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Tips On How To Write An Article

By:Hege Crowton

There are many people out there who want to get into article marketing but are not able to do so because they simply do not know how. Writing articles is a very easy and effective way of marketing and it can be a method that can save you quite a bit of money not having to hire other internet marketers to promote your site/product for you.

Although writing articles are very easy to do once you know how, getting someone to show you the tricks can be the hard part. The reason I have decided to share these tips is just for the fact that I had to learn this process the hard way, all by myself. It actually took a lot of trials and error before I was finally able to get it right and for directories to finally start to accept the articles I submitted.

The first mistake many make when writing an article is that they figure that they are writing the article in order to promote their site and therefore they should include their link or URL in the article as many times as possible. That is not acceptable since most article directories do not allow links and URLís within the article. They have a resource box on the submission page specifically for that. So, no links and URLís in the article.

Second of all when writing your article, do not advertise for your site just write informative information regarding what your site is about or the product you are promoting. No one wants to read an advertisement; they want to learn something new.
For example if you are selling dog products on your site pick one or two of the products and explain the benefits of those products and what they are along with why this would be good to have. Thatís how simple it is.

Another thing when writing the article is to use a lot of keywords. Letís say you are writing about the benefits of nutritional dog bones you would like to include words such as dog, dog bones, nutrition and pets as much as possible throughout the whole article. Do not forget to include keywords in the title of the article too. Keywords will make it easier for people to find when searching these keywords.

There is no need to make an article several pages long as a matter of fact, if it gets too long many people tend not to read it. A perfect length of an article (in my opinion) is around 600 to 700 words. Most directories have a minimum of how short an article can be and it is normally around 350 words, so if you keep in mind to keep an article at least 400 words you should be ok.

By following these few tips you should be able to write an article that will meet the standards of most article directories out there. You will only learn if you try and if an article was to be declined by some of the directories all you have to do is re-write it a little and submit it again. Donít give up because you will get it right.

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