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271). Predators  By : Mohammad Ali Abid
The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said “It is prohibited upon my nation to eat whatever has claws & what has canine tooth, from predatory animals” [Refer to

272). What is EEPROM ?  By : Jestine Yong
EEPROM stands for Electrical Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory and also referred to as E²PROM. As the name suggest, an EEPROM can be both erased

273). Denso Cell Phone Accessories - For Your Phone  By : Martin Smith
Accessorizing your cell phone is both easy and affordable with Denso cell phone accessories and among the extensive variety of accessories for you to

274). How to interpret the most common dreams  By : Ken Sheldrake
Kevin Sheldrake is the dream expert at a free site with answers to all your p

275). How to Survive Christmas using the Tarot  By : Toni Allen
Christmas, the season of goodwill and cheer is nearly upon us. Whether one loves it or hates it there is no avoiding it. Many people try to escape it

276). Lugh Long Arm  By : Robert Bruce Baird
Lugh is a sun-god before he became the Milesian or De Danaan person who this story is about. At Inyo near Bishop California a fellow researcher named

277). Radio Telephones - Description  By : Jeremy Maddock
Radio telephones are communication devices, which allow two people to talk to one another using a radio. Although they are similar to

278). The Pentagram and the SUN (RA)  By : Robert Bruce Baird
The Pentagon-Dodecahedron was a representation of earth's tectonic plates. The ancients built a network of megalithic structures upon it for many pur

279). Super Woman  By : Robert Elias Najemy
Super WomanRobert Elias NajemySituations & Lessons SeriesKatherine is very conscientious, a hard worker and reliable in all ca

280). Fairy Tales Can Come True  By : Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
In private moments we may find ourselves reflecting upon our lives, what could have been, and our true potential. We often cast our hopes and dreams a

281). Fire Evacuation Drill with a Difference  By : Thomas Yoon
I had been given the task to organize a fire evacuation drill specifically for only a certain area in a building.As ridiculous as it may s

282). Getting Back on Track When Sidetracked  By : Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.
Good results will come from doing your job well in the process. Don’t set yourself up for failure by projecting outcomes or final results. I

283). Facing DVD Software Dilemma? It's brainlessly simple.  By : David D. Deprice
With DVD players in every household, a lot of folks would like to be able to copy, backup, author or shrink DVDs. Do you know which software is approp

284). Be A Great Date  By : Dr. Gayla DeHart
The single life can be fun. But whether you are looking for a partner, or just enjoying meeting new people, dating is part of what being single is all

285). What Is This Thing Called Love?  By : John Cali
What Is This Thing Called Love?John CaliSince Valentine’s Day will be here in less than a week, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk abou

286). GPS Cell Phones  By : Anne King
Motivated by the events of 9/11 2001 and problems with 911 calls from cellular phones, the FCC requires that by the end of 2005 all cell phone carrie

287). Expansion for Heat Absorption  By : Thomas Yoon
In the refrigeration cycle, the refrigerant must undergo a change in state in order for the heat to be absorbed from the environment.The

288). Where Have all the People Gone?  By : John Sheridan
When companies advertise their services or goods, they are looking for just one end result - sales. It's a simple straightforward concept - it's busin

289). Joshian Conjectures ( i.e. Superultramodern Scientific Conje  By : Dr Kedar Joshi
Following are some conjectures of Dr Kedar Joshi ( i.e. myself ) that are more or less essential to the superultramodern science. 1. Joshian

290). Fair Sentences  By : konstantin otto
Fair sentences! "Objective Subjectivity is to appreciate the subjectivity own by a being, without to try deform it [contaminate] with the sub

291). Superultramodern Problems ( SPro )  By : Dr Kedar Joshi, PBSSI, MRI
The Most Challenging (Unsolved) Problems in Superultramodern Science (SS) 1. What are Superhuman Thoughts ? ( How to Understand Them ? )

292). Back to Square One  By : Terry Dashner
Back to Square OneTerry Dashner………………Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013We’ve come full circle. We’re back to s

293). Easy Tips for Digital Photo Touchups  By : John Howard
Using a digital camera to take pictures is great. It's easy and quick. Just as easy and quick is touching up those digital photos Is your image too d

294). I Will Trust...  By : Terry Dashner
I Will Trust…Terry Dashner……Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013Robert Hastings writes, “In May of 1970, a disas

295). The Keltoi and Metis  By : Robert Bruce Baird
The CIA's motto is "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." That is hard to swallow to say the least. The Fatimids and t

296). Desalination of Sea Water in Australia  By : Tobi Nagy
DESALINATION OF SEA WATER IN AUSTRALIAA new Life-Line or an Expensive Pipedream?Desalination has been touted as the saviour for Australia’

297). What’s up with a Plasma TV?  By : Mike
What’s up with a Plasma TV?Plasma TV has brought television watching to a whole new level of quality entertainment. Screens can be wider on p

298). Book Review: Origins of Modern Witchcraft  By : Randall Sapphire
Origins of Modern Witchcraft: The Evolution of a World ReligionAuthor: Ann MouraTrade Paperback, 336 pagesPublisher: LlewellynPublica

299). 'Palmistry for Fun and Profit' - A Remarkable Ebook Review  By : C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot
'Palmistry for Fun and Profit' - A Remarkable Ebook Reviewby C. Bailey-LloydPer Hogset is quoted as saying, "How to Find Out ANYTHING abou

300). The Superultramodern Scientific Explanation of the Fundament  By : Dr Kedar Joshi
Part IThe particle theorists' explanation of the fundamental forces - 1) Explanation of the force of repulsion - 'In quantum

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