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151). Female, Horny, Middle Aged and behaving Badly  By : Esther Austin
Female, Horny, Middle Aged and Behaving Badly As a woman - I am often surprised to find that many of us do not seem to be in touch with our sensual

152). The Texas Trail  By : James Collins
The Texas Trail A few weeks ago I received an email from my ISP company. For those who don't know what that is, it's a company wh

153). Country Pastimes 3: Impromptu farm concerts  By : Simon Mitchell
Since the demise of foxhunting and hunting with dogs in the countryside, there are thousands of dispossessed toffs wandering around with nothing to d

154). Remove Ink Stains From Carpet - 3 Steps  By : Steve Gillman
One of the best solvents you can use to remove ink stains from carpet is also one of the cheapest: rubbing alcohol. It works better if it is 90% isop

155). Turn Your Competitors into Sales Generating Partners!  By : Toby Wolf
Why is it that we sometimes have the "rugged individualist" mentality when we are trying to run an online business? We tend to see others as competit

156). Making a Hit with Your Marketing Campaign  By : Susan Friedmann
Considered a vital link in a show's promotional plan, direct marketing is vital only if it's done right. It's certainly not as simple as typing a lett

157). Marketing On The Cheap: Become a Joiner  By : Floyd Snyder
Recently I wrote an article on the benefits of joining your local Chamber of Commerce as a way of getting exposure for your business. See "Marketing o

158). ON THE IMPORTANCE OF ELEPHANTS  By : Theolonius McTavish
Copyright Theolonius McTavish 2004. ON THE IMPORTANCE OF ELEPHANTS-- Or, can you tell me where I can find “Babar”, “Dumbo” or “Topsy”? --

159). Market Your Way to Professional Success  By : Joanne Victoria
Article Title: Market Your Way to Professional SuccessAuthor Name: Joanne VictoriaContact E-mail Address:

160). A Moment of Magic!  By : Seamus Dolly
Laughter may or may not be a shock, relieved, but its’ therapeutic effects are recognised in most cultures. It allows a positive distractive moment or

161). THE WILDCAT'S BEGINNING  By : Irvin L. Rozier
The Wildcat's BeginningIn the beginning when all things were niceThere were no wildcats, there were no miceAnd then one day the old man ca

162). Sales Appointment - The Dog  By : Birmingham UK Com
I once found myself in a rough area of town on a business appointment. My directions told me that I was to visit a corner shop and talk to the owner a

163). YOUR HAIKU ERROR MESSAGES FOR THE DAY  By : Victoria Elizabeth
PUBLISHING GUIDELINES. This article may be used in print or electronic publications. Publishers are requested to email the author (quippingqueen@yaho

164). Wanted: Treadmill for an Elephant  By : Garry Gamber
Maggie, the 22 year-old African elephant, has been a resident of the Alaska Zoo since 1983. The Zoo recently decided that Maggie needs nicer quarter

Women can be sports widows when husbands take to the tube, but what’s a man to do when his lady love is a hang-glider? Cyril May and Jack McDonald exp

166). The heat, the couch and the male Ego  By : Gregory J. Ballan
The heat, the couch and the male egoIt’s been hot here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. The only thing worse than New England heat

167). Disclaimer:Diet Pepsi Does Not Make You Hip  By : The Epic
Today there was a grand opening to the newest Wally World in the area so I figured what the hell and went to see what of course was yet another same o

168). Rindercella - The Pyslexic Drincess  By :
Once upon a time there lived a beautiful young girl called Rindercella. Rindercella and her sugly isters lived in a marge lansion.Rind

I had a dream the other night. Dream nothing, it was a nightmare, if you must know the truth. Normally I don't put too much stock in dreams — or — nig

170). Do societal marketing contributes beneficially for the bette  By : Muhammad Ali Abid
Let’s first define that what societal marketing is:“Societal marketing blends social, company and customers wants.”The modern time is

HEALTHY LIVING FOR THOSE LESS WILLINGAmerica is preoccupied with the subject of weight – more specifically about too much of it being atta

172). Truck Stop Christmas  By : Tom Hale
This is a true story. It was told to me by a guy I met on a Riverboat. That’s how I know it’s true; who could doubt the veracity of a River Rat? He di

173). The Ultimate sting  By : Holly and Shirley Yanez
The Ultimate Sting Looking for Harvey Weinstein Brassy, ballsy and full of energy. A totem of two women’s struggle to do something wo

174). Sahib and His Universal Relations  By : Dr Kedar Joshi
1. Sahib is English (The Master) 2. Sahib’s Godfather - German (The Anglo-Saxon Connection)3. Sahib’s Friend - American (As they often

175). SIX Trade Show Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them  By : Mitch Tarr
Six Trade Show Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.Trade Show Marketing has changed a lot in the past few years. As they say, there i

176). Why It Pays to Out More Humor in the Workplace  By : Mike Moore
1. Humor reduces stress levels and stress is the number one problem confronting employees today.2. Laughter boosts morale while stress erodes

177). IT'S MERRY-MAKING MAY NATURALLY!  By : Beatrice Blitterless & Earl Craboon
Copyright The Quipping Queen 2005IT'S MERRY-MAKING MONTH MAY NATURALLY! -- Eccentric events and odd occasions to celebrate in May 2005 --

178). The Toilet Seat  By : Ieuan Dolby
Very early on in life I gained a healthy respect for an extremely simple yet ‘sofa’ comfortable piece of plastic mould, a feature that is found in mo

179). Bernie Ebbers and The Temptations  By : Roger Wright
Bernie Ebbers and the Temptations.If you don’t give a heck about the man with the Bible in his hand. . . .--Mack RiceNo.

180). JEEPERS CREEPERS IT'S JULY!  By : B. Blitterlees and E. Craboon
Copyright The Quipping Queen 2005.JEEPERS CREAPERS IT'S JULY!-- Odd Events & Activities Calendar for July 2005 --Compiled by:

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