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Find Dramatic Results With Feature Packed Bowflex Home Gyms

By:Nazima Golamaully

Setting up a home gym for your exclusive use has been one of the most popular trends recently. Not only do you get to save time from going to the gym across the town, but you also get to pick your own hours and have your privacy. But having a gym at your own place might be expensive, especially if you want to have separate equipment to tone up different parts of your body.

Bowflex proves to be a great solution to this problem. Not only is it inexpensive, but it also takes up less space, is easy to maneuver and most importantly offers you a wide range of exercises at a cost of just around $1000. This is great because to have a gym at such a price is almost unbelievable.

A Power Pro Bowflex machine offers you more than sixty different exercises that can take care of all your muscles, from your abs to your chest and arms and legs. With composite bars offering resistance in place of the regular weights you can push your body to its limit. And you donít need to worry about the stress on the equipment. Designed to last a lifetime, you get replacements for your power rods if they ever break or crack.

Bowflex asks you to take their six-week challenge and promises you that at the end of the sixth week youíll be completely different to look at in the mirror. Not only will you reduce the extra flab in your body, but you will also get to tone your body and have a great figure.

Many people complain that they donít get the time to exercise. This is a very valid point, especially in todayís world, where there are so many things to keep track of. Bowflex understands your needs and doesnít want you to invest a lot of time. All you have to do is exercise for 20 minutes a day for three days a week. And the results are pretty astounding.

Women who had used the Bowflex regularly, lost at an average 16.96 lbs a week, while men were able to shed some 27.95 lbs. These are truly amazing results when you consider that all you have to invest in is about an hour a week. And the inches you lose can be something in the range of 19 to 20 inches. Imagine how different you would look if you could shed those extra pounds and inches.

And these results are not made up. Ordinary people, with the problem of extra flab have used the Bowflex equipment under the strict supervision of Dr. Ellington Darden, one of the most noted and respected fitness experts in USA. He is also an author and a researcher.

During the program the participants used no other equipment other than the Bowflex gym.

So we can conclude that Bowflex can produce real results. All you have to do is provide an hour a week. And soon you will be the one with the perfectly toned body and a great figure.

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