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61). Yoga in Practice: Speak with Mindfulness  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
Within the average Yoga class, or ashram, the principles of mindfulness are mentioned for the benefit of Yoga students, their friends, and the people they associate within the course of a day. Mindfulness is living in the moment, and putting the wisdom you have learned, during Yoga class, into practice.

62). Chair Yoga for Senior Independence  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
Until a certain age in life, words like dignity, quality of life, and independence seem to be more suitable for descriptions, or reasons, why independent nations had revolutionary wars, than for senior independence. However, for seniors, these words reflect the need to stay the course of independence.

63). How To Avoid Common Bodybuilding|Weightlifting Injuries-Common Mistakes In Gym  By : Chris Chew
Why and how bodybuilding injuries occur and how to avoid them.

64). Where To Find Accurate Treadmill Ratings & Treadmill Reviews  By : Bob Hett
Let’s face it, buying a used treadmill is always going to be something of a gamble. For many people, the sticker price of new treadmills can be daunting. A very basic treadmill can start as little as $400, and the premium models with all the bells and whistles can be over $3000. So many people opt for a used or discount treadmill hoping to save some money.

65). Indoor Rock Climbing - How Rock Climbing Can Help You Chisel Your Physique  By : Melih Oztalay
The morale of this story is that rock climbing is one of the most physically challenging exercises you could possible take on. After all, there has to be a reason why professional rock climbers are so lean and healthy.

66). Stretch Mark Prevention Tips  By : Nicky Pilkington
With all its inner workings, the human body is a complex system. The good news about the way this system works is that it basically functions without much intervention from its owner. However, it does require nourishment to function properly. When there is a problem it is often indicated externally. Just as the case with stretch marks. While it is possible for you to develop the condition despite taking precautions by following the steps mentioned below to prevent stretch marks, you can limit your risk significantly.

67). Sports Injury and Stretching - The Facts  By : Julian Hall
If you are a professional or a participant in the health, fitness or sports industry, especially being a participating sportsperson, you would understand how irritating and de-motivating and frustrating a sports injury could be.

68). The Relationship Between Meditation and Self-Analysis  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
These are two very powerful tools for self-improvement, but how can you use them in harmony? For example: Self-analysis and meditation cannot be performed at the same time. After all, multi-tasking runs contrary to what meditation is all about.

69). Do You Have a Cyst?  By : Charles Kassotis
Learn how to tell the difference between a cyst and a tumor, and what to do when you find a cyst on your body.

70). Why Chair Yoga  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
Many of us struggle, most of our lives, to find the optimum exercise routine, in order to stay in shape. As time goes by, we look for low-impact fitness solutions, due to excessive wear in our joints.

71). Reshaping Your Body with Body Building Equipment  By : Nicky Pilkington
Strength training is one of the most rigorous training workouts that you can experience. All the work that you put forth during a body building workout benefits you in several different ways. By performing body building exercises just a few days each week you can increase your stamina and metabolism, and build lean, strong muscles.

72). Time to Practice Yoga  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
There are many things that we know, we should do, but there’s never enough time. Would you like to have more time for your family, Yoga practice, and some quality time, in your life? Maybe, work keeps you too busy, from doing the right things, for yourself, and your loved ones. So, what can you do?

73). Holistic Medicine to Help You Stop Smoking  By : Mike Durand
Herbal formulas to help stop smoking have been found useful by many people and are gaining popularity as an alternative to quitting “cold turkey” or using nicotine replacement therapies (NRT’s) that can prolong the amount of time your body requires the drug. Herbs can function in a variety of ways to help overcome your addiction, including:

74). What is Chair Yoga?  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
Chair Yoga is a gentle form of Yoga. With so many types of Yoga available, here is one that most of us can practice. Inversions and complicated maneuvers are not necessary in a Chair Yoga class.

75). How to Develop a Fitness Plan  By : James Hunt
Developing a fitness that works for your own individual needs can sometimes be an overwhelming task. However, when you break down the components ...

76). Reduce Weight And Lose Body Fat Forever - Reducing Weight Guide  By : Chris Chew
Guide to reduce weight permanently and lose extra body fat forever.

77). Get A Body That Attracts Women - What Women Find Attractive In A Male Body  By : Chris Chew
How to attract women and why women find certain male body parts attractive.

78). Troubled by Incontinence?  By : Charles Kassotis
Learn about some of the steps you can take to manage an incontinent bladder and avoid embarrassment or discomfort from this embarrassing condition.

79). Dress For Success: Custom Triathlon Clothing  By : Mike Herman
For triathletes wanting to look their best and better their competition time, the secret to success is custom triathlon clothing .

80). Are Stomach Ulcers Serious?  By : Charles Kassotis
What you don’t know about stomach ulcers can hurt you, so find out what they are and what to do about them before your health becomes compromised.

81). The Importance Of Fitness  By : John Mac
Did you know that if you are physically inactive that you increase your risk of heart disease by the same amount as if you smoked ?

82). Hip Hip Hurray - How To Prevent Hip Injuries  By : Julian Hall
Hip is the most part of the human body. Connecting the legs with the torso, it helps maintain balance, centre of gravity and takes the maximum brunt of your physical workload. Hip injury therefore is a very critical injury and can effect your movement.

83). How Protein Build Muscles | When To Take Protein?  By : Chris Chew
You know that in order to build muscles, you need to take protein. How much protein is required and when to take protein for best results?

84). Golf Is An Inside Game  By : Patrick Porter
Golf is an inside game. Not! – Not without the correct physical practice. Learn how you can benefit from using both your optic eye and your mind’s eye to eliminate hidden strokes and have more fun on the course.

85). Top Tips For Staying Healthy All Year Round  By : Sandra Stammberger
It is getting harder than ever to stay feeling good and healthy these days, with all of the stress and pollution. But there are a few things that you can do in order to keep life going smoothly, all you have to do is know what they are. This article is going to help you learn what is the most important factors in your good health.

86). What is Mindfulness?  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
The term sounds easy enough to comprehend, but there is a much deeper meaning. Terms like mindfulness and loving-kindness seem obvious, but you have to understand them before you can implement them, into your daily life.

87). Natural Weight Loss Dieting Program - Know Why You Are Fat  By : Chris Chew
To lose weight naturally, you must know what makes you fat in the first place.

88). Overcoming the Addiction of Smoking  By : Rob Mellor
So what is the best way to overcome the addiction of smoking and to fight the cravings that nicotine cause.

89). This is Not Your Grandma’s Rocking Chair  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
Is it possible that grandparents are working out more than any other members of the family? Absolutely - I see energetic Chair Yoga classes with as many as 50 people in a single class.

90). Yoga in Practice: Time Management  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
You learn many things in a Yoga class, such as: Living in the present moment; but how can you put your Yoga into practice in today’s hectic world? We learn to meditate so the mind will stop multi-tasking, but once you leave the Yoga studio, or ashram, you have to face the world again.

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