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151). Ethos FR and the Olympics?  By : Amy Hansen
Ethos FR is a product that saves money on fuel and oil and reduces emissions. Many people around the world use Ethos FR to save money and help the environment.

152). How To Avoid Flood Damaged Sports Cars  By : Gregg Hall
The recent natural disasters along the U.S. gulf coast reminds us of an important factor in purchasing sports cars—the need to avoid purchasing a flood-damaged vehicle.

153). Buying A Car From Online Car Auction Sites  By : Marc Lindsay
So what’s the difference between an online car auction and an offline car auction? Traditional car auctions are actually more time consuming than online car auctions. You have to actually be at the auctions site to place a bid. Therefore you should live locally or you should travel there.

154). Pulling a Trailer 101  By : Julien Raynal
Sometimes, you may find yourself in an unavoidable situation. When I was younger I found myself in such a predicament. A couple of my girl friends and I had to move a friend from across the United-States.

155). How To Avoid The High Pressure Tactics Of Car Salesmen  By : Gregg Hall
If you are an adult chances are you have had an experience at a car dealer that wasn’t among your best memories. If you take a look at some of the guidelines below it can help to deal with these tactics and keep your next experience from being a bad one.

156). Ever Heard of Booster Seats?  By : James Monahan
Booster seats are a specialized kind of seat for children and designed to protect them from injury in a car accident.

157). Why The Year End Sale Might Not Be A Good Deal  By : Gregg Hall
Auto dealers love to hype up their year end clearance sales by trying to convey the idea that you are getting HUGE savings but you really have to look a lot deeper to see if the “great deal” is a deal at all.

158). When To Buy A New Car  By : Gregg Hall
This is a question that many new car shoppers wrestle with constantly. How do I know when is the best time to buy a vehicle? It is hard to discern, especially when we are constantly under a barrage of advertising from dealers claiming “This weekend only, the best deals of the year!”

159). Finding Auto Parts for Car Repairing  By : James Hunt
Repairing your car yourself can save you time and money but it can also be difficult for you to find auto parts to complete those repairs. There are many places both on and off the internet where you can find the car parts that you need to finish the job...

160). How To Get More For Your Car On eBay Motors  By : Gregg Hall
Everyday more and more people turn to eBay to sell products online and eBay Motors, the branch of the company created to sell vehicles is no different. I have bought and sold vehicles myself at eBay Motors and have had great experiences on both sides of the fence.

161). How To Save Money On Gasoline  By : Gregg Hall
Every time you turn on the news you hear about the price of oil going up. Threats of embargos, political instability in the Middle East and now Nigeria and in the last year we saw the effect that major hurricanes could have on oil prices due to supplies being disrupted.

162). Wearing A Safety Belt Isn’t Just For Your Safety  By : Gregg Hall
When the mandatory seat belt law came into effect in my state of Florida at first I thought it was ridiculous. I mean, who does the government think they are to tell me I have to wear my seat belt? I obviously wasn’t alone; I had a lot of friends who were ticketed for not wearing a seat belt. Well, I have to admit that I have probably been saved twice from them.

163). Why Won’t My New Car Just Let Me Eat?  By : Albert Medinas
Just looking at it is enough to depress you, isn’t it? The payment on your new car isn’t just depressing, it’s a nightmare that’s not going to end for five years - meaning that you are going to be pinching pennies and surviving off of mac & cheese for awhile! The new car loan rate on your “new baby” is enough to make your palms sweat - and your bank account empty. Sure, you made a few mistakes with the plastic when you were in college, but was it enough to justify an 18% APR on a $25,000 car?

164). Things You Should Know Before Buying A Car Online  By : Jim Johnson
All too often people decide that they need another car and so off they go to the nearest collection of car dealers and go walking through the car lots trying to find a vehicle that appeals to them.

