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1). Fighting Fleas Indoors – How to Treat for Them in your Home  By : Michael Plante
Unless your cat is strictly an indoor family feline, chances are it has brought fleas inside the house from the outside! Your first course of action is to treat your yard with insecticide to kill any fleas and larvae...

2). Can You Spoil Your Cat  By : John Savage
Cats, despite their loveable and inimitable independent tendencies, really do thrive when attention is lavished upon them.

3). How To Stop A Dog From Chewing  By : Terence Young
Most normal dogs will bite and chew. While you cannot completely erase this behavior, you can regulate it and influence the dog’s behavior.

4). How To Stop A Puppy From Biting  By : Terence Young
Most normal puppies will bite and chew. While you cannot completely erase this behavior, they can regulate it and influence the puppy’s behavior. To control your puppy’s biting behavior, you should understand the reason behind it.

5). 15 Must Know Tips When Travelling With Your Westie  By : Jeff Cuckson
Make Your Vacation or Long Trip More Enjoyable For Everyone including your west highland white terrier

6). Top Signs - Was Your Cat Poisoned?  By : Michael Plante
Cats are curious by nature. Because of their curious nature, it is easy for cats to ingest poisons that can cause them to become very ill...

7). How to Train My Dog to Stay  By : Terence Young
Getting the pet to stay put in a place is important. It will be very frustrating to have your guest being uncomfortable when your dog is pouncing or jumping around.

8). How to Get my Dog to Play Fetch  By : Terence Young
This article will provide a simple guide on how to teach your dog to play fetch as part of a dog obedience program.

9). How to Stop My Dog From Jumping on People  By : Terence Young
There are some specific reasons why dog obedience training for puppies is important. One of those is to stop puppies from jumping on people. It may not grow out of the habit and pounce on you continuously.

10). Gourmet Dog Treats  By : Joseph Then
People love ‘mans best friend’ and they in turn love us back. Dogs become part of our families. They live with us, sleep with us, eat with us, protect us and give us unconditional love. We treat our dogs like children.

11). Dog Training - Basic Commands & Rules  By : Gerald McNicholl
When considering training your own dog or having someone else to help you train it, there are certain basic commands that must be mastered by your dog.

12). How To Teach Your Dog To Sit?  By : Terence Young
Close your eyes and picture yourself playing with your dog and having him stop and sit whenever you want - isn’t that a pretty picture? If you love your dog, and I am sure that all of you pet lovers out there do so, you will do your best to educate him.

13). 3 Fundamental Steps To Raise A Healthy Dog  By : Gerald McNicholl
A good diet, Plenty of fresh water, and lots of exercise are essential for raising a healthy dog.

14). How To Potty Train Your Puppy?  By : Terence Young
My dog was adorable during his days as a puppy, but of course, there were some moments when I didn’t think the same way.

15). 7 Tips For Choosing Aquarium Fish  By : Lee Dobbins
Learn about the 7 things you should think about when buying fish for your aquarium.

16). How To Teach Your Dog To Lie Down?  By : Terence Young
How many of you haven’t had difficulties when trying to teach your dog how to lie down? I must admit I had! Some say it’s just as easy as training your dog how to sit, but I think that many of you pet-owners agree with me when I say that it takes a lot more patience.

17). How To Teach Your Dog To Stop Barking?  By : Terence Young
I guess that when you own a dog, the barking comes with the territory. From my experience I can tell you that you cannot make a dog not bark at all, though you can control it.

18). What to Do When Your Dog is Bleeding  By : John Edwards
When minor accidents occur, a simple first aid treatment is all that is necessary to keep small wounds from getting worse and to stop the bleeding. Below are steps to follow to control your dog’s bleeding.

19). How To Avoid Disease In Your Aquarium  By : Lee Dobbins
Tips on keeping your fish healthy and your aquarium disease free.

20). How to Resuscitate Your Dog if His Heart Stops Beating  By : John Edwards
A dog’s breathing and heartbeat can suddenly stop after being in a traffic accident, drowning, poisoning, or from shock. When this happens, it is crucial to administer an immediate cardiac massage as well as artificial respiration in order to save his life.

21). How to stop your dog from biting?  By : Terence Young
Statistics prove that if you follow these nine advices continuously and don’t break any of them than your dog will be calmer and he won’t be tempted to bite anyone.

22). Take Care Of Your Cat; Take Care Of Yourself  By : Christopher Byrnes
How cat care helps owners care for themselves.

23). 10 Tips to a Well Behaved Dog  By : Terence Young
I remember the first days when I got my puppy: he was adorable and I felt so enthusiastic that he will grow to be a beautiful and well-behaved dog, or at least I was hopping that it will be this way!

24). Plants For Your Fish Tank  By : Lee Dobbins
Plants can help enhance the look of your fish tank but did you know that they also provide your fish with a great place to spawn and hide? Learn how to plant them and what they need to thrive.

25). First Aid for Dog Poisoning  By : John Edwards
Because of the dog’s curious nature, they are usually poisoned by ingestion. In order to prevent your dog from accidental poisoning, you must keep all household chemicals that are potentially toxic out of his reach.

26). Choosing A Good Dog Obedience School  By : Lee Dobbins
Everyone wants a well trained dog, but sometimes your pet may be a little difficult or you just might not have the time or know how to train him properly. Luckily you can get help and it’s as easy as enrolling your dog in a dog obedience school.

27). Training Your Pet Ferret  By : Lee Dobbins
Some basic tips on training your ferret.

28). Natural Ways to Prevent and Treat Arthritis in Dogs  By : John Edwards
Arthritis and bone disease are very common in dogs and usually take one of several types. These include hip dysplasia, dislocation of the kneecap, arthritis of the elbow, swelling and pain in the leg bones, and degeneration of the shoulder joint.

29). Puppy Training using the “Reward” Method  By : Bradley Smith
This article describes the basics of puppy training using the "reward method".

30). Decorating Your Tropical Aquarium  By : Lee Dobbins
Make your aquarium a focal point of your decor and find out how decorations are not just for looks.

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