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421). The Magi  By : Robert Bruce Baird
THE MAGI:I find no real fault in Constantine’s inclusion or plagiarization of earlier and other systems of thought or their symbology into Rom

422). Cell Phones Accessories - Get More...  By : Martin Smith
Accessories can complete an outfit, dress up something like a purse, a coat or shoes. Accessories can also add to the performance of something like a

423). Scientists Declaration about The Holy Quran and Islam-Dr. Ma  By : Dr. Maurice Bucaille
He is the author of a best-seller, "The Bible, The Qur'ân and Science" (1976). His classical studies of the scriptural languages, including Arabic, in

424). Socket Communications Announces Support for Windows Mobile-b  By :
SDIO Connectivity Products Enable Mobile Workers to Leverage the Existing Wireless InfrastructureNewark, CA– 3/23/2004 — Socket Communication

425). Are You Copernic Conscious?  By : John Calder
© 2004, John Calderhttp://www.TheEzine.netOften overlooked by Internet marketers, software manufacturer Copernic Technologies offers some

426). Save now on Music DVDs  By :
Usher,U2,Dave Matthews Band. Low prices on 10,000 music videos. About the Author None

427). Datacraft Solutions’ Founder Marotta Comments on e-Kanban Be  By : Thomas Cutler
Currently Datacraft Solutions ( is the only true ASP provider in the e-kanban market space. Some of the other competitors p

428). Pay as you go with a Prepaid Cell Phone  By : Robyn Hetzel
It’s hard to look back and imagine what we did before we had cell phones! If you were out and about, and needed to call someone quickly - you would f

429). Mystical Physicists  By : Robert Bruce Baird
Mystical Physicists:By Robert Bruce BairdINSPIRATIONAL COMMENTS:“There is a principle which is a bar against all info

430). Informative Speech Topic Ideas  By : Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc
Need an Informative Speech Topic?I've never had trouble choosing an informative speech topic- I started speaking after I was already learning

431). Technology and change are stressing your life  By : Clive Simpkins
Technology and change are stressing your life Years ago, Holmes & Rahe crafted the first formal measure of the impact of stress on people. At the to

432). Positive Law  By : Terry Dashner
“Positive Law”Based upon Nietzsche’s foundation of atheism, the utilitarianism of Bentham and Mill, and a Darwinian view of the development of

433). The Nos Feratu  By : Robert Bruce Baird
The Caduceus has the pine cone representing the Pineal Gland which it looks like. Clearly the Edwin Smith Codex alone should be enough to tell us tha

434). The Real Benefits of VoIP  By : Nicholas Windley
You may not have considered it but there are many benefits that businesses can achieve by utilising data networks to carry their voice traffic (VoIP)

435). Who’s the Hero of your Story?  By : Scott Jeffrey
What can we learn from the heroes of the Silver Screen? With the Spiderman movie having grossed roughly $334.3 million, shattering previous

436). The Institute of Noetic Sciences  By : Robert Bruce Baird
The possibility of sentient beings on earlier solar systems said to be many billions of years older than our own, developing travel and transposition

437). Small Business Phone Systems – A Brief Explanation  By : Jason Morris
How a business presents itself to its customers has to be the single most important factor in its potential success. In days gone by usually your firs

438). VoIP - What is the Problem?  By : E. B. Randall
In the beginning, when the Internet Protocol was first designed, no one was thinking about the possibilities of sending audio and video. Real time co

439). Count Rumford - VIP Spy  By : Robert Bruce Baird
Why did FDR say Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Count Rumford were the three most important Americans? (1) Why did the Holy Roman Empire and t

440). How to recover lost digital images - photography software ov  By : David D. Deprice
Image Recall 3 your digital images? DON'T PANIC! New ImageRecall Version 3 recovers more formats

441). Creating Your Presentation Success With a Positive "I Can" A  By : Debbie Bailey
According to the Lamalle Report on Top Executives of the 1990s, one of the most important factors in determining financial success by those earning o

442). Quartz vs Mechanical watch  By : ian tham
Traditional mechanical watches had their origins in the 14th century. The mechanical watch is powered by a wound spring and the balance wheel regulate

443). Controls - The Building Blocks to Automation  By : Thomas Yoon
As man learns to make machines that no longer rely on animal or human power, he finds that he has to develop some means to manage and control

444). "The Importance of Emotional Intelligence"  By : Perry Akasha Lonsdale
REPRINT GUIDELINES=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=You are free to publish the following article in it'sentirety

445). A cluster of atoms  By : Khalil A. Cassimally
Imagine a new variety of compounds; compounds that have properties never seen before or simply compounds that have properties more pronounced than tho

446). Mobile Phone Buyers Guide from Paul Smith
If you already have a mobile phone, you can switch to a different network and take your phone number with you, although you may need a different hands

447). Human Cultural Evolution(?)  By : Robert Bruce Baird
Human Cultural Evolution: If we think about it at this juncture, clearly there is little to commend this Judaeo/ Christian/Islamic God if he

448). Dixon Bayco Chooses ERP System by PRONTO North America  By : Thomas Cutler
Dixon-Bayco Industries is a manufacturer of quality industrial and recreational products. These products are marketed worldwide. The company was found

449). Living Authentically in a Masked World  By : Delores Williams
Humanity seems to be the only species that never seems pleased with its own. People tend to spend the majority of their life living up to an i

450). Bodies With Lots to Say  By : John Sheridan
Bodies With Lots to Say.I once read somewhere that at least 90% of language is non-verbal. How do we communicate then if only 10% of a

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