. It causes depression, inattentiveness, relationship and behavorial problems, deviant behavior (crime), can lead to drug abuse, alcoholism and even suicide. To better understand this disorder and correct it there are 8 steps we must follow:

1. Education. ADD can ...

4). 9 Steps To Cleaner And Healthier Skin
According to Bestskinpeel, for cleaner, healthier and easier to manage skin just follow this list of nine items:

1) Lower your stress level through prayer and meditation. Stress creates hormones that actually age us as they destroy cells and create toxic biproducts and free radicals. Studies have shown that prayer and meditation can re...

5). Acne Prevention and Effective Remedies
Acne affects 9 out of every 10 adolescents and 1 out of every 2 adults. Acne can leave permanent scars and hurts ones self image. Here is how to cope with and cure all forms of acne.

6). Alternative Cancer Cure Teatment Options are Gaining Popularity and Trust
Current cancer treatments, cures, and methods of prevention you should know.

7). Anti Aging Diet – The Quest for the Elixir of Youth
Anti aging diets are the new rage and are here to stay. They have been medically proven to increase health and quality of life. You need to learn about them your health can depend on these diets.

8). Anti Aging Skin Care and Treatments Dermatologists Use and Recommend
Unlike the claims we hear on TV about how every new skin product is backed by dermatologists when they in fact are not, what follows below are actual treatment backed by thousands of dermatologists. These products and treatments are used in virtually every doctor, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, and medispa in the nation. These products are undeniably the best and some are even available for home use.

9). Anyone Can Clean Their Car, But What About Those Cloudy, Yellow Headlights?
It is a very common occurence. We see then every day. Its like a disease - yellow, cloudy headlight lenses. I even saw them on cars at the local carwash. It befuddled me that these people would take such great care - washing, vacuuming the interior, removing the floor mats and even hand drying their cars, but they still had those yellowed, cloudy h...

10). Benefits of Hybrid Automobiles
Hybrid automobiles combine a small gasoline engine with an electric motor. These vehicles get significantly better gas mileage than internal combustion engines. They also create less emissions and less pollution.

11). Best Car Wash and Wax Tips from the Pros
To properly care for and maintain your cars finish and new car shine we questioned numerous detailing experts and other similar professionals as to what works best. And what follows is their absolute best car care recommendations.

12). Best Hair Care Tips and Treatments from the Hair Care Professionals
A great hairstyle can make you look like a movie star. Here are some great tips on hair care and treatments.

13). Breast Enhancement in an Hour
Due to the creation of the breast enhancement pill, plastic surgery for breast enhancement may no longer be necessary.

14). Celebrity Beauty Tips - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips of the Stars
Every awards show we see our current Hollywood stars in all their glory draped in the hottest designer wares. But as much or more effort goes into those hot hairstyles. Your hairstyleand makeup can make you or break you. Read on for the latest tips from the hottest stars.

15). Chemically Improving Your Gas Mileage In Your Car
What if you could actually improve your gas mileage significantly (5-20%)? Not have to alter your driving habits? Not have to install any extra questionable parts on your car? What if it were as easy to do as 1-2-3?

Well, it is.

For years Big Oil has offered three or so different grades of gas octane 87 regular, 89-90 prem...

16). Coping With Stress, Its Effects On Your Skin And Health, And Turning Back The Clock
Stress comes in many forms, workplace stress, family stress, grief over loss of a loved one, etc... Some can be avoided, but as we know, many cannot. Some people handle stress better than others, and some even thrive onit.Regardless, stress takes its toll.

Stress has been proven to rid your body of many essential vitamins and minerals...

17). Crab Fishing in Alaska – Fishing for Riches
The world’s highest paid job is crab fishing in Alaska. The frigid waters off the Alaskan shoreline house a veritable fishing goldmine and crab fishing in Alaska has been aptly dubbed the last great gold rushes on earth.

18). Dermatologist Acne Treatments for a Guaranteed Flawless Complexion
Dermatologists have been fighting acne for years and here is what they recommend.

19). Do You Have Seasonal Affective Disorder?
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is actually quite common and affects 1 out of every 10 people with varying levels of severity. SAD can be treated and quality of life improved.

20). Everything about Acne and Treatments for Acne that are Guaranteed to Work.
What is common to the age group between 12 and 17 apart from teen tantrums and high school crushes? The answer has to be acne. All teenagers have it in some form or the other and some even carry it over into adulthood, with consequences severe enough to merit a visit to the physician. Americans spend an astronomical amount on acne treatment.

21). Fat Burning Food – The Search for the Holy Grail
Some foods are better than others and some will actually burn fat, are healthier and should be made a mainstay on everyones healthfood list.

22). Finding a Great Project Car
Working on a project car is a great way to relieve stress. Finding the perfect vehicle is the most stressful part of the process. Learn what to look for in a great vehicle and where to find your perfect car.

23). Follow Homemade Beauty Tips – For Beauty Is In Nature’s Grips
Here are some proven homemade beauty tips that will make you shine.

24). Great Tips on Lowering Auto Insurance Costs
With car sales prices continuously increasing, recent hikes in gas prices, and ever present sales and state taxes on our cars it has become vitally important to find ways to save money and keep costs down.

