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1). Non Financial Measures - Making Them Meaningful  By : Paul Phillips
Measuring performance is important but not always easy once we’ve got past the easy parts such as sales and budgets. The less quantifiable parts of a job also have to be measured.

2). Using a Job Search Site Makes Job Finding Effortless  By : David Arnold Livingston
In this era of technology and the World Wide Web, everything can be done over the Internet, from virtual shopping to chatting with people across a thousand miles. One of the activities that has already become a standard is online job application.

3). Reputation Reputation  By : Kim Jones
Rumours have been abounding all week that another major competitor has just bitten the dust spectacularly but, until its confirmed – and maybe even afterwards – I think its best to leave that alone.

4). Tips for Getting them to Hire You  By : Mike Freemen
Getting the company you want to hire you can be difficult, but by taking a few simple steps you can greatly increase your chances.

5). The Five Basic Reasons Why A Salesperson Underperformed.  By : Todd Taylor
Identifying the true reasons of salperson underperformance.

6). Selling Yourself! (Televised Job Interview)  By : Kim Jones
Watched recruitment’s equivalent of Pop Idol last night - “Selling Yourself"(Tuesdays, Channel Five). It was appalling.

7). Who Gets Paid What? - Getting The Internal Relativities Right  By : Paul Phillips
Problems associated with pay are not productive and cause ongoing friction within businesses. While it is nearly impossible to pay everyone what they want it is possible to build a fair and consistent system that works.

8). Stop the Revolving Door of Employee Turnover  By : Robert Cameron
Stop the revolving door of employee turnover: Employee assessment tools have advanced so companies can now more effectively identify, select, and retain top performing employees.

9). Team Building 101  By : Bob Corcoran
Building and running a team that boosts your income

10). Recruiting the right people for the right job  By : Bob Corcoran
To be successful in this profession, you need the right people doing the right jobs. How do you hire the right people?

11). Poor Performing Employees Severely Impact Productivity  By : Robert Cameron
In business there are two very necessary and very different forces which must be balanced so that business will perform perfectly - people and processes. But far too often they are not in balance. CEO’s are ranking people issues as one of their major concerns in 2005 as they struggle with productivity, profits, and labor shortages. Robert A. Cameron & Associates takes a new approach to quantifying and solving this growing business issue.

12). Understanding Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act  By : James Hunt
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA has two purposes. The first, “portability,” allows an employee to keep their current health insurance...

13). Managing Time and Attendance of Employees  By : James Hunt
Companies of all sizes need to ensure that their employees keep track of their time worked, especially if they are working on numerous projects. This type of time management is essential to keep track of what employees are working on as well as for keeping a record of the billing process to outside employees...

14). Employers are Hiring Good Candidates, not Good Employees  By : Robert Cameron
Employer’s often use the wrong criteria to evaluate a job candidate. A survey showed the attributes of a good candidate aren’t the same as a top employee. Robert Cameron examines the problem and how to do a more effective job of pre employment testing.

15). Psycho Babble - Psychometric (Personality) Assessment Testing  By : Kim Jones
As every one of Britain’s 100 largest companies and some 80% of all the rest, use some sort of personality test on prospective employees, we thought it would be a good idea to have a look at the subject.

16). Outsource Your Hiring Process  By : Dana Wallert
More small businesses and hiring managers are choosing to outsource some or all of their hiring process. Hiring a "virtual hiring manager" allows them to focus on their ongoing responsibilities and have piece of mind that an experienced person is going to direct to them the most qualified individuals for their open positions.

17). Hiring Mistakes: Find and Fix Them Fast!  By : Stephen Steckly
Here is a tool that will tell you for certain whether your new employee is a hiring mistake.

18). Danger...Never Hire Until You Profile!  By : Stephen Steckly
When hiring, many employers set themselves up for failure because they do not understand how critical profiling is. Learn how profiling can significantly improve your hiring process

19). Business Employment Recruiting Techniques  By : Aaron Crawford
Some pointers and food for thought for business owners in need of finding good help.

20). Effective Induction - More Than Showing Them the Lunch Room  By : Paul Phillips
Having a new employee leave in the first week is not uncommon and is damaging for everyone. Getting them off to a good start is important for their perception of the organization and just plain good business.


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