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1). Understanding The Need For Proxy Voting  By : David Gass
Describes the process of voting by proxy at company meetings.

2). Understanding Mergers, Acquisitions, and Spinoffs  By : David Gass
Describes the difference between mergers and acquisitions and why many acquisitions claim to be mergers. It also explains why spinoffs of companies occur.

3). All About Insider Trading  By : David Gass
Describes the process of Insider Trading and how it damages shareholders and the stock market in general.

4). How to Issue Shares  By : David Gass
Explains the steps a company must take in issuing shares.

5). Categorizing Stocks According to Types  By : David Gass
Describes the different types of stocks and the benefits and risks of each.

6). Categorizing Dividends According To Types  By : David Gass
Describes the different types of dividends that can be distributed to shareholders.

7). VoIP Phone Card Business Market Wars  By : Brian Hawkins
The competition in the voice-over-IP market has intensified recently. The leadership in the VoIP phone card business market is up for grabs, and companies are trying direct attacks to knock their competitors out.

8). Tips for a Better Recruitment  By : Daegan Smith
Recruitment is one important ingredient in creating a successful business. It is better to have committed and responsible individuals to include in a particular group.

9). Hard Water and Scale Cost Companies Billions of Dollars!  By : Lou Mele
Financial impact of scale and how it impacts companies all over the world billions of dollars.

10). Going Public via Initial or Direct Public Offering: The Role of an Investor Relations Firm  By : Joel Arberman
Depending on the size and nature of a public offering, it may be necessary to hire a separate investor relations firm.


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