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1). Asteroids and Earth Impacts
Science Fiction movies present stories about meteor impacts on the Earth. Is this possible? If so, when will it happen?

2). Do I Need Daily Supplements to Stay Healthy?
One would expect that by eating a healthy diet we’d have a very good chance of getting the nutrients we need to stay healthy. But so many factors affect the nutrient value of the food we eat.

3). Is Our Water Supply Safe?
With a majority of the water customers in the United States supplied by small water systems, how safe is our water supply from terrorism?

4). Protecting Your Laptop with 12 Simple Laptop Security Steps
While computer operating systems today are much more secure than just two years ago, there is still some user management necessary. These operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP are becoming more and more “user friendly” from a security standpoint. Many potential security problems are locked down by default and the user generally does not need to be concerned with implementing them.


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