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1). Buying Sex Toys: Which Ones Are Right For Me
Sex toys are used by many individuals and couples to help enhance sexual pleasure, but when you first delve into the world of sex toys it can all be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different types of toys to choose from, different brands, different prices, so itís easy to get so overwhelmed that you just donít know where to start.

2). Donít Shy Away From Online Dating!
Dating online has been the ďthing to doĒ for quite some time, but many people remain hesitant to get involved. Horror stories about meeting unattractive people with no personalities, as well as those rare stories about some crazy guy or girl may keep you from jumping into Internet dating, and that is understandable.

3). Embracing Your Sexuality: Asking For What You Want
Many men and woman complain that they donít have a great sex life and they are resentful toward their spouse or their partner for this. What we need to learn is; are we the real reason behind this and is our resentfulness is misplaced?

4). Is It Time to Go Forward or Step Back In Your Relationship?
Many people are stuck in relationships that seem to be going nowhere. They arenít moving forward and neither of the people involved is ready to throw in the towel.

5). Is Oral Sex Taboo for You?
Oral sex is something that is still quite taboo. In fact, itís something that friends donít typically sit around and talk about.

6). Keeping Things Alive in the Bedroom Even When You Have Kids
A lot of men and women that are married with kids are unhappy with their sex lives. Often spouses get angry, hurt, and even go so far as to cheat or even get a divorce because the sex just is not what it once was.

7). Moving Past An Affair
Affairs are something that many people always believe will not happen to them, but they happen to a lot of people that most of us think seem very happy.

8). Sex In Marriage: Keeping The Desire Alive
Many believe that the reason they are not suited for monogamous relationships is that the sex with one person gets old after awhile. The truth is, sex with one person never has to get boring or routine.

9). The Joy of Open Relationships
Enjoying an open relationship is something that many couples are able to do. While the majority of people out there will tell you that they are involved in a monogamous relationship and they like it that way, there is also a large percentage of that population that has considered or even taken part in an open relationship.


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