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1). 9 Survival Tips for the Market Shakeout Blues
Investors who bought during the top of the frothy commodities rally are now panicking or kicking themselves. Neither activity helps an investor or trader think straight. Below are a few tips in dealing with the current market shakeout.

2). A Company’s Story Must Carry Impingement Value to Obtain Widespread Publicity
What brings the media to your company’s door? Why do some stories appear in print, while others get lost in the shuffle? How can you impinge upon a reporter to make him or her eager to interview you?

3). A Nuclear Power Plant May Be Next for New Mexico
We continue the series entitled, “New Mexico Joins the Nuclear Renaissance,” and discover New Mexican lawmakers want a nuclear reactor in their state. How popular is this idea?

4). Advances in Technology Making Coalbed Methane Exploration More Effective
One of Canada’s leading coalbed methane geologists discusses how new technologies are making it easier to extract methane gas from coal mines, saving lives and reducing air pollution. He discusses how China is moving forward with new technologies.

5). An Inside Look At Cameco’s Smith Ranch Uranium Facility
Cameco Corp (NYSE: CCJ) is the 800-pound gorilla of the uranium sector. Cameco is to uranium what Wal-Mart is to retailing, and what Saudi Aramco is to petroleum. On a percentage basis, Cameco dominates its sector more so than either of the two. Cameco probably has more clout in turning off the electricity now powering your computer than any other ...

6). Ancient Meteor Impact May Hold Key To Uranium Exploration Success At Cluff
ESO Uranium to Angle Drill near a Promising 1970’s Hole

“I look at about 100 different projects a year, most of which go into the round filing cabinet on my floor,” said Tony Harvey, the senior technical advisor to ESO Uranium (TSX: ESO), and formerly a senior manager of Wright Engineers-Fluor Daniels, which was involved with the desig...

7). Are There Any Great, New Mining Stocks Left?
Where are the hot and cold spots around the world for resource investors? The stampeding bull market in commodities has investors reaching for new ideas. Highly respected newsletter writer Lawrence Roulston of “Resource Opportunities” favors Canada, Alaska and China for investing in mining and energy companies.

8). Even Higher Uranium Prices Ahead This Summer
Will we see a dramatic spike in uranium prices this summer? Some industry insiders have forecast spikes that could send uranium soaring to between $55 and $100/pound. Most were not expecting this to occur during 2006. However, there are several reasons we believe something could crack wide open in the uranium market over the next 100 days.

9). Foreign Demand May Jeopardize Uranium Supply for U.S. Utilities
We discussed with the Ux Consulting president from which countries future uranium supplies may come, and who is going after those supplies more aggressively. He warns about the risks and rewards of Kazakhstan and Mongolia, looks to Africa for supplies, and talks about Russia’s expansion.

10). Getting Word of Mouth Started: New Book PR Method
We wanted feedback and a greater audience before publishing the print version of our new book. We gambled on a ‘public and peer review’ to help improve the quality of our book, and at the same time get out word of mouth. Did it work?

11). How Is the Weekly Uranium Price Calculated?
Find out from the Ux Consulting president exactly how the spot price of uranium is calculated every week. It’s not so simple. It impacts uranium investors worldwide.

12). How Soon Will Saudi Arabia Turn to Nuclear Energy?
How soon with Saudi Arabia join the nuclear club? You might be surprised with our investigation. How will this change the world’s energy picture? Water desalination will be the driving force behind Saudi’s entry into nuclear energy.

13). How To Choose A Uranium Stock
Now that the uranium bull market has gone to a new level, a number of exploration stocks made spectacular percentage gains after the International Investment Conference held in San Francisco in late November 2005. We turned to Kevin Bambrough, Market Strategist, and Jean-Francoise Tardif, Portfolio Manager, at Sprott Asset Management for their advi...

14). How to Rate Your Favorite Uranium Company
Many investors invested in the Great Uranium Bull Market with little rationale behind their speculation. We have created a 7-point ratings system to help you in determining which companies might be best suited for your degree of investment risk. This is a do-it-yourself ratings system, which requires but two actions on your part.

15). Inside A Company’s News Release
Most investors read a company’s news releases, but don’t read between the lines to understand in which direction the company is heading. Hopefully, the guidance which follows may help you better understand what is really going with a company’s plans.

16). Investors Chasing Uranium Mining Stocks, Again: A Favorite Emerges
Fifty years ago, uranium fever hit Wall Street. It was then just a few years after a Navajo shepherd in New Mexico, by the name of Paddy Martinez, discovered “yellow rocks” on his property, mistaking them at first for gold. An avalanche of 1950s dollars (more valuable than the ones we have today) poured into mutual funds and uranium mining stocks, ...

17). Is This Uranium Bull Market For Real?
In light of Toshiba’s recent proposed acquisition of Westinghouse Electric from the government-owned British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL), historians may be reminded of former Westinghouse Chairman Robert Kirby’s litigious international outcry and prolonged battle over secretive and illegal price manipulation by a global uranium cartel. In the 1970s, Westi...

