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Your Choice of Canopy Tents

By:James Monahan

The word canopy is derived from the Roman word “canopeum”, which in turn was a derivation of the Greek word “konopeion”, which means a bed protected from mosquitoes.

Of course now, a canopy is understood to be a covering made of canvas or cloth that is suspended overhead and held aloft on poles to protect significant objects from elements apart from the mosquito.

Canopy tents do a great job of protecting people and equipment from elements such as wind, dust and rain. Listed below are a few of the options available to the buyer.

Better made instant up canopys have anodized industrial grade aluminum that creates an environment that offers more protection and more durability for sand and sun worshippers, as it resists salt air and water corrosion.

Some uniquely engineered canopies are truly instant set-up. All you have to do is to hold a leg and pull it away from others. This would make the frame inflate, rise and align itself for resistant strength straight away.

You are assured of a long-lasting durability with powder coating seals, plus you have the option of adding graphics and/or logos to the colorful fabrics for a truly one-of-a-kind experience with some canopy makers.

Look for canopies that have a warrantee. Better companies offer a full two years, which could probably be one of the reasons why they will be hailed as the “Manufacturer of the World’s Finest Canopy”.

Some Canopy Package Deals come with 4 Zippered Sidewalls. As with the rest of their variations, it offers you more protection and more weight savings than most other brands.

There are also one-piece pop-up canopy tents. They come in eight colors, including white, blue, purple and yellow, and has a powder-coated steel frame that needs no assembly at all.

Look for patented Dynidiom Joint Fittings that make for added durability, water resistant and fire retardant product often retail at $ 369.00.

Some canopies are more suitable for outdoor markets and special product displays. THey come in eight bold colors including red, black and green and has a 16-gauge aluminum frame that contributes to its zero-rust appeal.

These canopies are so easy to assemble it only needs two persons tops to set it up in less than a minute. Its top has a 250 Denier Oxford Polyester. The whole package comes also with free field spikes and heavy duty carry bags. It measures 8 feet x 8 feet, weighs 60 pounds and retails for about $555.00.

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articles about canopies.

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