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1). Guns and Kids
The author discusses the controversy of todays challenges with guns and children and offers some recommendations.

2). My Favorite Guns: The CZ 550 Full Stock in 9.3x62
The 550 Full Stock in 9.3x62 is a popular caliber in Africa and Europe.

3). My Favorite Guns: The Remington 870
The author analyses a living legend in the shooting community and relates his one experiences with the Remington 870

4). MythBusters: The High Capacity Magazine
The high capacity magazine was villified by the Clinton Administration in 1994, but no evidence can support the claims.

5). Product Analysis: Leupold VX-L
The new concept scope from Leupold has the shooting world talking. The author gives them the once over for function and practicallity.

6). Safari Calibers: The 375 Holland and Holland
First in a series of discussing the most common safari grade calibers used for hunting wild game in Africa and other places around the world.

7). The Final Loss of Credibility
The Recent murder of US troops in Iraq cleary highlights just how political the anti-war groups are.


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