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Buying Sex Toys: Which Ones Are Right For Me

By:Jenna Stevenson

Sex toys are used by many individuals and couples to help enhance sexual pleasure, but when you first delve into the world of sex toys it can all be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different types of toys to choose from, different brands, different prices, so itís easy to get so overwhelmed that you just donít know where to start.

The first thing you should do is decide specifically what you want a sex toy for. Will it be for vaginal use, anal use, or penile stimulation? Many toys can do some or all of these things, but others are used for specific purposes. When you start out knowing what you want the process is a lot less overwhelming. Shopping for sex toys should be fun, so itís something that you really have to let loose and enjoy, and itís easier to do that with a bit of planning.

One of the most common types of sexy toys is the vibrator or dildo. This is typically used for vaginal stimulation. Vibrators often have a distinct shape or curve to them to hit the infamous g-spot. There are also vibrators that have special appendages that are used to stimulate the clitoris as well. Vibrators can be quite simple and uncomplicated or they can come with a whole host of gadgets from vibrations, texture, speed control, and more!

Anal beads are a common sex toy, though they are not often talked about. While anal beads are somewhat taboo, many people swear by them to enhance the orgasmic experience. The name of this sex toy doesnít sound all that pleasing, but pulled out of the anus at the moment of orgasm is said to produce awesome sensations. Butt plugs are somewhat similar and are usually used in men to stimulate the prostate gland, though they look more like a dildo and can be inserted and manipulated for enjoyable sensation.

Sex dolls have been around for a long time and come in various forms. Blow up dolls, and now silicone body parts have really updated the sex doll for a very real feel. Sex dolls often have openings in the mouth, vaginal area, as well as the anus and have provided men with STD free fun for ages!

There are many other types of sex toys such as cock rings, penis sleeves, mechanical sex machines, and more. As rubber and plastic materials become more and more life like the realistic nature of sex toys is changing all the time, adding more pleasure in their purchase and their use.

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