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61). Things To Consider When Buying A Teenagerís First Car  By : Gregg Hall
It is the event that every parent dreads, your teenager has their driverís license and now you have to get them a car. Regardless of how careful a driver they are it is only natural to worry about them as they leave the roost to go driving on their own.

62). Some Of The Car Salesmanís Favorite Methods  By : Gregg Hall
There are many different tricks and methods that car salespeople will use to try to trip you up and keep you confused or get you excited to try to get you to buy a car. Letís take a look at some of the more common methods.

63). How To Find The Car That Is Right For You  By : Gregg Hall
Even though housing prices have taken a sharp turn up in the last couple of years they are still by far the largest purchase most people will make in their lifetime, however with the prices of the average new car now nearing $30,000 they are definitely the second largest purchase for many.

64). Some Common Car Salesman Tricks To Watch Out For  By : Gregg Hall
If you have ever bought a car then I am sure you have seen some of the things I am about to talk about here. The key is to be aware of them and know how to counter them.

65). Things To Watch Out For In A Used Car  By : Gregg Hall
Used cars are not regulated as well as the new car industry is which leaves a lot of room for unscrupulous snake oil salesmen to enter the business.

66). How To Choose The Best Tire For Your Hybrid Car  By : Gregg Hall
Those who are unfamiliar with hybrid cars may not know that most come with new innovative tire designs. When replacing your tires on your hybrid car, you should stick with the low-rolling resistance tires.

67). Alternative Ways To Cut Fuel Usage  By : Gregg Hall
The typical vehicle uses approximately 600 gallons of fuel and is driven more than 16,000 miles each year. This adds up to a lot of miles driven and a lot of money spent on gas.

68). How to Detect a Speed Trap  By : John Murray
Speed traps are a common, and often unfair way, to catch people speeding. This article explains how to avoid them.

69). How To Lease A Car The Right Way  By : Gregg Hall
Leasing can be very confusing and there is a bit of a paradox here. If you do it right leasing can save you a ton of money and allow you to drive a much nicer vehicle than you could otherwise afford, but done wrong it can cost you thousands!

70). Make Driving a Sports Car a Reality  By : ian Williamson
Youíve always dreamed of getting your hands on that Porsche or Ferrari to race it down the tracks or to cruise around looking good behind the wheel.

71). Custom Car Options like Paint and Accessories Add Sizzle to your Ride: a Primer  By : Tom Kline
Custom paint jobs, accessories and more help gearheads to soccer moms personalize their rides and improve resale value. Dealer service departments can guide your ride customization effort, installing custom features and ensuring you meet warranty guidelines.

72). Five Unforgettable Sports Cars From Movies  By : Gregg Hall
Actors always get their names in the credits, but cars rarely do. Nonetheless, there have been many films that featured scene-stealing sports cars that probably deserved to have their make and model mentioned as the movie ended. Though there are undoubtedly countless examples of great movie sports cars, at least five truly stand out.

73). Safe Driving Tips Ė Hold Life in Your Grips  By : David Maillie
Even with the advent of all the latest life saving and accident avoiding technologies found standard on most cars many accidents still occur and could easily be avoided. Here are some great tips to keep you safe both as a driver and as a passenger.

74). A Few Gas Saving Tips  By : Gregg Hall
Recently, our country has been hit with a surge of high gas prices. With no decline in prices on the horizon, people are being forced to ration their gas intake. There is a silver lining from the events of the present; the rationing will help reduce gas emissions, which in turn will help the environment.

75). What Are Some Of The Hazards Of Hybrids  By : Gregg Hall
New hybrids are bursting onto the market at an increasing rate and therefore all first responders (including the police, fire department and paramedics) need to be taught about ways in which hybrid cars differ from more traditional non-hybrid models.

76). Whatís Better Diesel Or Hybrid?  By : Gregg Hall
An alternative to both hybrid cars and typical gasoline powered cars comes in the form of diesel powered cars. Much cheaper than gasoline, diesel has long provided an alternative fuel for motorists around the world. However, diesel powered cars have not been as successful within the United States.

77). An Insider Look At Auto Dealerships  By : Gregg Hall
Going to a car dealer to buy a car is a scary experience for some and angry one for others. If you know a little more about the inner workings and structure of the average car dealership you will be less likely to be so apprehensive and you will be equipped to know what to look out for and what to expect.

78). How to Gain Acces to Cheap Cars at Government Auctions  By : Tahl Kopel
Because the government is not allowed to make a profit on the cars it auctions off, there are plenty of opportunities for people to find incredible deals at government car auctions.

79). Why You Should Purchase a Sports Car  By : Gregg Hall
In a car culture dominated by SUVís, family sedans and economy cars, sports cars stand out in the crowd. There are a variety of selling points for all types of automobiles, but sports cars are uniquely attractive for at least five reasons.

80). Your Accountant Will Agree: Leasing a Car For Your Business is the Way To Go.  By : Tom Kline
One of the many important financial decisions of a business owner is whether to lease or purchase motor vehicles for the business. RK Auto Group recommends leasing for several reasons: Leasing strengthens your financial statement and upgrades your companyís image by providing sharper-looking vehicles at a cheaper price.

81). Tips for Buying an Imported Car  By : ian Williamson
Imported luxury sports cars are longed for by many car buyers and collectors. The US is one of the many countries who love to import luxury vehicles like sports cars. There are new ones but there are also used luxury cars that are sold in the car market.

82). Are Hybrid Cars The Hottest Trend?  By : Gregg Hall
Hybrid technology is not new to the world of automobiles. Ferdinand Porsche first introduced hybrid technology in 1899. However, with current pressures regarding pollution and environment concerns setting in, and fuel prices touching a new Honda and Toyota launched their Hybrid car models in 1990.

83). Do it Yourself Car Maintenance: Spring Maintenance Auto Checklist  By : Tom Kline
Spring is a time of fresh starts and renewals. Extend the "spring cleanup" you give your house and yard to your vehicle. Whether you do the work yourself or depend on a professional technician, getting your vehicle in shape now will undo any damage caused by winter driving and keep you safe on the road this season.

84). How John Delorean Impacted The Sports Car World  By : Gregg Hall
Delorean was rewarded for his innovative thinking by promotions into the highest ranks of American automobile executives. Despite his success in the industry, he eventually opted to go his own way, leaving the U.S. automakers behind and hoping to subsequently compete with them.

85). Preventative Car Maintenance in Summer Helps to Avoid Breakdowns  By : David Maillie
A great article on how to properly care for your car during the hot summer months and make this a trouble free summer.

86). Tire Rack Selection Guide  By : John Morris
If the active life is for you and your vehicle you will need all the help you can get to make sure you enjoy your relationship on and off the road...

87). How To Avoid Road Accidents Due To Poor Road Conditions  By : Julian Hall
More than 40 people have died on county roads this year. This may be in part down to the poor condition of road markings. So what can you do about it?

88). Why You Should Cover Up Your Sports Car  By : Gregg Hall
Many sports car owners do not drive their special vehicle on a daily basis and some who do drive their sports car regularly lack an indoor garage. With protecting the beauty and investment value of a sports car being a natural priority, it is essential for sports car enthusiasts to understand car covers.

89). Getting Huge Savings on a Used Car  By : Rene Graeber
Buying a new car is a long term investment. It is usually the second only to a home as the most expensive thing ever bought. The person has to shell out a vast sum of money later on not only for gas but its proper maintenance as well.

90). How To Build Your Own Replica Sports Car  By : Gregg Hall
Building your own replicar can have a lot of appeal. It may be a way to obtain the dream car one otherwise never afford. It may also be a family project or the extension of mechanical interests.

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