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61). How To Create and Market Your own E-Book  By : Michael Southon
The Internet presents an amazing opportunity for anyone who knows how to research and write. There's masses of free information on the Web - a

62). Ebook Formats (HTML)  By : Shelley Lowery
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) formatted ebooks are simply a group of web pages compressed into one .exe file for distribution. HTML ebooks

63). Develop a Kick-Ass Plot!  By : Lynette Rees
What is a plot?The dictionary definition of the word ‘plot’ relating to a story is:“The plan or main story of a literary work” [Merria

64). How to Find a Publisher for Your First Book  By : Gary R. Hess
Finding a publisher can be very strenuous. In fact, it may even be harder than actually writing the book itself. There are three things to remember

65). Tips On Writing A Killer Sales Letter  By : Andres Munoz
Writing a sales letter doesn’t have to be that difficult all you need is the right writing style and some tips to

66). What Is Persuasive Copywriting And How Can It Help Your Busi  By : Niall Cinneide
Persuasive copywriting is what draws the attention of prospective customers. They see your product and are drawn it. But what makes this happen?

67). Introduction to Document Design: Visual Organization  By : Linda Elizabeth Alexander
This article may be reprinted in your ezine, on your website, or in your print newsletter provided 1. You include the article in its entirety,

68). Can you make you customers buy like Crazy  By : Ron Cripps
Can you Make your Customers Spend like CrazyIn a Perfect World this would be a fantastic thing to Happenin your internet business.

69). The "Not-So-Secret" Formula For Good Sales Letters.  By : Ronald Dunn
Do you know the formula for writing a good sales letter?There are three steps to creating a powerful and effectivesales letter for your b

70). Love’s Art  By : Anna Biaritz Roldan
When true love is thereSometimes we are unawareThen we start to think life is unfairAnd soon we despairBut when we find out abo

71). Designing A Successful Writing Career While Standing Behind  By : Susan James
Several years ago, I received a call from a friend of mine in acity about 2 hours away. She and another had just started annew company in medi

72). Changeth  By : Lynes Celeste
Indeed I'm weak for I blasted by ecstasy, vailed lids I have and death bent. Idle am I? Tenables dirt? Am I real jump drossy?

73). Follow the yellow brick road to : Book Publishing  By : Rose DesRochers
So you have written something great and you wish to see it published. I suggest joining writing groups first and start seeking feedback that can help

74). Short Story Writing Tips - Are Matters Getting Worse For Yo  By : Nick Vernon
Things have to get worse before they can get better. This is necessary in short stories.Characters have to struggle to reach their goals. Sto

75). Image and name recognition can provide a constant stream of  By : Michael J. Berry
Does your product sell itself or does your image and name recognition determine your amount of sales? Image is a powerful management tool and

76). 10 Must Haves for Your Best-Selling Ebook  By : Kori Puckett
Content People Want Now before you say "Duh", this is where many people mess it up. Before they can even get out the gate they're destined to

77). PUT IT IN WRITING!  By : Rhoberta Shaler
Ever been asked to 'Put it in Writing.'? Sure, you have. Didyou immediately go to your desk and effortlessly record yourthoughts and suggestio

78). Designing Your Ebook Sales Page  By : Shelley Lowery
Writing and designing a great ebook is an essential part of your success. However, it is only a small part of your overall strategy. In

79). The Internet Marketing Ebook Craze: How to Make Savvy Eb  By : Darrell Finkeldei
Jeez! Internet marketing Ebooks are everywhere. "Secrets Revealed" and "Something-or-another Magic". "10,000,000 Killer Ideas" and "Instant Mo

80). A Simple Contest with a Strong Message for All Writers: Wake  By : Shelley Wake
The Blogfest 2005 Writing Contest has only been running for two weeks and already the results are overwhelming. And not because were getting far more

81). A First Time Author's Publicity Kit Material Tips  By : Laura Hickey
If you're a new author that has been requested to send publicist materials, you may feel left in the dark on what to send. Here's a list of the usual

82). Dame Barbara Cartland ( 2 )  By : Birmingham UK Com
In 1989 Barbara Cartland was the first person ever to appear twice on the famous television show 'This is your Life' Barbara Cartland has championed m

83). "The Lowdown: How To Create And Send HTML Email"  By : Steve Shaw
The Lowdown: How To Create And Send HTML EmailCopyright © 2004 Steve ShawI am frequently asked how to create and send HTML email, usually

84). Such a Tease  By : Vincent Czaplyski
The "teaser" on the outside of a direct mail envelope ismuch like the subject line of an email. It's only purpose isto get the reader to open

85). Plead  By : A.Z. Alfred
Don’t stare at me like thatFighting back those tearsWhile riding on your white horse.I know I was wrong,To have kissed her

86). Old Friend  By : FeRj Flores
ALONG our journey of life we meet different kinds of people. There are some who stays and there are some who leaves without a trace. When we are lu

87). Getting Your Children's Book Published  By : DC Green
The journey to having my first novel for children published has been riddled with road blocks and shonky bridges. The good news? At every rickety stag

88). Beginnings  By : Rita Marie Keller
Just about everyone is familiar with this beginning: In the beginning God created the heavens and earth. The earth was without form and

89). "3 Quick Tips To Becoming An Instant Copywriting Genius"  By : Ewen Chia
Copywriting is the ONE skill that will turn words into cash, and it's really the one thing you must learn if you're thinking of selling an

90). Solutions Online Magazine Announces Second Issue of 2005  By : Matthew Bratschi
Solutions Online Magazine Announces Second Issue of 2005Hollander Consultants’ Publication Adds New SectionPortland, OR: Solutions Online

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