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Dreams Of Flying.

By:Hege Crowton

From the beginning of time man has been fascinated with the skill of flying. Birds and other flying creatures have been studied and people have always dreamt of being able to soar the skies right along side these creatures. What about you, do you have a passion for flying? Would you like to feel in control of the skies?

Long before airplanes were invented people tried everything in order to be able to get the feeling of flying. Records show that people even tried to make wings out of feathers and then proceeded to leap from high places ad after the car was invented they even attempted to add “wings” on it to see if they could get it of the ground.

Today, for those of you who have the urge to feel this adrenaline rush, the options of flying are many. Anything from a child flying a kite to an adult being able to fly a jet, the possibilities are endless. Taking away the ability of flying an airplane the closest man has come to actually feel like a bird in the sky is probably to go skydiving.

Imagine throwing yourself out of an airplane thousands of feet of the ground with only a piece of material on your back only hoping that that parachute will open when the cord is pulled. What better feeling of flying can you get than that and what greater thrill is there? Both skydiving and flying are considered very safe and very exciting but regardless of this, man still kept on stretching the limits.

As far as flying was concerned regular airplanes was never enough for mankind and they set their eyes to the heavens. The farther and faster the better and with this, man entered the space age. Flying would now take people to a new level, space, and it was possible
to send people to the moon and beyond. Recently man has sent probes way farther than the moon and it may not be too long before people are able to fly out there too.

Even though flying is a part of every day life today it will probably be a very long time before space travel will be apart of our lives, like flying is today. In the mean time man will continue to do what they have always done, dream. Only difference is the goal of the dreams because it used to be that the dreams were all about being able to lift of the ground and fly for a little while now the dreams are about far away galaxies.

No doubt that those dreams will eventually come true as well as the dream of flying once did although it might take a while. Until then you will still have several alternatives when it comes to flying, so enjoy these types of flying because outer space flights are most likely not going to happen anytime soon.

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