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7 Effective Ways to Increase your Online Conversion

By:Daegan Smith

Hits or not, it is not how many have been in your website or have thought how cool it is, or how they were blown away by the graphics or laughed at those witty one liners.

It is all very simple. All that matters is how many of those people who gave your website hits, have actually made a purchase.

The bottomline is, it is irrevelant if there were a million hits on your site if these million did not buy. What is more important is that if there are a mere thousand who bought something from your site in a little less than three hours and charged their credit cards along the way. If you are selling a fifty cent item, this automatically totals to five hundred dollars. Thatís five hundred dollars of profit in three hours!

So what does it take to get those hits become dollars, cents and a whole lot of currencies?
The following are a few basic tips.

Grab them and do not let go

Websites need a headline that will immediately capture the readerís attention. This alone could help increase your websiteís hits by more than a thousand percent by three in the afternoon the next day. This fact is further supported by the great ad-man David Ogilvy who stated that most people read the headlines more than the body copy.

Know your readers

Creating headlines is no rocket science, but that does not mean it should be done carelessly. It is best that the headline created be based on the common frustrations people have. Usually, what you could ponder on is: what keeps people awake at night? If you have a clear idea as to what makes them be the way they are, that craftily written headline could easily equal to big bucks.

Curiosity always makes a killing

People always love to find out something they believe is being withheld from them. If this shows in the body copy of your website, chances are, the reader has been reading the whole copy for as long as you get them to. This is the golden rule of psychology and is one of the most successful factors in controlling the readerís attention and hopefully their intent to purchase proves positive as well. Usually though, it does.

The shock factor

It has been proven that people could not care less on matters they already know. Fortunately or unfortunately in this world, controversy sells.
It usually helps if you present readers with a fact that they have always considered as fiction, or vice versa. The key is to shock them out of their complacent wits. Readers will increase, so would your hits. It is a guarantee.

Get them to be involved

Scientifically, the attention of people is ruled by three factors: the visual mode, what one usually sees; the auditory, what one usually hears; and kinesthetic, what one actually understands or absorbs either by touching, holding or being actually involved in the process.

Therefore, it is best to involve the three. Let your site be a multi media experience that involves the senses. It would be an unforgettable sight, sound and experience for the reader and most importantly for you as well.

Font it up

It is important that you make the extra effort to get readers to take a look at your site. After this, it is best to pray that they may be, at least, be beholden by the Tahomaís, Arials, Courierís or Verdanaís of your copy. It would not hurt to bold the headlines up. You also have the option to italicize remarks. Donot forget to highlight the essentials or anything that could make readers see what you are up to.

Putting tables on your copy could help make your site appear more neat and a lot easy to read. That is, only if the tables are a necessary part of your copy or whatever it is that would make them purchase.

Color it up

Colors are a great way to attract potential readers to your site. Do not forget to at least add some powerful reds or peaceful blues, or some lively orange. It all depends on what specific mood your site wants to project.

It is best to apply a color scheme so that your site will have an appeal that is all its own. Plus, it is a lot easier to look at and more comfortable to do so, at least for the eyes.

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