165). The Credit Rebuilding Car Sales Scam  By : Gregg Hall
With the rise in bankruptcies, repossessions, and general bad credit in the United States it has given birth to a whole new segment of the car business that is designed specifically to prey upon these types of people. That’s right I said prey upon.

166). Show Me The Money – Where The Profit Is In New Cars  By : Gregg Hall
How many tomes have you heard a car salesman or manager tell you, “I would love to give you that deal but we only have a few hundred dollars profit to play with”? Don’t buy it, especially now when most entry level cars are over 20,000.

167). How To Save Money When Buying A Car  By : Marc Lindsay
In case you were wondering why you shouldn’t buy a new car from a dealership here’s why. If you were to go out right now and buy a new car from a dealer, you’ll be paying full price less the additional extras the salesman throws in to get you to buy it.

168). Tips When Buying Insurance On Your Sports Car  By : Gregg Hall
Insuring a sports car can be a relatively expensive proposition. Sports cars generally require higher premiums than other automobile types, and the sports car owner can expect some sticker shock when learning just how much it costs to insure a high performance vehicle.

169). Should Car Alarms be Banned  By : James Hunt
In many cities, car alarms are thought to be a necessity. Because many people, especially those in apartments, don’t have access to a garage, cars must be parked...

170). Watch Out For Big Trucks  By : Gregg Hall
Every year it seems there are more commercial vehicles like big tractor trailers on the highway and it shows no signs of easing up. To stay safe when driving on the highway you really need to know as much as you can about how these big trucks operate. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you stay safe on the road.

171). Getting Your Hands On Repossessed Mobile Homes  By : Susan Dean
A great way to get a new home is to purchase repossessed mobile homes. But, how can you find them and are they worth the cost? In many of these vehicles, there is nothing different from them other than that their purchaser has not taken care of his finances.

172). A Few Facts On Hybrids  By : Gregg Hall
Most consumers have heard of hybrid vehicles, but many of them could not explain the definition. The actual definition of the word “hybrid” is stated as something of mixed origin or composition.

173). How To Buy A New Car Without Getting Ripped Off  By : Gregg Hall
For the vast majority of us the purchase of a new car is the second largest expense we will make after that of our home. It is just as important to take your time and do your research when buying a car as it is when you buy a home.

174). Give Yourself A Tax Break With Tax incentives for Hybrid Owners  By : Gregg Hall
Buying a hybrid is becoming quite an investment. The hybrid, which operates on both a gasoline engine and an electric engine, is offering much more than a decrease in gasoline cost. It also offers consumers the ability to directly help the environment. Hybrids are known to emit very few pollutants, especially when compared to conventional vehicles.

175). The Appeal of Sports Cars  By : ian Williamson
Sports cars are performance vehicles that provide driving satisfaction and pleasure. They allow a person to engage in the absolute driving experience and be in touch directly with the highway or road, as diametrically as possible

176). Why Are We In Love With Sports Cars?  By : Gregg Hall
Why do so many of us find sports cars irresistible? Few objects inspire the emotional attachment that sports cars do among auto enthusiasts.

177). Kinds of Best Suited Utility Trailer  By : James Hunt
Are you thinking about buying a utility trailer but are not sure what kind of trailer that will work best for you? Due to the vast amount of utility trailers that...

178). Don’t Get Burned By Car Dealer Tactics  By : Gregg Hall
Almost everyone I know has a story about at least one bad experience at a car dealership and it is interesting to look at some of the things they will do to try to make a sale. I can remember hearing about someone having the keys to their car thrown on the roof of the dealership so they couldn’t leave, granted that was a while ago.

179). Public Car Auctions And Online Car Auctions  By : Marc Lindsay
Buying cars from auctions is cheaper to buying from a dealer. Find out why it is and how you can start saving money yourself.

180). The Radiator Factor  By : James Monahan
Do you know what a radiator does to your car engine and how important it is for total engine efficiency? If you don’t, then it is important that you should read this article.

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