18). Making Money on the Global Warming Crisis
Looks like global warming and climate change could kill most of us. Some financiers see a way we can make some money on the crisis. Which is the best leveraged sector to capitalize upon the growing demand for less fossil fuel?

19). Mike Schaeffer’s Favorite CBM Company
Coalbed Methane newsletter guru Mike Schaeffer announced his favorite coalbed methane stock recommendation in the May 23rd newsletter, Energy and Capital. He called his favorite a “dreamboat company,” and believes it is severely undervalued.

20). New Mexico Joins the Nuclear Renaissance
The Urenco enrichment facility could spark another New Mexico uranium boom. Another uranium boom may now be in progress. How is that possible?

21). New Mexico Uranium Mining: Who Are The Serious Players?
Several uranium development companies have set their sights on New Mexico. Each has various plans to advance their projects and should be reviewed on their merits.

22). Reversing Mother Nature, Part One
We talked to North America’s leading In Situ Leach (ISL) uranium mining engineers, and had them explain exactly how ISL worked. Most of the significant ISL operations in the United States were designed and/or constructed by these engineers. They explained how ISL mining is really just reversing the process of Mother Nature.

“Blossom” i...

23). Reversing Mother Nature, Part Three
We talked to North America’s leading In Situ Leach (ISL) uranium mining engineers, and had them explain exactly how ISL worked. Most of the significant ISL operations in the United States were designed and/or constructed by these engineers. They explained how ISL mining is really just reversing the process of Mother Nature.


24). Reversing Mother Nature, Part Two
We talked to North America’s leading In Situ Leach (ISL) uranium mining engineers, and had them explain exactly how ISL worked. Most of the significant ISL operations in the United States were designed and/or constructed by these engineers. They explained how ISL mining is really just reversing the process of Mother Nature.


25). Rising Commodity Prices Causing New Turmoil Through The Mining Sector
The Gold and Silver Index (XAU) is holding steady above 120, having reached a high above 156 in January, a level it had not seen since September 18, 1987. The spot uranium price is higher than it’s been since January 1980. Crude oil? Filling up your gas tank should remind you that oil prices are still painfully high. So all of this must mean mining...

26). Safest Ways to Invest in Uranium Companies
In Situ Leach (ISL) mining of uranium has been growing in popularity. About 21 percent of the world’s nuclear reactors are now fueled by uranium mined using this method. The three top areas for ISL mining are the United States, Australia and Kazakhstan. How do you evaluate the many uranium companies now developing their ISL operations?

27). U.S. Uranium Sector Glowed in 2005: An Even Brighter Future Ahead
The U.S. Department of Energy’s record-keeping arm issued very encouraging data this week, which should give a boost to many of the companies developing their uranium properties in the United States U.S. uranium mine production was the highest since the year 2000.

28). UxC President To U.S. Utilities: Buy American
Summary: In the face of Asian competition and possible supply shocks to the uranium market, UxC president Jeff Combs urges U.S. utilities to “support the expansion of production in the United States.” He believes there’s a good chance for $50/pound uranium this year. “Any shock to supply could send prices much, much higher.”


29). Was Your Ovarian Cancer Misdiagnosed?
Two Percent of All Female Newborns in the United States Are at Risk of Getting Ovarian Cancer

As many as 30,000 U.S. women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year. In 2006, between 15,000 and 16,000 women are likely to die from this silent killer. Ovarian cancer is the 5th leading cause of death among women, and it is responsi...

30). Will China’s New Five-Year Plan Force U.S. Utilities to Ration Your Electricity?
A new five-year plan announced by the Chinese government may put the reliability of your electrical supply at risk. China may snap up all the available uranium over the next few years. U.S. utilities depend upon uranium to power their nuclear reactors, which provide 20% of your electricity.

31). Will Lightning Strike A Third Time For Dr. Boen Tan?
A Renowned Exploration Geologist Is Pursuing Another Major Uranium Deposit in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin

In late January, Cameco Corp’s director of advanced exploration tantalized the audience at Vancouver’s Minerals Exploration Roundup, discussing the geology, and especially the size, of his company’s Millennium uranium deposit. D...

32). Wyoming Could Play A Key Role In U.S. Nuclear Future
Will the Wyoming Uranium Province Rival Canada’s Athabasca or Australia’s Northern Territories?

“Geology is 90 percent terminology and 10 percent science,” laughed Ray E. Harris, one of Wyoming’s leading geological theoreticians, having been with the Wyoming Geological Survey since 1982. He died on March 7th. Two weeks earlier, we met ...

33). Wyoming Governor To Uranium Miners: Bring Us Your Projects!
“We’re Ready: This State is in Play!”

The New Face of Wyoming’s Uranium Mining

Part One of a Five-Part Series

Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal really likes the current uranium bull market, “I hope the price of yellowcake stays up, and things get moving.” Yes, the Wyoming democratic governor strongly endorses...


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