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Easier Way to Have Party Favors for Your Guests

By:James Hunt

The latest in trend in parties and weddings are the inclusion of party favors. Many people spend thousands of dollars on party favors for their guests. However, there is an easier way to have party favors for your guests, you can make them yourself. Why should you spend hundreds of dollars on party favors when you can make them yourself quickly and easily at much less the cost.

Halloween party favors are very popular. Making these party favors can be quite fun and enjoyable for all members of the family. Here are some tips for making some of the best Halloween party favors. To begin all you need to do is save some your empty toilet rolls that you have lying around the house. If you are having a party then you should save a empty toilet roll for every guest that you expect to have at your house. Once you have these toilet rolls then you should cut a piece of orange or black crepe paper, it should measure anywhere from eight inches to ten inches. You should do this for each roll that you have.

Then all you need to do is wrap each roll with the crepe paper, leaving about one inch of paper hanging over each end. You can hold this paper together with a small piece of tape. Next, tie a piece of black or orange ribbon around one end of the roll. Fill the tube with candy, or anything else that you wish to give to your guest. You should keep in mind the age of your guests and what kind of things that they might like to have. Then once filled, tie the other end of the roll with another ribbon of either black or orange. People enjoying getting treats and gifts and what better way to do this then by giving them homemade party favors.

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