25). How TCA Skin Peels Work
TCA skin peels are used by plastic surgeons everywhere and are the single, most-effective skin care treatment available. TCA peels treat acne, wrinkles, lesions, etc... Learn how they work and what they can do for your skin.

26). How To Avoid Auto Repair and Service Scams
There’s a reason why auto service stations have one of the largest numbers of complaints with state attorney generals in every state. Some uphold good business practices and ethics, but most, unfortunately are all about profit and don’t care if they have to lie and cheat to get it.

27). How To Go About Car Detailing On Your Own
Proper car detailing will make your car look great, make it last longer, and make it hold its resale value better. Here are some great tips for detailing your car.

28). How to Improve Your Gas Mileage in You Car
Gas prices are at an all time high and there is no indication that they will be coming down any time soon. What if we could show you how to easily save 20% or more on gas? Here are some great tips that are guaranteed to save you big at the pump.

29). How To Keep Your Mind Sharp, Improve Your Memory And Iq, Impress Others, And Make More Money
Everyone has seen or heard of someone with a photographic memory. We have also seen or know people afflicted with alzheimers, dementia, and low IQ's. Why do some people have such memory power and others either never have it or are stripped of it by disease and neglect.

Studies have shown that 50% of brain power and function is genetic,...

30). How to Properly Care For Your Skin.
Proper skin care from medical experts.

31). How to Properly Check Tire Pressure and Condition for Safety
Tires are what connect us to the road and if they are improperly inflated or have unsafe irregularities they can greatly effect our safety. Most people just assume their tires are fine because they look okay – the tires are not flat. Rarely do we ever see someone get out a tire pressure gauge and check their tire pressure or place their hands on the tire and feel for roundness and irregularities.

32). Hybrid Cars – The Cars Of The Times!
With the recent rise in energy and oil prices, and the resultant high gas prices it has become necessary to find alternative methods and sources. Hence the hybrid car.

33). Is It Acne or Really Rosacea and How Do You Treat It?
99% of the population has acne of one form or another at some point in their life. For some it is minor and for others it can be a horrible disease both physically and emotionally. Some of the worst manifestations can lead to depression, withdrawal and even suicide in some documented cases...

34). Lose Weight the Easy Way
Read on to learn the latest weight loss tricks of the experts and the Hollywood stars.

35). Makeup Tips to Turn the Ugly Duckling into a Swan
When applied correctly makeup can look natural and make you absolutley beautiful.

36). Melanoma Treatment – The Arsenal against a Fatal Disease
Melanoma is a killer and the fastest spreading form of cancer. There are ways to treat and prevent melanoma from occuring.

37). Natural Home Remedies that Work Wonders
We have seen the books and infomercials claiming the benefits of natural remedies. Now, here they are for free!

38). Non-Surgical Face Lift – Defy Father Time and Mother Nature
There are now products that can emulate the same change as plastic surgery without going under the knife. Now you can look 10-15 years younger and for a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery.

39). Options in Acne Treatment
Acne treatment is a common reason people visit the dermatologist. Learn about the options for treating break outs at home.

40). Pay Day Loans – Loan Sharking Reinvented.
Pay day loans or quick cash loans prey on those who can least afford it. Some states have started legislation to curb this form of predatory lending, but more needs to be done.

41). Peel Your Skin Problems Away
Skin peels are some of the most effective treatments used by plastic Surgeons to treat numerous skin conditions from acne to wrinkles to aged skin. Learn about the different peels, what they do and how they can help your skin.

42). Perform Your Own Automobile Maintenance
Today’s cars can typically be expected to pass the 200,000 mile mark with consistent automobile maintenance. With the price of automobiles, you will want to protect that investment by performing regular maintenance. If you can do much of the work yourself, you will save a lot of money in labor. Invest in a good set of tools and choose quality parts...

43). Plastic Surgery - Choose It for the Right Reason
We see and hear about plastic surgery every day - it has become an accepted pastime and almost expected in many circles. But we need to use caution and there are less invasive procedures that can have similar results that we must look into first.

44). Preventative Car Maintenance in Summer Helps to Avoid Breakdowns
A great article on how to properly care for your car during the hot summer months and make this a trouble free summer.

45). Proper Car Care Includes Rust Protection and Treatment
Rust can happen anywhere in America (it isn’t just a problem for northerners) and it is a major problem. It is also easy to prevent with a little proper car care.

46). Proper Car Washing, Polishing And Waxing from the Experts
For the purpose of this article we interviewed numerous professional automotive detailers and similar professionals. We asked them what products they used and for tips that consumers could use.

47). Proper Eye Makeup Will Cheer up Your Appearance - Tips from the Experts
As most women know proper makeup can make you look like a star. Here are some great tips from the experts on how to properly apply makeup so you always look your best.

48). Rejuvenate with an Obagi Blue Peel
Obagi Blue peels are one of the most popular skin care treatments on the market today. This article will define the Obagi blue peel and tell you why it is so popular and how it works.

49). Routine Car Polishing Gives Your Car a Spruced-up, Fresh Look
How to make your car shine and give it the maximum protection possible.

50). Safe Driving Tips – Hold Life in Your Grips
Even with the advent of all the latest life saving and accident avoiding technologies found standard on most cars many accidents still occur and could easily be avoided. Here are some great tips to keep you safe both as a driver and as a passenger.

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