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1). How To Write Quality SEO Optimized Articles  By : Doug Pare
Lets go over the theory behind article marketing. What is it actually all about.

2). Exposed: The Six Deadly Sins of Article Marketing  By : Wyatt Lee
The web is built on one factor: content. Providing content to content-hungry webmasters and publishers all over the Internet is a virtual goldmine. Savvy online business owners like you are getting real and lasting results from article marketing, including free publicity, more traffic, increased sales, and of course tons of links from the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

3). Do NOT Submit Your Articles, Until You Read This  By : Wyatt Lee
To all article authors out there: do not submit your articles, until you know how to avoid some of the common mistakes that many authors out there make.

4). Boost Your Sales With Articles  By : Jason Johns
Discover how you can use the power of article marketing to boost your sales with minimal effort.

5). Your Internet Home Business Opportunity  By : james lowe
How to add the content that will get people coming to visit your site.

6). How to Perform Research for an Article  By : Hege Crowton
When researching and writing an article, it is important to avoid committing any form of plagiarism. Plagiarism can easily be avoided by crediting the original author when needed. If you research an article and then use the general idea to write you own, the article can be considered your own and there is no need to credit an outside author.

7). Effectively Using Keywords within Articles  By : Hege Crowton
Although there are many different factors that can influence how well a web page will perform within search engine rankings, keywords are commonly viewed as the single most important factor. As the internet grows, so does the competition for search engine rankings for popular keywords.

8). Common Writing Errors and Misused Words  By : Hege Crowton
Agreement of Subjects and Verbs It is important to make sure subjects and verbs agree within a sentence. This may sound simple, but it is a common mistake that is often seen in longer articles. Incorrect-In the United States of America, personal liberty and justice has always been staples of American philosophy.

9). The Proper Structure of an Article  By : Hege Crowton
Article Form The majority of articles are written in one of two forms: paragraph or point. Each form can be useful and appropriate for different topics and purposes. News, opinion and descriptive articles are normally written in paragraph form.

10). Improving Sentence Construction in Articles  By : Hege Crowton
Example of an unclear pronoun reference To be successful in college, it is vital to follow several key steps, including attending class and studying thoroughly. This is the most effective way to achieve high grades.

11). Focus ñ Biggest Internet Marketing Success Secret  By : Daegan Smith
If you are just starting for your journey in internet marketing, it will be more confusing and perplexed than you have imagined. There are all sorts of marketing techniques and method that you do not know where to get those terms that are being embedded in your mind.

12). Tips On How To Write An Article  By : Hege Crowton
There are many people out there who want to get into article marketing but are not able to do so because they simply do not know how. Writing articles is a very easy and effective way of marketing and it can be a method that can save you quite a bit of money not having to hire other internet marketers to promote your site/product for you.

13). Article Marketing, What Good Can It Do?  By : Hege Crowton
When mentioning article marketing there are still many people who laugh and shake there head. Typical comments from these people are often “whet good can one article do”? You know, that person is actually very right when asking this question in a laughing matter because one article in itself will not do much good at all.

14). Submitting Articles, What To Do And What Not To Do  By : Hege Crowton
When first getting into article marketing many of you will find out that coming up with good content for an article can at times be quite challenging but this is just the first step of getting your article viewed by people.

15). Save Money, Do Your Own Internet Marketing  By : Hege Crowton
Are you having to hire internet marketers to help you promote your website and/or product for you? If so you know that this can end up costing quite a bit with all the things they are telling you to do and you are probably taking their word for it also, right?

16). Writing Articles Should Be Fun  By : Hege Crowton
Many article marketers can very often find themselves dreading writing articles and I must say that this has also happened to me several times. This is bound to happen especially if you are a person who does a lot of article writing and who does this on a daily basis.

17). Writing Articles For Extra Income  By : Hege Crowton
Most people know that there is a lot of money to be made on the internet but not everybody knows that writing articles can actually bring in quite a nice little income for people who like to write.

18). Killer Tips To Get Your Article Read  By : Robert Rogers
To make sure that your articles get read and enjoyed, here are six red hot tips to get your articles read. These tips will make your articles readable and interesting.

19). Profiting From Article Submissions  By :
We have scanned the net to locate the best home based business ideas, opportunities and resources that will enable you work from home successfully..

20). A Great Way To Get In The Niche Of Things  By : Hege Crowton
Never again will you have to waste your precious time wading through giant directories trying to find a place for your article, only to get lost in a tangled web of subcategory after subcategory. Gone are the days of submitting articles only to have them buried deep within a broad directory.

21). The Top 10 Article Directories to Post Your Content  By : Daegan Smith
Words can be very powerful. This is the contention of the many people who are into article marketing nowadays. This is because article marketing is the new way of promoting their business without having to resort to costly advertisements.

22). Article Marketing = Power Posturing  By : Daegan Smith
Marketing a product is the most important thing that must be done to let people know that a product exists. By getting the people hooked into a product and explaining how this can benefit the individual, a sale has been done.

23). Generate Huge Traffic Through Article Marketing  By : Daegan Smith
Articles can offer information to your readers and can let you demonstrate your capabilities. When you post your articles, you can create traffic to your web site and generate links back to it.

24). Why I Love Article Marketing  By : Daegan Smith
An Internet businessís success heavily relies on the sort of exposure your website receives through Internet traffic. Article marketing, in my opinion, is actually one of the smartest and most productive strategy you can choose.

25). Submit Articles for Massive Traffic  By : Daegan Smith
Writing Articles and submitting them to article banks all over the internet can help boost your web siteís traffic more than you can Imagine. It is cheap, sometimes almost free, hassle free and you can have the challenge of actually having to think for more than ten minutes while your computer is open.

26). How to Quickly and Easily Write Traffic Generating Article?  By : Daegan Smith
The craft of writing as well as its theories can be studied and learned but article sense or the ability to ìsmellî the topic that would generate traffic in your website can only be learned through experience and interest.

27). How to Easily Create 100s of Articles This Week without Writing a Single Word  By : Daegan Smith
If you are not so much into writing but you are aware that articles are relatively important to your success, then you would think of better ways in order to generate an alternative move.

28). Article Marketing: The Value Of Original Articles  By : Saleem Rana
When we focus on quality rather than quantity, knowledge rather than superficiality, and providing genuine value over unoriginality, our article marketing does take longer to work, but the results are far superior.

29). What the %@#& Does Keyword Density Have To Do With Article Marketing?  By : Joshua Kilpatrick
Keyword density and placement are important parts of optimizing your articles for search engines. Search engine spiders scan a page in a way that makes it important to place your keywords where they will be detected and recognized as a keyword, so that your article will come up when someone searches for that keyword.

30). Creating Articles Around Niche Subjects For Profit  By : Joshua Kilpatrick
Choosing a good niche subject to base your website around is one of the most important aspects of making money off of your articles. This will give you a foundation to build from and you can target one general audience with a pack of keywords that they are most likely to be searching for.

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