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91). Put Your Back Into It - Injury Prevention  By : Julian Hall
Back injury or a back ache is a major irritant that impedes your ability to do a job or pursue a sport. A good understanding of causes of a back injury is required to take necessary precautions in preventing it.

92). Realistic Expectations for Chair Yoga Students  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
The first thing you will gain from a Chair Yoga class is knowledge. The concepts of good health, longevity, and making the most of your life right now, are powerful tools taught in every style of Yoga.

93). Reasons For Choosing a Martial Arts Program  By : Barney Garcia
There are as many reasons as there are people for choosing a martial arts program. Some people want to be able to defend themselves in any given situation, they want to become fitter, they want to boost self esteem or any combination of the three. The hard part is how to choose a particular program when there are so many to choose from.

94). Reduce Weight And Lose Body Fat Forever - Reducing Weight Guide  By : Chris Chew
Guide to reduce weight permanently and lose extra body fat forever.

95). Reshaping Your Body with Body Building Equipment  By : Nicky Pilkington
Strength training is one of the most rigorous training workouts that you can experience. All the work that you put forth during a body building workout benefits you in several different ways. By performing body building exercises just a few days each week you can increase your stamina and metabolism, and build lean, strong muscles.

96). Restorative Yoga for Stress Management  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
Are you looking for a way to release stress, tension, and pain from your body? Are you tired all the time and feel the need to rest, but you know you should get some exercise? How can you do both? The answer is to start regularly attending Restorative Yoga classes, and reap the rewards of healing without a tremendous amount of effort.

97). Running - Have Hi-Tech Machines Left Running in the Dust?  By : Melih Oztalay
A sexy pair of legs moseys its way down a soft, vacuumed carpet, around a bend, and through a long, narrow aisle. Suddenly, these shapely stems, which are encased in bright spandex, dissolve into a jungle of many others, instantly blending into the vibrant surroundings like chameleons. The long row of gams seems endless. They’re shaking, they’re baking, they’re working like jackhammers - together in harmony – as if they were all drilling for oil.

98). Some Helpful Tips to Choosing the Right Spa Vacation  By : Gregg Hall
Are you looking for a vacation that will spoil you with body massages, facials, healthy meals, and wonderful beauty treatments?

99). Spinning - Spinning is Taking America by Storm  By : Melih Oztalay
Spinning is just the newest fad for fitness fanatics, a bizarre blend of cardiovascular activity and wild imagination geared at packing the fun into your everyday workout.

100). Sports Injury and Stretching - The Facts  By : Julian Hall
If you are a professional or a participant in the health, fitness or sports industry, especially being a participating sportsperson, you would understand how irritating and de-motivating and frustrating a sports injury could be.

101). Starting a Successful Fitness Program  By : Mike Freemen
Starting a new fitness plan is never easy, but it is important to get started, and this article tells you how.

102). Step Machines - How Step Machines Can Take Your Fitness Goals to the Next Level  By : Melih Oztalay
Step machines, otherwise known simply as “steppers”, have become very popular devices in health clubs and gyms throughout the country.

103). Stretch Mark Prevention Tips  By : Nicky Pilkington
With all its inner workings, the human body is a complex system. The good news about the way this system works is that it basically functions without much intervention from its owner. However, it does require nourishment to function properly. When there is a problem it is often indicated externally. Just as the case with stretch marks. While it is possible for you to develop the condition despite taking precautions by following the steps mentioned below to prevent stretch marks, you can limit your risk significantly.

104). Stretching Exercises Help Grow Muscles | Anti Aging Benefits  By : Chris Chew
How stretching exercises can help you grow mucles and even have anti aging benefits.

105). Supersets Weight lifting For Massive Muscle Growth  By : Chris Chew
How to use superset to trigger massive muscle growth.

106). The Formula for Preventing Depression  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
While it is arguable that depression is not always preventable, there are many cases, when using the following ideas, will keep you in good spirits - most of the time.

107). The Growing Popularity of Treadmills  By : Tamara Williams
How Treadmills are popular trend

108). The Importance Of Fitness  By : John Mac
Did you know that if you are physically inactive that you increase your risk of heart disease by the same amount as if you smoked ?

109). The Relationship Between Meditation and Self-Analysis  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
These are two very powerful tools for self-improvement, but how can you use them in harmony? For example: Self-analysis and meditation cannot be performed at the same time. After all, multi-tasking runs contrary to what meditation is all about.

110). The Truth About Vinyasa Yoga  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
When used for personal health maintenance, Vinyasa Yoga is the ultimate cross training system, with low impact movement, aerobic, and muscle toning benefits. Your body will go through an incredible transformation, but it does require determination. This explains why Vinyasa Yoga attracts so many type A personalities.

111). The Two Biggest Myths About Abdominal Training  By : Anthony Stai
If you have ever read a fitness magazine... If you have ever watched TV ads about latest machines that will "magically" reveal your abs...

112). This is Not Your Grandma’s Rocking Chair  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
Is it possible that grandparents are working out more than any other members of the family? Absolutely - I see energetic Chair Yoga classes with as many as 50 people in a single class.

113). Time to Practice Yoga  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
There are many things that we know, we should do, but there’s never enough time. Would you like to have more time for your family, Yoga practice, and some quality time, in your life? Maybe, work keeps you too busy, from doing the right things, for yourself, and your loved ones. So, what can you do?

114). Top Tips For Staying Healthy All Year Round  By : Sandra Stammberger
It is getting harder than ever to stay feeling good and healthy these days, with all of the stress and pollution. But there are a few things that you can do in order to keep life going smoothly, all you have to do is know what they are. This article is going to help you learn what is the most important factors in your good health.

115). Trikke Your Way to Health  By : Erik Nitsu
Exercise should be about fun. So pick up a Trikke and Trikke your way to health and fitness!

116). Troubled by Incontinence?  By : Charles Kassotis
Learn about some of the steps you can take to manage an incontinent bladder and avoid embarrassment or discomfort from this embarrassing condition.

117). Walking - Why Walking Could Be the Solution to Your Fitness Dilemma  By : Melih Oztalay
Walk, don’t run, to your local fitness store and try on a pair of walking shoes. For cardiovascular fitness, there isn’t an activity that’s more sensitive to the wear and tear of your body than a stroll through the park.

118). Water Aerobics - Adding a Splash to Your Workouts  By : Melih Oztalay
Water aerobics is not only a fun way to maintain sound cardiovascular fitness, but it’s also an excellent method in which to tone your body and muscles. All the while, you’re enjoying all the benefits of a refreshing dip in the pool.

119). What Are Calories? How To Burn Calories?  By : Chris Chew
What exactly are calories and how to burn calories efficiently to lose weight?

120). What is Breast Augmentation?  By : Ivar Rudi
Many women are not happy with the way that they look and their breasts. There are some women that for one reason or another have had their bodies change on them and now they want to make themselves look and feel better.

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