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61). Superultramodern Engineering (SEng)  By : Dr Kedar Joshi, PBSSI, MRI
Superultramodern Engineering (SEng) is non - spatial engineering (in contrast with spatial engineering). It's a practical application of the NSTP (No

62). The Interrupted Self  By : Sam Vaknin
Also read this - Psychophysics fundament of our mind is the mental map we create of our

63). ETO ERP Encompix Offers Tutorial Webinars  By : Thomas Cutler
Encompix, the leading ETO (Engineer-to-Order) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) leader is now offering On-line Tutorials at their members section of

64). The face of the Call Center business is chang  By : Richard Logan
Conservative consumers, shifting economic conditions and increasingly competitive business conditions are making it easier than ever to get new custom

65). How to Choose an Internet Service Provider  By : Ronald Vyhmeister
An ISP - Internet Service Provider - is a company that provides a gateway to the Internet for individuals and companies. In its simplest form, conn

The IT and IS community is huge. There are many different fields in the IT and IS communities just like a state has different cities. Since IT and IS

67). How to avoid Accidents at Construction Sites  By : Thomas Yoon
One of the best techniques of preventing accidents at a large project site is to let the contractor supervisors ponder over the jobs to be done and

68). FAQs on Non-Verbal Communication/Body Language  By : Hal Warfield
How important is non-verbal communication? How can I "read" people? Read on to find out. 1. I don't understand this stuff about non-verbal

69). Internet Addiction Disorder: a Review (Part 2)  By : Ms. Aditi Singh, M.A. (Psychology), M. Phil.
MODELS OF IADClinical research on behavioral addictions has focused on compulsive gambling (8), overeating (11), and compuls

70). General Douglas MacArthur's Disappearance  By : Robert Bruce Baird
GENERAL DOUGLAS MACARTHUR: Former CIA Director James Woolsey and Bennett are out and about in 2003 telling the truth about the Cold Wa

71). Analog vs. digital cellular phones  By : Tim Gorman
Cellular phones are an amazing modern convenience, but it can be confusing for consumers to distinguish between the various options available. There a

72). Presenting with a Partner  By : Mike Faber
There are times when you’ll share "the stage" with a business or personal partner. Perhaps one of you has a better grasp of technical or other aspects

73). Encompix ETO ERP Announces Discounted Modifications  By : Thomas Cutler
The Mods Store is a library of modifications Encompix has developed for its customers over the years. The Store likely contains modifications develope

74). God v. Gods  By : Robert Bruce Baird
Aristotle referred to happiness as the most we can achieve. Demons and gods were interchangeable in the time of Homer when people had far less institu

75). Superultramodern Scientism (SSism)  By : Dr Kedar Joshi, PBSSI
Superultramodern Scientism (SSism) is Scientism of Superultramodern Science (SS). Without SSism, SS would be seen as a philosophy instead of science.

76). Frend Rational and Enemy  By : konstantin otto c. botschkowski
Friend, Rational and Enemy! "Freunde Sind Die Menchen mit Gleichen Weltanchauung!" Arthur Schopenhauer [Friends are the people with the same o

77). Not Sure Whether to Get Sirius Radio?  By : Christine Breen
Sirius satellite radio is a service offering 100 streams of Sirius radio featuring digital-quality, music, news, sports and entertainment programming.

78). PRONTO North America Looks to Process Evaluation Executive R  By : Thomas Cutler
According to PRONTO North America CEO, Michael Ligudzinski, “We have learned to move beyond the executive workshop to look at the enterprise-wide proc

79). MYTHS AND FACTS ABOUT ANGER  By : Pauline Wallin, Ph.D.
You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included and the article is publish

80). Programmed life  By : Khalil A. Cassimally
Does aging happen by chance? Is aging the breaking down of an organism till the latter eventually stops working?According to Valter Longo’s la

81). The Measurement Problem in Quantum Mechanics  By : Sam Vaknin
Arguably the most intractable philosophical question attached to Quantum Mechanics (QM) is that of Measurement. The accepted (a.k.a. Copenhagen) Inter

82). Two-Step Your Communication  By : Robert F. Abbott
Ever use someone else to get your message out?For example, big, multi-location companies sometimes make important announcements through local

83). 10 Ways your Dreams can Enhance your Life  By : Diane de Villiers
The ultimate purpose of dreaming is to provide you with daily guidance in your Life Journey … to help you find the best way to solve problems and open

84). The Intricacies Of A Modern Compound Microscope  By : Wendy Butler
The compound microscope is one form of microscope that uses a single glass lens of short focal length for the object while another single glass lens f

85). Full Version Pocket PC Games Free  By : Dan Ayala
Play Games Instead Do you like your full version pocket pc games free? Most people do. The world of freeware downloads for your pda or

86). "The Mastery of Learning" in Context  By : Melvin Lewis Thomas
Metaphysical circles often characterize incarnation as consisting of four bodies that work in concert to give us what we know of as a human. These ar

87). Science vs. Healers  By : Robert Bruce Baird
Sherry (My ex) had a couple of problems of a medical nature. Her hypoglycemia had been miss-diagnosed and she had been given massive cortisone shots

88). ETO ERP Leader Encompix Delivers Competitive Advantage to Oh  By : Thomas Cutler
ENERFAB is a leading process solution firm with design and build capabilities serving the process industries including chemical, food and beverage, mi

89). Buying A Cell Phone – Making Smart Choices  By : Lillian Fuller
Whether you’re buying your first cell phone, upgrading to a newer one or contemplating a new cell phone plan, it’s a good idea to thoroughly

90). Ways to keep your children happy and busy  By : Phil Wiley
So your children are bored? They want something to do? “No! Not that mum, something fun!”Sound familiar?If you’re lost for ideas then you

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