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1). Custom Car Options like Paint and Accessories Add Sizzle to your Ride: a Primer
Custom paint jobs, accessories and more help gearheads to soccer moms personalize their rides and improve resale value. Dealer service departments can guide your ride customization effort, installing custom features and ensuring you meet warranty guidelines.

2). Do it Yourself Car Maintenance: Spring Maintenance Auto Checklist
Spring is a time of fresh starts and renewals. Extend the "spring cleanup" you give your house and yard to your vehicle. Whether you do the work yourself or depend on a professional technician, getting your vehicle in shape now will undo any damage caused by winter driving and keep you safe on the road this season.

3). Get Everything you Want with these Negotiating Tips from a Successful Business.
Doesn’t it seem sometimes as though life is a constant struggle to get what you want? End your struggles with 3 simple words: learn to negotiate.

4). How Does Your FICO Credit Score Impact You When you a Buy a Vehicle?
A good FICO credit score is critical for securing car loans at favorable interest rates. Learn the ins and outs of credit scores and methods of self help credit repair.

5). Improve Your FICO Credit Score by Making Sure it’s Error-Free: a Guide for Military Men & Women
When buying used cars, a strong FICO credit score helps military borrowers. Don’t let mistakes in your credit report lower your score: Learn how to fix errors & get lower interest rates.

6). Military Self-help Credit Repair: Square Away Credit Issues Now to Reap Savings Over Time
Military men and women: get great tips on how to resolve credit issues & improve your FICO credit score. Mistakes or fraud can cost you thousands in high interest. Learn what to do & who to contact.

7). Negotiating your Way to Happiness: Part 2
Whether you’re buying a new home or deciding on a vacation, chances are you’ll get your way if you learn closing skills. Win in any situation with these closing tips.

8). Self Help Credit Repair: 8 Tips to Get You Back on Track
Have a low FICO credit score? Learn how to rebuild your credit and secure an auto loan when you thought you couldn’t. A Virginia car dealer suggests 8 tips to improve your credit and improve your financial health.

9). Top Seven Tips to Save Money at the Fuel Pump No Matter What You Drive
Simple ways to save money by improving your fuel economy—no matter what you drive.

10). Your Accountant Will Agree: Leasing a Car For Your Business is the Way To Go.
One of the many important financial decisions of a business owner is whether to lease or purchase motor vehicles for the business. RK Auto Group recommends leasing for several reasons: Leasing strengthens your financial statement and upgrades your company’s image by providing sharper-looking vehicles at a cheaper price.

11). Your FICO Score and How to Establish Credit – for Military Men and Women
Buying used cars? First major appliances? Your credit history determines if you can get them and at what interest rate. Learn how to establish a FICO credit score & start getting what you want with lower interest.


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