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31). Spyware: The New Cancer  By : Andrew Wroblewski
Just like cancer, a computer virus program, whether Trojan, adware, or spyware can be deemed as any executing program that can infect your computer by recreating a copy of itself onto your system. Just like with cancerous cells in the human body, if not detected in time or found to be in the wrong place, any of these infectious programs can find themselves replicating and creating havoc throughout other parts of the machine.

32). Getting the Best Protection from Spyware  By : Mitch Johnson
Having a good spyware removal tool can prove to be a good investment.

33). For Web design and Development Businesses Exceptional Customer Service is the Name of the Game  By : Leanne Hoagland-Smith
With the Internet creating many new businesses especially hosting sites and web developers, poor customer service complaints are increasing just as quickly. By identifying five consistent areas that need improvement, may help you catapult you to the top while quickly doubling your business.

34). Technology Study Shows Spyware’s True Threats  By : Mitch Johnson
Recently conducted studies show that spyware is a bigger problem that most people realize.

35). Purchasing Spyware Software—Avoid the Scams  By : Mitch Johnson
Be an educated buyer of anti-spyware software. Don’t become a victim of false advertising.

36). Internet Security in a Nutshell  By : Sandra Stammberger
Use of the Internet is booming. Unbelievable amounts of information is stored and shared, all thanks to the World Wide Web. It is truly an internet age. You can buy your cloths, stocks, automobiles, groceries or even car insurance online with the click of a mouse. Banking has gone online as well as almost every bank in the United States of America offers online banking.

37). Discovering Your Computer’s Spyware Infestation.  By : Mitch Johnson
Spyware uses several methods to collect information about your internet usage, including cookies, adware and keyloggers.

38). The Cost of Spyware on your Computer.  By : Mitch Johnson
Both categories of spyware are detrimental to the computer and the individual. It bombards your computer with unwanted programs, causing it to slow down, and it can record your personal information.

39). Spyware Stats to pay attention to.  By : Mitch Johnson
Webroot Software and Earthlink combined to do a survey regarding the threat that spyware poses.

40). Knowing What A Trojan Horse Is  By : Andrew Wroblewski
Just like the original Trojan Horse that was built by the Greeks, the Trojan Horse Virus for your computer is actually something that is evil and bad concealed within something that seems good and positive.

41). A Guide To Worldwide Internet Access  By : Bob Hett
Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to stay in touch, anywhere, anytime? That is the major selling point of companies providing worldwide Internet access. Their goal is to keep the world in touch. The world has become a much smaller place, and businesses have expanded. Personal relationships often span the globe, instead of just the country. Worldwide travel is very common, and people want to be able to access their email, contact friends and family, and conduct business no matter what country they are currently in, even if they can’t speak the language or remember the name of the city!

42). Battling Tough Spyware Applications on Your Computer  By : Mitch Johnson
Creators of spyware are getting more creative since detection programs are being put in place.

43). Solving a Spyware Intrusion  By : Mitch Johnson
You can purchase anti-spyware software or you can download free ones from the internet.

44). Want to Be Published? Apply for Hosting!  By : James Monahan
With the beginning of web hosting, practically anyone can now create his or her own web site. A simple web site costs very little to maintain and operate, and free web hosting is widely available from a host of providers.

45). What Spyware Does on your Hardrive.  By : Mitch Johnson
Spyware works without your knowledge. It silently downloads itself and monitors your activity.

46). Secure your Privacy from Spyware and other Adware programs.  By : Mitch Johnson
Be cautious when surfing the net and downloading free/shareware. Not only can it seriously infect your computer, it can also cause identity theft.

47). Lavasoft AdAware SE personal spyware tool  By : Mitch Johnson
One of the more popular free anti-spyware software out there, Lavasoft is effective and easy to use.

48). Basic Spyware Defense Mechanisms  By : Mitch Johnson
There are several ways to avoid spyware from downloading on your computer.

49). Battling Spyware Threats  By : Mitch Johnson
Read the user license agreement before downloading freeware. They may ask for authorization of ad supported material being downloaded.

50). Detect and Remove Spyware  By : Mitch Johnson
Different spyware scan tools that can be downloaded or purchased to avoid identity theft.

51). Stepping up to Spyware  By : Mitch Johnson
Consumers can take several precautions to help avoid spyware from affecting their computer.

52). Cell Phone Blogging: Change the Way you Post your Blogs!  By : Sandra Stammberger
Cellular phones are exclusively for voice call functions before. It is used in places where there are no available telephone services.

53). How companies are fighting spyware together.  By : Mitch Johnson
Several companies are integrating their software to effectively battle spyware. One such example is Microsoft and OPSWAT Inc.

54). Countering Privacy Invasions of Spyware  By : Mitch Johnson
Spyware can infest your computer by piggybacking with an application you are downloading, or by just going to the wrong website.

55). Legal Action Against Spyware  By : Mitch Johnson
The SPY Act has been recently passed to give you some control over the spyware that downloads onto your computer without your permission.

56). How Viruses and Spyware Get In to your computer  By : Mitch Johnson
Be careful of what you download on your computer.It can cause viruses or spyware to infect your computer.

57). All the Spyware Security you Need: For Free  By : Mitch Johnson
There are several anti-spyware programs available online for free. It is a good idea to download more than one, as it can improve your chances of catching spyware if one program missed it.

58). How Spyware Gets to your Hardrive.  By : Mitch Johnson
Not only does spyware cause annoying popups as you surf the internet, it can also cause computers to crash.

59). The Internet and Finding People  By : Sandra Stammberger
Remember that hilarious guy you met at the casino on your last cruise? What about that best friend you had from the high school you transferred from your sophomore year? What about that long lost crush; how is she? Everyone needs to find someone at sometime in their life, and sometimes that can be difficult. Short of hiring a private detective, there are few options available. With the proliferation of the Internet, there is another place to turn.

60). Countering the Spread of Spyware on your Computer.  By : Mitch Johnson
Companies are taking initiative for reducing spyware, as is the government.

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