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I Am A Proud Dumpster Diver and Trader of misc. Items From Doylestown

By:b hirst

Yes, I am proud that I am one of the best dumpster divers around. Though my kids are appalled at my job, it is a very reputable profession. It is also profitable. Inventory costs only in gas to collect tid-bits that I find. This story is how I got started in dumpster diving.

I once put an add in the paper that said, "If it free its for me". I had to stop the add because I collected so much stuff. Adds do work. The problem with this add was it was not specific enough to target what I was looking for. Over time and years I then started to swap and barter the free stuff that I got for things I really wanted. I had hundreds of broken lawn mowers and hundreds of gallons of old unwanted paint. I had enough paint to dip a house if needed. Disposal now became an issue. Thus I came up with the idea of trading and barter to collect more items that I had immediate needs in projects that I was working on.. Some of my bartering buddies collected boat motors. They might have had fencing or posts. Bingo. A useful trade could be made. I also would just give away much of my surpluses because when you share and help others it is always returned in some fashion. I would sometimes get a call late in the night that dumpster might have 200 bags of fertilizer from a fellow dumpster diver who had no use for that amount of fertilizer. So sharing the loot is essential to successful Dumpster diving. You also never know when you will need help in uncovering buried loot in the bottom of well packed dumpsters. So working with others is helpful. You must keep in mind that there is more out there and don't worry about being greedy. You can't possibly get it all.

Now I did not invent this wheel but I had enough of them that it appeared I might have. So barter has become a means of swapping and exchanging my surpluses for other peoples surpluses. Since I am in the nursery business I also have plants that are surplus. I may plant 1000 trees expecting to need 1000 and find that I have 500 more than what I need. So offering these trees on the web for Barter has an effective means to move dormant inventory. Besides this is a great way to meet new customers. When they have surpluses and I can move their dormant stock, we both win.

Here is a sample add that I run on my web site seedlingsrus.com :


Trades Wanted

We are always looking to trade nursery stock and seedlings for your surplus. Email us with your surplus materials. We may be able to make trades.

Construction materials and equipment

Plumbing supplies

Hunting and fishing gear and items

Hand tools

Farm implements

Farm supplies

Fencing materials

Palletizied stone

Household items


Sometimes people take me up on my offers to trade trees and shrubs for their products. One such person is Ralph. Ralph has a farm in Ohio and raises a variety of farm animals and draft horses. He asked if I would be interested in trading trees and plants for his pigs, a Boarder Collie puppy, or his sheep. Not baaaad I thought. Never really trusting myself with sheep, I opted for the puppy and some piglets. Here is what Ralph said after our trade.....

Bill and Marjorie,

Thank you for a great time, the landscape stuff, some great conversation and for having faith in 2 people that you've never met.

Your boys are real gentlemen and good guys to be around. You must be proud. Your operation is top shelf. Thank you for taking me up on my proposal and our barter deal, you were more than fair.

We wish you continued success in all your endeavors.. you are honest gutsy people... I like that! Thank you for letting us get to know you. Stay in touch.

Thanks again for everything,

Ralph & Connie


As you can see I identify what I want to trade for and ask for items that fit into our operations. I like to include a testimonial as it gives a link that can be verified as to the realness of my trading. I also have a newsletter that I post to my email letter so each month I can tell people what I just traded for. Here is part of my most recent email newsletter:


During this month of January we are offering a 10% discount on our gift cards and coupons. We help make your gift bigger. Don't forget that we will also trade for your surplus inventory,building materials, sports equipment, plumbing and ag equipment. We need all kinds of materials on our farms and ranches. You can't insult me with your offers, so go ahead...call us.....This is how we just got our dog Sweep...a Boarder Collie.....2 pigs....boxes of old tools......a John Deer riding tractor......a bunch of used but in new condition windows and doors....a couple of buckets of nuts, bolts, and nails (some bent but that's ok) and a even a hind quarter of a fresh road kill deer!!

So that is my thing. Bill

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I mean it, I want to trade.....and dumpster dive.
You can see more of my ideas at my web page www.seedlingsrus.com

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