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1). Smaller Stun Guns Offer Just As Much Power  By : Adam Walls
Mini stun guns can provide just as much, sometimes more, power than a normal sized stun gun, and it fits in the palm of your hand or on a belt clip most of the time.

2). Different Aspects Of A Compact Digital Camera  By : Joseph Then
Compact digital cameras not only capture but store photographs electronically so there is no need for film or having them developed like a regular camera. New multifunctional digital cameras can take photographs, record sound and/or video.

3). Discover Why People Buy A Digital Camera  By : Joseph Then
When it comes to the purchase of a camera there are more digital cameras being purchased than there are of the traditional cameras now days.

4). Are You At Risk of Losing All Your Data?  By : Joseph Then
Have you ever imagined the day when you have spent 4 hours on an important report, only to discover that you have run out of battery and all your work is gone? Don’t you wish you have a back up battery somewhere?

5). Digital Cameras Available In Many Varieties  By : Joseph Then
With the large variety and quality of digital cameras out there how are going to know what kind you are going to use with ease? You are going to want to go and checkout all the different options and features that you are going to be able to choose from.

6). Choosing A Chair Lift For Life  By : John Morris
For some people, getting up from a sitting position can be quite a chore. Lift chairs help in this regard. In today’s modern world lift chairs offer those who have difficulty sitting down and getting up from sitting the opportunity to live normal lives even with their disability...

7). Don’t Throw Those “Extra” Cables Away!  By : Charles Kassotis
You never know when that “extra” cable will come in handy. Hang onto it!

8). Different Features of Dehumidifiers  By : James Hunt
Dehumidifiers are apparatuses used for removing water vapor from the air. A room dehumidifier is a small, portable unit that can be placed in the center...

9). Metal Detectors to Get That Rare Find  By : Jessica Deets
Metal detectors electronic devices and are used to locate signs of metal. It is used to search on the ground, people or goods. The materials can be on the ground may be a piece of iron, aluminum, etc or it can even indicate buried metal could be anything from discarded pieces of aluminum to buried resources. These detectors can penetrate various non-metallic substances like soil, wood, sand, etc.

10). Laser Pointers for Presentations and Teaching  By : James Hunt
Laser pointers are very popular amongst business professionals and teachers who use these pointers when giving presentations and teaching in front ...

11). Radio Frequency Identification Basics  By : James Hunt
Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is the use of radio waves to identify objects. This means, unlike a barcode, one can track an item without actually having...

12). Using a Night Vision Device  By : James Hunt
It’s difficult to see in the dark. Unless there’s some light peeking in through the window or from under a door, our vision is compromised...

13). Benefits of Carbide Cutting Tools  By : John Morris
In every machining system, one simply can’t ignore the important role that cutting tools play. Oftentimes, the quality of a finished product would rely on the quality of the cutting tools...

14). Brief History of Vending Machines  By : James Hunt
There are many different types of vending machines or automatic retailing as it is also known as. There are snack, soda, gumball, toys, coffee/tea, candy...

15). As the Wind Blows: A Look at Weather Vanes  By : James Hunt
Weather vanes have been capturing the interest and imagination, of both young and old alike, for centuries. Watchful roosters overlooking barns, trotting horses topping elegant homes, these unique little weather devices have a rich history, predating the birth of Christ...

16). Answering Machines: Whatever Happened To Them ?  By : Andrew James
I remember back when the answering machine was a relatively new invention. My parents thought that it was the most amazing contraption that they had seen in years. Our answering machine was large and it had a large cassette tape in it that recorded incoming messages and another large cassette tape that played the outgoing messages

17). Forty-Two Million iPods, Which is Mine?  By : Ruben Soliman
With a growing number of iPod users, the need for efficient and discount iPod repair facilities are a must. From repairs to unique modifications, a simple iPod is now even more useful and distinct.

18). Graphical Calculators: What’s So Great About Them?  By : Andrew James
Graphing calculators are an extremely useful tool for students, scientists, engineers and mathematicians. They are basically handheld computers, much more powerful than normal calculators and capable of performing complicated algebraic functions

19). The Story Behind Zippo Lighters  By : James Hunt
It’s the king of lighters. No one can deny the allure of Zippo lighters...

20). Air Purifiers: Out With the Bad Air, In With the Good  By : James Hunt
We do it fast. We do it slow. Every day, we breathe in and out, thousands of times...

21). Air Compressors and Energy  By : James Hunt
You may discover that, even though you are using a smaller amount of compressed air, the electric energy consumed does not diminish proportionately and occasionally...

22). 230,000 Dollar Fountain Pens!?  By : John Morris
Many individuals would probably raise an eyebrow when they hear someone willing to spend $40,000 to buy a fountain pen. Renaissance Pen Co founder Patrick Pinkston, however, says that the amount - apparently exorbitant for what is seemingly ‘only’ a writing instrument - is a reflection of the fact that these pens are also considered special works of art...

23). 10 Most Common iPod Repairs  By : Ruben Soliman
With the increase of iPods, it is important to take precautionary measures to prolong the life of an iPod.


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