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271). Disproves God...  By : Terry Dashner
Disproves God…Terry Dashner………………Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013Can scientific discovery disprove God? If t

272). Coming of Age: Part 1  By : Dr. Dorree Lynn
A Valentine For Grown-UpsAnd All Those Who Will Someday Be Over FiftyPart One of Two Every six seconds, an American man or wom

273). Encompix Newsletter Puts Orbitform President Mike Shirkey in  By : Thomas Cutler
In the increasingly competitive world of engineer-to-order and project-based manufacturing, companies have to operate at maximum efficiency to compete

274). How Big Buildings Circulate Air?  By : Thomas Yoon
How do big shopping complexes, offices and commercial buildings cool their indoor space? For big buildings, we need big cooling capacitie

275). Order your Tsunami VideoPhone Now! All International Calls 2  By : Nate Perkins, CEO VoIP Communications
Order your Tsunami VideoPhone today at: or call 1800-904-VoIP (8647) Will Ship over nite.Service Plans: VoIP Co

276). Integrating Soul and Science  By : Robert Bruce Baird
"Spirit is beyond the void of space. This realm, beyond the void, is not an empty nothingness; it is the womb of creation. -- Nature goes to the same

277). Accurate Pre-Neolithic Calendars  By : Robert Bruce Baird
Braden is quite wrong when he says the initiations to this knowledge began about two thousand years ago. I think that is when some people emboldened

278). Home theater projector :the ultimate in home entertainment  By : ian tham
If you have been salivating for a true home theater experience a projector beats any of the new fangled television technologies any time. Thi

279). Creative Presentation Openers That Work  By : Debbie Bailey
Most presenters begin their presentation in the usual manner…“Hello my name is Fred Flintstone and I am here today to discuss technology in pr

280). Intuition - Part I  By : Sam Vaknin
I. The Three IntuitionsIA. Eidetic IntuitionsIntuition is supposed to be a form of direct access. Yet, direct access to what? Does it

281). Unconditional Intuition  By : White Feather
Intuition is neither positive nor negative; neither good nor bad, neither male nor female. It just is. It is unconditional.Where do we receive

282). The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence  By : Susan Dunn, MA, Emotional Intelligence Coach
While we all, at some level, understand that we’re motivated by pain and pleasure, it’s amazing how we can learn, especially in our Western culture, t

283). CorVu Training With Encompix ETO ERP  By : Thomas Cutler
Encompix, (, the leading ETO (Engineer-to-Order) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) leader is now offering CorVu Training. These are

284). Marriage And Money  By : Dr. Dorree Lynn
Studies show that money issues are the highest cause of marital conflict and cause for divorce. Conflicts over money and money management outweigh con

285). Spring Cleaning  By : Gayla Swihart DeHart
Spring is such a refreshing time- we are filled with the hope and promise of the seasons ahead. The flowers blossom, our spirits lift. This is a great

286). That's Not How It's S'posed To Be  By : Susan Dunn, MA, Personal Life & EQ Coach
When things are not “how they’re supposed to he,” how we suffer. Life events which assault our assumptions of how life should be are difficult to hand

287). What is 'Kundalini'?  By : Robert Morgen
The Kundalini is a pool of energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine and which can be and often is, accessed, allowing the student/victim to

288). Digital archiving; Preparing for the worst… preparing for th  By : Jay Corrao – Copyright 2005
What would happen if one day the basement flooded, or God forbid, your house was to burn down or any other natural disaster were to strike your home?

289). Matrix and the NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) Theor  By : Dr Kedar Joshi FSS PBSSI MRI
The NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) theory is the most advanced, theoretically accurate, unificatory theory that is deeply related to the ide

290). Chatting  By : Fasih Hasan
Chatting is a technology through which two persons sitting at a long distance come what may at the two ends of the world, can talk to each other, eith

291). Fading into Sameness: How Too Many Slides Can Ruin Your Pres  By : Debbie Bailey
"I have a love/hate relationship with PowerPoint. In the right hands, it's a great presentation tool. In the wrong hands (and unfortunately, most usag

292). How useful is a Dream Dictionary really?  By : Diane de Villiers
At the start of your dream journey, one of the most frustrating things is to figure out what the symbolism in your dreams means! Most often people sta

293). What is a broadband phone  By : Aki Majima
A broadband phone is one that makes phone calls over the Internet using the IP protocol. Several large broadband phone companies have come to the fo

294). VPN over Satellite: A comparison of approaches  By : Richard McKinney and Russell Lambert
As awareness of VSAT Systems satellite Internet access ( becomes more wide spread, demand for secure connections from remote loca

295). The Telephone – A Brief History  By : Jason Morris
During the 1870’s, two well known inventors both independently designed devices that could transmit sound along electrical cables. Those inventors wer

296). Audiovox Cell Phone Accessories - Cheap Online  By : Martin Smith
Our phones already have lots of features built in, like integrated digital cameras, color display, even PDA's. Audiovox phones also have lots of acc

297). "The Beginner Buyer's Guide To Digital Cameras, Or The Ins A  By : Warren Lynch
The Beginners buyer's guide to digital cameras or The Ins and Outs ofMegapixels. By Warren Lynch http://www.wlynch.comThe most imp

298). How to Control Your Anger: Retreat and Think Things over  By : Dr. Tony Fiore
Jim and Mary Jones loved each other deeply, but often went into horrific verbal battles over any number of issues. They would argue and yell for hours

299). Intel Delivers Next-Generation Processors Specifically Desig  By : ARA
Intel Delivers Next-Generation Processors Specifically Designed For Cell Phones And Wireless PDAs New Devices Equipped to Handle Multiple F

300). Databases – How We Love to Hate Them!  By : Cavyl Stewart
You’ve finally created databases that you can actually use to store and manipulate all your critical data. That’s great news and quite an acco

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