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1). Camping and Smoking  By : Mike Durand
During the summer and in dry spells, a cigarette can be a definite fire hazard. The leaves and the grass may be dead from lack of water and the blistering heat.

2). Great Ocean Conveyor to Circulate Water of the World  By : James Hunt
Although it may not seem like it at times, the ocean is constantly in motion both above and below the water. Underneath the surface of the water there are currents and waves that are caused by the winds on the surface of the sea...

3). Rose Diseases - All You Need To Know  By : Mike Singh
Roses are beautiful plants that many people enjoy growing in their gardens. But, there are some very common types of diseases that face roses no matter what type they are and no matter where they are grown ...

4). Floribunda Roses - All You Need To Know  By : Mike Singh
Floribunda roses are some of the most amazing out there because of the large, dense amounts of buds that are produced. Find out more ...

5). 10 Tips For Camping Cooking  By : Jeff Schuman
10 tips to get the best of your camping cooking while keeping it safe.

6). Enjoying the Beauty of the Spring Season  By : Mike Freemen
The springtime of the year is a favorite with many people, and it is when the flowers bloom and the world comes back to life. This article focuses on the beauty of the spring season.

7). The Perks of Global Warming  By : Nola L. Kelsey
Good News! Those pesky glaciers are finally melting off. At first, news of devastating global climate change might seem a bit of a bummer. Relax. Your faith is about to be restored.


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